New Strategy (in General)

Wizard'sFirstRule December 16 2007 9:36 AM EST

Does this plan have any chance of working?
Minion 1: Melee tank with RoBF. Hp+Str+.6 Bloodlust (20 dex)
Minion 2: AS Enchanter+small EC (just enough to give -20 dex)
Minion 3: Base Decay+AMF (maybe level 21 protection)
Minion 4: 2/3 AMF+1/3 GA

the target team will be DD team. maybe put a bow on my tank and learn archery. DB and Evasion will be combated with +s on my weapon.

by the way, can dex granted by evasion be EC?

Kong Ming December 16 2007 10:55 AM EST

I don't think it will be successful in the lower ranks unless you are targetting non-evasion teams. At higher levels, you'll need weapons with very high + or else you are a goner. Since you are going 4 minions, you might consider just training EC and no AMF. That would level the playing ground as you will be getting dexterity hits because your opponents have zero dexterity after EC. Its easier on the pocket since you'll concentrate on the x instead of the +.

Lochnivar December 16 2007 11:33 AM EST

I think I'd maybe switch some (or most) of the AMF in your plan to GA as GA works against tanks and mages and the RoBF already protects you from mages somewhat.

On more divergent themes:
I'm inclined to agree with the comment about EC vs AMF
The RoBF provides no protection against physical attacks (and I wouldn't bet my life on the evasion it grants) so a good tank team with DM will absolutely plow through you.

Even without DM it can be hard to kill off tanks with GA damage (I used to run a really big GA so I have some experience with that).

If you do end up using EC instead just remember it is really an all or nothing proposition.... if you don't get the STR to 0 you get pummeled.

The strategy you propose is fairly similar my char Anbhas so you could always take look at it. (RoBF melee tank with 3 enchanters)

three4thsforsaken December 16 2007 12:28 PM EST

I'm not sure, I question the survivability of the team. Just hope a CoC team doesn't knock out your enchanters, and centralize the damage on the tank.

Personally, I think a ToE would be more effective, since the damage reduction will increase the effectiveness of GA... well then again, there are always those MM teams >.<

QBRanger December 16 2007 12:56 PM EST

For a non-TOA tank you certainly want to use the TSA for both the str bonus and the HP regeneration.

Colonel Custard December 16 2007 1:08 PM EST

I think the no Dexterity thing will make it hard for you to kill any minions on any team. You won't land a hit on anyone with a semblance of an evasion or any defensive DX. And people with 100 DX will be getting triple hits on you.

Ulord[NK] December 16 2007 1:14 PM EST

RoBF without evasion = fail. If you are relying on RoBF for damage output, you might want to keep the RoBF wearer alive. Any archer will shred your front tank in one round in this set up. You'll lose to any team with an archer, single smfb with dispel, bigger robf. You'll not do so hot against a well concentrated CoC mage team. That makes up 80% of the teams with a respectable score. I don't think that'll work unfortunately...
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