Show off your speeeeed! (in Off-topic)

QBOddBird November 29 2007 1:53 PM EST

My best is here:

(click the image to go to the website.)

Brakke Bres [Ow man] November 29 2007 2:04 PM EST

uhm 200kph or 133mph and the car had more! I love the german autobahn :)
Ow wait nvm.

j'bob November 29 2007 2:08 PM EST

658 down
242 up
only 50 miles from the server tho

Brakke Bres [Ow man] November 29 2007 2:10 PM EST

QBJohnnywas November 29 2007 2:14 PM EST

2051 download, 242 upload.

AdminG Beee November 29 2007 2:14 PM EST

I have an 8MB connection and have had issues with speed for some time now. So much so I've been on to my provider a lot lately. This is the worst time of the day for me when my connection is at the slowest. It's much faster 12hrs from now in the morning.

My provider advised me to use to test my speed and both sites are giving out the same data.

Heh, just shows how bad my connection is at the moment :(

AdminShade November 29 2007 2:22 PM EST

Enough for me :)

SNK3R November 29 2007 2:25 PM EST

drudge November 29 2007 2:36 PM EST

11917-DOWN and 17974-UP
but it looked like the test server was more or less 50miles away so it would be ridiculas.

Admin{CB1}Slayer333 [SHIELD] November 29 2007 2:41 PM EST

DrAcO5676 [The Knighthood III] November 29 2007 2:46 PM EST

48xVanished48 November 29 2007 2:52 PM EST

Aargh [Closer to the Stars] November 29 2007 3:11 PM EST

th00p November 29 2007 3:25 PM EST

48xVanished48 November 29 2007 3:27 PM EST

I just realized this. More Ping, Slower speed... :P

QBRanger November 29 2007 3:27 PM EST

48Yukon Cornelius November 29 2007 3:27 PM EST

Gotta love wireless internet and it's upload speed. I now see why my dad has the expensive internet though! Nice downloading :)

SimplyNic November 29 2007 3:31 PM EST

:) I didn't know how far away we were supposed to go... So I just clicked on some random pyramid

smallpau1 - Go Blues [Lower My Fees] November 29 2007 3:33 PM EST

Adminedyit [Superheros] November 29 2007 4:01 PM EST

Behold the power of Dial Up!!

AdminG Beee November 29 2007 4:03 PM EST

Good grief Ed, you're almost going backwards !

AdminLamuness November 29 2007 4:06 PM EST

In true Lamu fashion:
Speed Result

The true result is:
Download: 22268 kb/s
Upload: 3009 kb/s

Flamey November 29 2007 4:11 PM EST

Yukk November 29 2007 5:22 PM EST

I don't think I'll do as well from home :)

AdminNightStrike November 29 2007 5:47 PM EST

Hmm.. a lot slower than usual...

YOU November 29 2007 5:52 PM EST

AdminQBVerifex [Serenity In Chaos] November 29 2007 6:46 PM EST

This is from work:

When I get home I'll try it again.

Yukk November 29 2007 6:52 PM EST

Not too shabby.
Interestingly, at least to me, when I stopped SETI on my work PC, the speed reading nearly doubled ! I guess that means the speed test is somewhat CPU bound which is silly.

QBRanger November 29 2007 7:09 PM EST

Strange what a few hours difference can make.

AdminShade November 30 2007 12:50 AM EST

And this is when nobody else is awake:

BootyGod November 30 2007 2:35 AM EST

To me original!

Download = 5931

Upload = 2300

On wireless home network.


Roughneck November 30 2007 2:38 AM EST

IndependenZ November 30 2007 7:12 AM EST

So I guess the speed isn't that bad. It's from my parents' computer.
I wonder what I've got in my own place. We'll see, Monday :p

Adminedyit [Superheros] November 30 2007 12:19 PM EST

i'll have to post the new speed sometime between 1pm and 5pm when I upgrade to DSL, no matter what it'll be better than dial up.

Marlfox [Cult of the Valaraukar] November 30 2007 2:13 PM EST

... 'Nuff said.

Adminedyit [Superheros] November 30 2007 2:22 PM EST

This is SO much better!!!

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] November 30 2007 2:39 PM EST

Congrats edy!

][Army][MrWizard06][ November 30 2007 3:31 PM EST

school computers

Relic November 30 2007 3:32 PM EST

SNK3R November 30 2007 4:52 PM EST

My University:

AdminG Beee December 1 2007 5:47 AM EST

What a difference a few hours make. Much slower during "rush hour".

Quicker during the mornings. I keep moaning at my ISP but I guess I might just be better changing :/

Unappreciated Misnomer December 1 2007 10:28 AM EST

lostling December 1 2007 12:49 PM EST

DrAcO5676 [The Knighthood III] December 1 2007 6:48 PM EST

I want what Snk4r's university has >.< Oh and have I ever said how much I hate your name... it won't even pass the spellchecker

Adminedyit [Superheros] December 1 2007 6:53 PM EST

SNK4R passes the spell check just fine....

TheHatchetman December 1 2007 6:54 PM EST

Zoglog[T] [big bucks] December 1 2007 8:35 PM EST

j'bob December 2 2007 6:27 AM EST

j'bob December 2 2007 6:29 AM EST

Yeah, my pic didn't work. never mind.

QBRanger December 2 2007 11:30 AM EST

At my dad's house, use DSL on a wifi laptop. G type modem.

The other posts I made were on my desktop at my S. Fla home. My dad is in Orlando.

Main Beach Crew December 2 2007 11:38 AM EST

<a href=""><img src=""></a>

QBRanger December 2 2007 11:52 AM EST

On behalf of MK2007

lostling December 2 2007 7:04 PM EST

lol i love my sch network

Kai December 2 2007 8:43 PM EST

I think I'm winning so far!

Kai December 2 2007 8:45 PM EST

Ah nevermind, 3 people beat that T_T. Looks like ranger and I are pretty even.

IndependenZ December 4 2007 10:04 AM EST

This is from my own place. Kinda weird :S

AdminG Beee December 4 2007 10:08 AM EST

I think you're being assimilated Inde... Robot

FuriousHobo December 5 2007 8:04 PM EST

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