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Desperado [Chaotic Serenity] December 26 2007 8:38 PM EST

A few months ago i accidently poked my finger with a pencil and i got some led in my finger. Now i thought i got it all out but theres a small grey spot i can see on my finger. I guess there is some lead in there still from the pencil.

Can i get like really sick from this? Or do i have to like cut my finger open a little and get it out?

QBRanger December 26 2007 8:44 PM EST

No you should not get sick from it.

But... It can cause a reaction in the finger, perhaps leading to an infection or auto-immune reaction. I would see your doctor and see what he says. It may be a simple procedure using a local anesthetic to get that piece out.

Colonel Custard December 26 2007 8:46 PM EST

I wouldn't worry about it too much. "Pencil lead," as it is called, is actually graphite. Unless your pencil dates from before the Great Depression (or whenever it was that they figured out lead was toxic), or comes from China, all you have under your skin is somewhat compressed carbon.

Desperado [Chaotic Serenity] December 26 2007 11:25 PM EST

Oh i see. Thanks for the help guys. I've been feeling fine so far, i was just afraid that it would hurt me later down the road.

Thanks again! ^___^

drudge December 27 2007 12:34 AM EST

woa crazy. this happened to me over 12 years ago or more maybe; there is still a mark and i've always wondered if its still lead or just a mark.

but i can see this grey spot under the skin. if i poke it, i dont think i feel any bumps so i've left it alone.

RVT December 27 2007 1:55 AM EST

In college I dropped my pencil underneath my chair when I was sitting at my desk, and I was too lazy to pick it up. I forgot about it after a little while, and I was sitting with my legs underneath the chair crossed at my feet. I decided to get up quickly, slid my feet forward and the tip of the pencil went in at the base of one of my toe nails. You'll be alright, I think.

Desperado [Chaotic Serenity] December 27 2007 3:40 AM EST

lol wow. so i guess this is more common then i thought lol.

Yukk December 27 2007 11:25 AM EST

Yep, about 20 years ago someone stabbed a pencil into my leg and the tip broke off. I still have a grey mark under the skin. Only tattoo I'm ever getting.
I appear to still be alive . o O ( Mmmm ... brains ) so I'm sure you'll be fine :)

BluBBen December 27 2007 1:18 PM EST

hurry, we can create a club for thing like this. I have a gray mark left in my arm that I got five years ago when someone stabbed me with a pencil :-P

SimplyNic December 27 2007 1:41 PM EST

Graphite and lead are completely different.

Pencils were replaced with graphite isntead of lead after they realized that lead was potentially poisonous, so you're safe :)

AdminShade December 27 2007 1:43 PM EST

Also graphite in pencils is inert, meaning your finger shouldn't even react from it.

Though it can trigger a reaction as if there was just a normal wood splinter, as in the finger trying to push it out.

AdminG Beee December 27 2007 2:08 PM EST

Cut the finger off and be done with it, you've got plenty to spare.

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