Why did I give away 15mil? (in Contests)

th00p November 11 2007 2:14 PM EST

So, your goal is to determine, however you can, why you think I gave away that 15m that disappeared in the last couple months.

Prize for the most accurate answer: 250k
Prize for the 'best' answer (as determined by me): 750k

Please limit to one post per person.

Adminedyit [Superheros] November 11 2007 2:18 PM EST

Because you're a really nice guy and figured someone else would get better use out of it than you would have :-)

[P]Mitt November 11 2007 2:19 PM EST

In order for you to concentrate on your work, you gave away much of your $ as CB was quite a huge distraction.

BootyGod November 11 2007 2:22 PM EST


I'm going to say you gave away the money because you had it, they didn't, and you felt like sharing the love.

FailBoat[SG] [Forever Alone] November 11 2007 2:24 PM EST

Because you're a nice person who felt that everyone should have a chance in life and not only....

Oh who am I kidding, you put a little faith in someone and they shafted you.

Armageddon November 11 2007 2:27 PM EST

I think it was because. . .
> you love people
> auctions
> cookie dough
> cigar
> and contests

Somebody November 11 2007 2:28 PM EST

I think you gave it away because it's newyear!
And therefore you needed to do your good-deeds before the end of the year.

th00p November 11 2007 2:29 PM EST

I've done enough good deeds.

Cube November 11 2007 2:36 PM EST

Because you didn't need $112.50

QBBast [Hidden Agenda] November 11 2007 2:36 PM EST

You wanted to get it all distributed and out of Jon's reach, prior to being discovered as yet another multi.

th00p November 11 2007 2:37 PM EST

Everyone knows edyit's my multi, I let go of that secret over a year ago Bast. =D

QBJohnnywas November 11 2007 2:47 PM EST

Because the little green people from the planet on the other side of the sun told you to do it.

48Zach November 11 2007 2:51 PM EST

You wanted to thank all the people who help out the community and great game of CB2, and by giving them some cash, you felt that it was one way to could repay them for all that they have done.

Spawn November 11 2007 2:53 PM EST

To make a statement to those Pesky NUBs who sell out that your better than them and can find USD elsewhere instead of making a living of a game....


Because it was there and you didn't know what to do with it (and you didn't want to be like those NUBs and sell out)

either way...im going along the lines of, not liking people that sell out?

th00p November 11 2007 2:56 PM EST

Sure I don't like that people sell out, but me not selling out isn't going to change that, just prove how stupid I am for not taking the ~$150 I could have gotten.

Tyriel [123456789] November 11 2007 3:15 PM EST

Because you're Fuzzy Wumpkins, the awesomest person in the universe.

j'bob November 11 2007 3:27 PM EST

Because you're going on a pilgrimage. One that will lead you to enlightenment and freedom from all earthly worries and sorrow. One that will elevate your soul to a place where glory comes not from AC or CB$'s but from giving all that you have, leaving nothing for yourself, resulting in having EVERYTHING.

AdminShade November 11 2007 3:36 PM EST


You will leave us now and give us a bad feeling about it because we're all going to miss you.
After a few months then however you decide to return and make everybody feel all warm and fuzzy inside again.

Nerevas November 11 2007 3:55 PM EST

Doing nice things makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside.

Flamey November 11 2007 4:02 PM EST

You appreciate what the people did. The people being who you sent the money to, like admins, and Verifex for his script and BM for his contests.

AdminG Beee November 11 2007 4:31 PM EST

I don't think you gave it away at all. I think your character has a hole in his pocket and rather than look dumb for losing it, you decided to claim you had "given it away" because you wanted us to think you were cool rather than dumb...

Little did you know, we actually think you're cool anyway.

Slashundhack [We Forge Our Own Stuff] November 11 2007 4:38 PM EST

Running a contest is sort of fun and putting the prize money into Real Life money was too much like work.Also you are really Monty giving some back in a devious way nuk nuk !

Despiz November 11 2007 4:43 PM EST

You gave it away because Jon was gonna take it away in the next changemonth to nerf you.

Trashcan November 11 2007 5:57 PM EST

Tax purposes, duh.

Mem November 11 2007 6:52 PM EST

Karma. Give away some game money. Win the lottery for real money.

Armageddon November 11 2007 7:40 PM EST

Are you giving your stuff away before you commit suicide???
: 0
Yellow Ribbon Program

Mikel November 11 2007 7:46 PM EST

Because you can't setup a P/P account?

RedWolf November 11 2007 7:49 PM EST

It was an accident.

Or... you really want QB next quarter.

Or... you're leaving us! noooo!

QBOddBird November 11 2007 8:00 PM EST

You wanted to leave us but you COULDN'T do it because you are too LOVE of us!

th00p November 11 2007 8:59 PM EST

"Because you can't setup a P/P account?"

Not quite, I already sold some of my money (see: 21m) to SNK34R.

"Or... you really want QB next quarter."

Well... nope.

"You wanted to leave us but you COULDN'T do it because you are too LOVE of us!"

Yes! I am too love of you all!

Unappreciated Misnomer November 11 2007 10:50 PM EST

you gave 110% to the community with your input/ideas and most recently your money.

Hyrule Castle November 11 2007 10:54 PM EST

aww, sorry to see you go th00p.... but from what i see, it seems like your getting ready to go out with a "bang"... you know...make yourself known as "that guy who gave away his money, how cool!"

but i dont want you to go....so you cant!

so dont.....do.....it...

NINAbuser November 12 2007 5:11 AM EST

It isn't really gone it's just a ploy?

Wizard'sFirstRule November 12 2007 5:55 AM EST

I do not know why you give away 15m, but I know that your other character has 15m from nowhere.

IndependenZ November 12 2007 6:17 AM EST

You gave away 15mil because you suffer from a condition called arachibutyrophobia.

You are afraid of sticky food and the results of it, like peanut butter sticking to the roof of your mouth. I know I know, you hate the very thought of it, but you have to face the truth one day. Peanut butter doesn't hurt anyone. It's actually quite tasty.

If you stop running away from your fears and start eating peanut butter again, you'll see you want to keep playing CB.

(/me w00ts for th00p)

Zoglog[T] [big bucks] November 12 2007 8:07 AM EST

You gave away 15mill in hopes that the aliens will not secretly come down to earth in the middle of the night, steal you away from CB then probe you for all the information you have.

Relic November 12 2007 10:53 AM EST

Well, after saving up 15 mil, you recognized that it would take you too long to save up for a NCB, so instead of selling out you decided to have some cool contests and give it away. This enabled you to not have to stress about saving up for a NCB, and also gave you a nice feeling of charity from the generous gifts.

trigger99 November 12 2007 2:51 PM EST

you gave it away because your wife or girlfriend said you would get a little sumtin sumtin if you did.

zeaderan November 12 2007 3:04 PM EST


drudge November 12 2007 3:51 PM EST

you joined the armed services or college and wont be near internet

deifeln November 12 2007 4:04 PM EST

15 million is approximately the amount of USD you put into CB. You're trying to 'come clean' off of the USD-induced high you've been playing with. This is step 3 of your 12-step CBA program.

DrAcO5676 [The Knighthood III] November 12 2007 6:15 PM EST

Karma ^_^

SCORPIOUS November 12 2007 11:14 PM EST

To pay off the terrorists that are holding your puppy for ransom.

Mem November 12 2007 11:15 PM EST

Is that an echo?

Phoenix [The Forgehood] November 13 2007 10:05 AM EST

because you like admins?

RichardRahl{Kill Gun} November 13 2007 11:01 AM EST

your kind heart and your support of me, master of d'hara?

QBRanger November 13 2007 11:16 AM EST

I agree with many posts above--Karma.

It is real.

th00p November 13 2007 4:10 PM EST

I believe in karma too, but that's not exactly the reason I gave away all that money... contest will end soon unless I see a lot more ideas coming up.

48xVanished48 November 13 2007 4:12 PM EST

You some how inherited or won lots of money and 120$ means nothing to you. :)

TheHatchetman November 14 2007 2:11 AM EST

You got sponsored?


zeaderan November 14 2007 5:18 AM EST

since karma was already taken i thought i'd give it another shot at why... but could only come up with silly reasons:

-you were inspired by the movie brewster millions (1985).
-Jon is giving you a huge tax write off.
-By increasing the money supply, interest rates will fall due to the excess of dollars banks will end up with in their reserves. Excess reserves may be lent in the Fed funds market to other banks, thus driving down rates.
-Moral obligations led you to give away lots of CB$ as charity.
-You're doing an experiment to see what people do with charity money.
-the money dispersed were early christmas presents to all the good boys and girls that were online at the time
-you were throwing money around to show dominance and strength to gain alpha-male status and impress a lady.
-it was an accident.
-you felt the love and support of the CB community and the feeling was so overwhelming that you wanted to give something back.
-like in real life: its fun to blow loads of money at once on whatever you feel you want to do.
-you're trying to introduce a new trend: monkey see monkey do.
-you wanted to induce wide-spread confusion and curiosity to the active community by randomly blowing loads on cash.
-giving away that money was strategic and you did it in a way to keep things interesting so less people would quit playing CB
-the people that you gave the money to now secretly owe you favors :)
-giving out loads of money raises the aggregate price level of items since there is more money out there.

SCORPIOUS November 14 2007 11:05 AM EST

Your CB self has suddenly become guilt ridden over how many victims you had to slay to pillige so much cash that you are trying to rid your CB self of all that blood money.

[P]Mitt November 20 2007 7:08 PM EST

th00pie, WHY did you give away 15 mil?

BluBBen November 20 2007 7:14 PM EST

Yeah, Why?

48Zach November 20 2007 7:43 PM EST

We're all dying to know!

48xVanished48 November 20 2007 10:20 PM EST

His love for me.. Blah blah blah.. Everyone knows. Thats why. :)

KingMeng November 20 2007 10:43 PM EST

You gave away 15mil, so that you could start a contest named "Why did I give away 15mil?", and watch the rest of us cracking our brains to solve the mystery.

Mem November 21 2007 11:11 AM EST

It was drug money.

NooneKnows November 21 2007 11:50 AM EST

just cause :)

SCORPIOUS November 28 2007 10:33 PM EST

So do we have a winner yet???????

TheHatchetman November 29 2007 3:50 PM EST

You're not much into CB except chatting with people.

Apoclyspe December 2 2007 8:43 PM EST

Basically it was this.

when you realized how much money you had you just wanted to spend money like crazy, and to save yourself from yourself you gave it away. In the hopes it would solve the problem and since it did not you made this post to give even more away which has now become your new addicition and you can not stop giving away money.

th00p December 2 2007 8:53 PM EST

Most Accurate Answer: Mitt - 250k

Best Answers: Shade - 250k
OOB - 250k
IndependenZ - 250k

th00p December 2 2007 8:54 PM EST

t(^ ^t) (Reflex) AdminShade (Children of Hurin) $250000 8:54 PM EST
t(^ ^t) (Reflex) IndependenZ (Miami Vice) $250000 8:54 PM EST
t(^ ^t) (Reflex) QBOOB (Hejin) $250000 8:54 PM EST
t(^ ^t) (Reflex) Mitt (Mittik) $250000 8:53 PM EST

[P]Mitt December 2 2007 9:10 PM EST

/me cries D':

We miss you th00pie!!!

th00p December 2 2007 9:12 PM EST

Oh boo hoo, why miss me? I'm still here, the only difference is that my char isn't whooping your butts like he used to :D
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