Retired characters (in General)

QBRanger December 26 2007 11:31 AM EST

Should they be on the winning streak list?

Seems to me the moment they are retired, they should be removed from said list.

Or at least at cache flush, if they are not already. I never paid attention to it before, the cache flush thing.

QBJohnnywas December 26 2007 11:51 AM EST

I disagree; I think it's kind of nice to have a memorial for a successful character; it's been kind of nice for me to have my retired char The Clash in the higher levels of character standings for instance.

The alternatives would be to remove retired characters fully from the game or create a standings for score, streaks and attributes purely for retired characters. Maybe even a realm for the retired lol? :)

AdminG Beee December 26 2007 11:57 AM EST

It's always been this way as you know, however that isn't a reason not to ask the question.

Personally I wouldn't have them on the winning streak ladder as it's such a fluid stat, more prone to change than most of the other stats we have. Also, a new char with next to no MPR can easily create a winning streak of several hundred in no time whatsoever before retiring the char for a permanent place in the spotlight :)

It's arguable whether or not they should be included in the other stats. I can see a positive argument for keeping a retired char on the MPR ladder for example.

QBsutekh137 December 26 2007 12:01 PM EST

I recall asking for that (as well as score) a long time ago... There was a situation, maybe it was even on CB1, where a retired character was in the Top Five score for several weeks... That doesn't happen so much here, but could. In that thread, many folks had input on what stats are "current" and which are more "historical" and how to try to handle retired characters... I don't think we really came up with any consensus on how to handle... :\

QBRanger December 26 2007 12:07 PM EST

I agree with Beee in that winning streak is fluid, one of the most fluid stats. One minute you can be at 500 and the next at 0.

The other stats, including MPR are not that fluid, however they are less prone to change.

The only ones that really are include score and PR. But... score is less labile and if someone wants to retire a character with a high score rather then sell it, their loss.

But as states someone can make a new character, get a 500 win streak and retire it.

QBsutekh137 December 26 2007 1:36 PM EST

Agreed. I don't think Score and Win Streak should not have retired characters in them...

AdminShade December 26 2007 2:07 PM EST

I myself also think that retired characters should be exempted from those lists...

On one hand it is nice to have them for memorial purposes.
On the other hand, they possibly ruin the fun for some players.
And a retired character can't be 'tried' to remove it from it...
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