NCB whacked (in General)

Tylan December 7 2007 11:34 PM EST

so I decided to create my first NCB since I had a little cash and I wanted something new. I'm going with a single char, only thing equipped is my RoE. my pr/mpr is showing 166 each, however i'm seeing -99% rewards on every fight. I even retired my main to get the better refresh rate, and burning thru BA i keep seeing a -99% challange reward on anyone even close to my measly 21 score.

Seems like the NCB needs to be looked at.

chuck1234 December 7 2007 11:42 PM EST

battle rewards [and challenge bonus too i suppose] are calculated on YOUR PR and their score...since your PR is 166, if you want to cross over from the red into the black, your opponents score should be greater than 166, better double that amount for greater challenge bonuses up to 100 pc.

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] December 7 2007 11:42 PM EST

Your opponents have a score around 20...

TheHatchetman December 7 2007 11:51 PM EST

Throw a HoC on, and add 'Critical Damage', 'The high Priestess' and 'TheDarkElf'... problem solved :)

QBOddBird December 7 2007 11:59 PM EST

NCB doesn't need looking at, but apparently you need to be looking at the Wiki page.

Tylan December 8 2007 1:03 AM EST

ok but how is my pr 166 with nothing on but a RoE? I don't have enough xp yet to translate over into 166pr is my main concern

Tylan December 8 2007 1:06 AM EST

let me re-add this. i just had made this char and fought maybe 1-2 fights. My PR shouldn't have jumped to 166, even with the xp boost of the RoE

TheHatchetman December 8 2007 1:08 AM EST

your PR is the same as your MPR, you're fine. just aim higher

Tylan December 8 2007 1:15 AM EST

yeah after wasting thru 250 ba i'm managing to equalize it again.

just seemed odd for my PR to take such a big jump for such a little amt of exp though. i'm talking under 1k total xp was on the char....

TheHatchetman December 8 2007 1:17 AM EST

it happens. but like i said, if you want 100% CB from the start, equip a HoC and add the three opponents i told ya to earlier, and you'll be fine :)

Flamey December 8 2007 1:21 AM EST

The RoE has a NW of 11k, that'd be a bit big for you wouldn't it?

Tylan December 8 2007 1:23 AM EST

actually Flamey, between i'm not seeing a bit of difference between having it on or not. course my pr/mpr is now 800+ however I don't believe I saw a difference even when i first started it

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] December 8 2007 1:25 AM EST

this could very likely be a product of the new XP setup...

Tylan December 8 2007 1:25 AM EST

testing my AC with a 100k nw only shows a 10 pr increase, so I wouldn't think the RoE would cause the jump.

but looking at my buy BA page again, i'm still seeing the same cost as with my main Tylan char before retirement

Tylan December 8 2007 1:34 AM EST

ok so I decided to make sure and created a brand new testing char. 0 fights, no exp Named RoE added nothing to pr. i'll have some more numbers in a bit just to make sure, however I still see the same 563 ba cost I had with my main, even though he's been retired.

Tylan December 8 2007 1:56 AM EST

more figures- Normal new person, no N*B or NCB

Training 1 point into fireball (12exp) boosted my pr/mpr to 6.

now heres something odd. i went to train my next 12 xp into fireball, and I can't. I have excatly 12 xp, but do not have the option to train any skill. getting 13 xp now allows me to train and I still have the 1 xp leftover. just odd.

2nd point into fireball boosted my overall PR to 10.

3rd point into fireball brings my PR to 13.

5th brings me to 17 PR total.
6th to 20, 7th to 23, etc etc.

in all the figures they are the same with or without the named RoE equipped, no other items.

As far as I can tell everything seems normal except the fact I have to have a min of 13 xp to train into something, always with the one leftover, and the fact my cost per BA is still over 500. So i'm not sure, maybe i've miscalculated my total xp I gained in that short period of time or there may be something else i'm missing.

TheHatchetman December 8 2007 2:36 AM EST

dude... you're putting yourself through way too much trouble. your PR is equal to MPR... only way to make your PR go any lower would be to equip a HoC below +5 before it was fixed... aside from that, whether your PR seems high to you or not, it is what it is...

Tylan December 8 2007 2:56 AM EST

i'm just trying to locate the sudden jump that I experienced Hatchet. i'm not disputing the pr/mpr ratios or the fact of pr/score for the challenge bonus.

AdminShade December 8 2007 6:33 AM EST

You should fight people with a higher SCORE in respect to your PR...

Also if you fight below your own SCORE you will get diminished rewards also.

in other words: fight higher! :)

AdminShade December 8 2007 6:37 AM EST

Tylan, and about the experience requirement.

The figures you see are rounded. If you'd see 12 exp, it could be 11.9 exp instead and making you not able to train it.

Flamey December 8 2007 6:47 AM EST

so the actual rewards we get are decimals and not whole numbers and they just get rounded?

AdminShade December 8 2007 6:53 AM EST

They could be rounded yes. as far as I know from back in the old old days of darkness.

Tylan December 8 2007 12:53 PM EST

that explains that part then shade.

my main concern was I saw a jump of 600 pr score in a matter of a few fights, without the stats that should have gone with it. still can't figure it out, but it's evening out again so it's all good.

Either that or i'm going out of my mind :D

AdminShade December 8 2007 1:00 PM EST

When you win a few fights after another against a character who's score and PR are quite higher than that of you, then your score will rise very rapidly.

That might be the problem of your higher rising score.
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