New sidebar (in Changelog)

Hyrule Castle January 13 2008 11:44 PM EST

Yea reload frame and check it out.... whats everyone think!?

horseguy001 January 13 2008 11:47 PM EST

I like it :)

Ragatag January 13 2008 11:48 PM EST

nice i like the set up, but the blue is kinda out of place??

QBBast [Hidden Agenda] January 13 2008 11:51 PM EST

Maybe it looks better on a phone.

FuriousHobo January 13 2008 11:51 PM EST

agreed with fluffy bunny. andd why doesnt the pressing enter to fight work anymore. try fixing that if that is true for others please?

QBsutekh137 January 13 2008 11:51 PM EST

Not bad, though I don't like having to dig to find a user. then again, I am not sure how often most people do that.

I could get used to it...

Relic January 13 2008 11:52 PM EST

Home link is now in a terrible place. Fonts are a bit too large for my taste, very high contrast with so much gray.

Layout is decent but I would move Help!, Home, and Settings into the Quick Links section.

QBOddBird January 13 2008 11:53 PM EST

I love it. <3

BootyGod January 13 2008 11:56 PM EST

I love it!

AdminJonathan January 13 2008 11:57 PM EST

test post

Hyrule Castle January 13 2008 11:57 PM EST

tone the grey down... IMO its too dark :P

brighten it up! ... yet again when its all done we will be able to make our own themes so in the mean time it will suffice...

Wizard'sFirstRule January 13 2008 11:59 PM EST

my screen resolution is too big and I need to click+page down to scroll. put a scroll bar maybe?

AdminJonathan January 14 2008 12:06 AM EST

enter to fight works for me.

Relic January 14 2008 12:08 AM EST

Enter to fight works for me also, the Verifex Menu is now completely hidden other than the title bar.

AdminJonathan January 14 2008 12:08 AM EST

As usual, if you haven't right clicked on the sidebar frame and refreshed _that frame_ you will have issues until your browser throws out the cached old javascript.

Relic January 14 2008 12:11 AM EST

I have shut off caching on my firefox instance. I have also hard refreshed the side bar to try and fix it. Anything else you would recommend?

Admindudemus [jabberwocky] January 14 2008 12:11 AM EST

i like it, very clean! i would still like to see some type of reload frame link, perhaps in the blank space in the BA box.

AdminJonathan January 14 2008 12:12 AM EST

Why do you need to reload the frame now?

Hyrule Castle January 14 2008 12:13 AM EST

i agree with dudemus... it'd be nice to have a button to refresh sidebar... and there is a bunch of empty space next to BA ... perhaps put specify for user there too :)?

Armageddon January 14 2008 12:17 AM EST

Auctions has a bug.

It says

AdminJonathan January 14 2008 12:20 AM EST

Armageddon: that is one sign you didn't take my advice and refresh the sidebar frame. :)

Fanta [Fanta's Forge] January 14 2008 12:24 AM EST

Awesome :)

AdminJonathan January 14 2008 12:30 AM EST

also, please disable verifex's script before reporting bugs.

AdminJonathan January 14 2008 12:35 AM EST

fixed the delete bug, you'll have to force a refresh of the .js again (right click on side bar, then Refresh in IE or this frame -> reload in FF/opera)

Colonel Custard January 14 2008 12:47 AM EST


GnuUzir January 14 2008 1:15 AM EST

Yay it matches!!!

Looking good =)

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] January 14 2008 1:22 AM EST

no mention of the login via facebook option (which doesn't go anywhere at this point)

AdminShade January 14 2008 1:42 AM EST

This is looking very good!

Why need Carnage Blender 3.0 when you got this!

AdminShade January 14 2008 1:47 AM EST

Something to improve (perhaps you're still working on it but just wanted to tell)

In the opponents part have 'Delete' 'Edit...' and 'Specify...' be centered instead of on the left? (or perhaps even justified?)

[P]Mitt January 14 2008 2:08 AM EST

Another note (I haven't read all the posts yet)...

The "Search for user" function is now under the Community tab.

AdminJonathan January 14 2008 2:19 AM EST

> no mention of the login via facebook option

merged that by mistake. it's not ready yet.

Daz January 14 2008 2:55 AM EST

Enter to fight was working properly UNTIL I got a botcheck, which continued loading even after it had finished displaying the picture. I have got the verifex script enabled, however.

Daz January 14 2008 3:17 AM EST

And I refreshed and have been unable to reproduce the problem.

AdminNemesia [Demonic Serenity] January 14 2008 3:33 AM EST

I like this new setup. Its very nice.

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] January 14 2008 6:18 AM EST

When I click "Log Out" on the sidebar, it no longer closes. If I log back in again, I get a second sidebar. ;)

yoyo January 14 2008 7:25 AM EST

I am unable to use the enter key to fight. This makes the game almost unplayable to me. I often play while feeding my newborn and need to be able to play one handed. Please fix this bug.

DrAcO5676 [The Knighthood III] January 14 2008 7:37 AM EST

Clear your browser Cache and cookies and you will be able to press enter to fight and fex script will automatically move onto the next opponent.

yoyo January 14 2008 8:03 AM EST

I cleared the cache and can only use the enter button to fight until I train. Once I train I can not longer use the enter button to fight. Am I suppose to clear my cache every time through my fight list. I do not use any scripts either.

Wasp [C and S Forgery Lmtd.] January 14 2008 8:53 AM EST

Same thing as yoyo. Everytime I train I have to refresh the side bar for me to press down and enter again.

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] January 14 2008 9:12 AM EST

Silly question, have you guys after training, manually clicked on fight once, then tried to use down enter?

That works for me, as going to the train page deselects your fight list, and you have to manually click on it, to move focus back to it.

Flamey January 14 2008 9:39 AM EST

My only problem (which cannot be fixed) is the fact that the Active Character box is in the same spot where our fightbox used to be. As well as the fact Equip is in the same spot of where Fight used to be, I'm now clicking Equip many a time before realising I'm not doing anything. Yes I burn BA without even paying attention, it's become 2nd nature. :)

RVT January 14 2008 9:56 AM EST

I can't press enter to fight either. I tried manually clicking fight, but it still doesnt work.

Lord Bob January 14 2008 9:58 AM EST

After reloading the sidebar, enter seems to work for me. Sometimes I have to re-reload, but all and all it's not too bad.

Phoenix [The Forgehood] January 14 2008 10:04 AM EST

And Fexy's forge script no longer works on mine :(

Back to doing it the old way, I guess...

Admindudemus [jabberwocky] January 14 2008 10:07 AM EST

"Why do you need to reload the frame now?"

if i missed something and it somehow updates when you get new ba then awesome! otherwise, that is why.

toitle January 14 2008 10:10 AM EST

Drop menus on the Quick Links are unreadable as they only show one word per line

AdminJonathan January 14 2008 10:23 AM EST

toitle: see my reply to armageddon

AdminShade January 14 2008 10:29 AM EST

There is a bug with fighting with [Enter] after deleting an opponent.

After deleting an opponent from my favorites list, i can press C to go to the next available clan character but pressing [Enter] doesn't make the fight commence.

AdminJonathan January 14 2008 10:36 AM EST

Fixed issues with enter not working after the opponents list reloads for whatever reason. (You'll need to force-refresh the sidebar again.)

AdminShade January 14 2008 10:44 AM EST

Force refreshed the sidebar, even closed and started CB again.

Still can't 'enter fight' after deleting an opponent...

I'm using FF

AdminShade January 14 2008 11:15 AM EST

Another small thing: Where has 'user ...' went to?

[Edit: d'oh, it went under community :)]

AdminJonathan January 14 2008 11:38 AM EST

> Still can't 'enter fight' after deleting an opponent

Works fine here. Try removing verifex's script.

AdminShade January 14 2008 11:39 AM EST

I'm not using Verifex' script :o

yoyo January 14 2008 11:53 AM EST

I cannot use enter to fight and I am not using any scripts, I am using FF too.

AdminJonathan January 14 2008 12:00 PM EST

Either (1) your opponents box is not active (if it loses focus, fight once with the mouse) or (2) you haven't refreshed the sidebar. (Refreshing the whole browser will not do it.)

AdminShade January 14 2008 12:36 PM EST

It works now. I refreshed the left bar only.

TheHatchetman January 14 2008 12:54 PM EST

and as far as a way of refreshing the sidebare easier... 'fexy's scrip has a button for that ^_^

Kefeck [Demonic Serenity] January 14 2008 1:18 PM EST

I dont believe the get more BA link is working properly.

yoyo January 14 2008 1:36 PM EST

it is working now

Kefeck [Demonic Serenity] January 14 2008 1:38 PM EST

was it working before or am I just crazy..

AdminG Beee January 14 2008 1:52 PM EST

I vote You're Crazy

drudge January 14 2008 2:22 PM EST

2 for crazy

BluBBen January 14 2008 3:51 PM EST


Jamba in da Juice January 14 2008 4:20 PM EST

the sidebar clashes with the BattleTech theme :(

smallpau1 - Go Blues [Lower My Fees] January 14 2008 4:21 PM EST

Im sure it clashes with alot of the themes, give it time. Plus, its only the fight/forge and forum thread screens that it clash with.

Kong Ming January 14 2008 4:30 PM EST

I can't seem to find Verifex's script after clicking on something. How do I get it back?

AdminG Beee January 14 2008 4:53 PM EST

fexy's script is all wonky after the latest update. If you've got issues with it I suggest you either disable and remove it for the meantime or ask Verifex for help.

I've lost visibility of it too, although it still seems to be working after a fashion. Last time I talked to Verifex (specifically about the training side of things) I seem to recall him saying he had stopped working on it whilst Jon was still doing the changes. Seems like a sensible thing to me.

PS. Don't bug Verifex too much :) almost everything he's done so far has been voluntary and I'm sure he'll get around to sorting us out when he's confident he has a stable environment to work with.

SNK3R January 14 2008 5:03 PM EST

Verifex's script works wonders for me still, but that's because I'm exploiting a glitch.

<3 Forgemaster.

SNK3R January 14 2008 5:05 PM EST

A Highland Takedown Bow [5x600] (+95) 15,233,826

SNK3R January 14 2008 5:06 PM EST

Wow, wrong thread...I could have sworn I was in another one... =\

QBOddBird January 14 2008 10:13 PM EST

Brent, this is case #2 in under 24 hours to prove you are turning into a ditzy blonde...

Maelstrom January 15 2008 8:18 AM EST

Wow, I love the new sidebar. Very cool! I haven't tested it all, but it has a nice plain appearance, a much improved layout, and the basic fight functionality and updating works great.

Fex's script still seems to work for me, but I think I have one from a couple versions ago.

Maelstrom January 15 2008 8:22 AM EST

Oops. I just logged out and logged back in, and got two sidebars. When I clicked the link for forums to add this post, it reverted to just one, but maybe something needs to be looked at.

Talion January 15 2008 4:10 PM EST

After a few days of usage, I like the new sidebar.

Some simple improvement suggestions...

(1) When changing the active character, the opponents list is refreshed accordingly. That is great. It would be even better if the BA count also refreshed at that time. It would be perfect if the BA count refreshed during any sidebar refresh routine.

(2) After adding or removing an opponent to the Favorites list, the opponent list is not refreshed until the next challenge. It would be great if it refreshed as soon as the list is modified.

AdminQBVerifex [Serenity In Chaos] January 15 2008 5:17 PM EST

I'm working on the script, but keep in mind this is a fairly significant update, one of the insane things I was doing in my script was relying on the "toggle" button images on the sidebar existing in order to display them in my script. Because they no longer exist, it is causing all kinds of trouble. I'm working on it though, so don't worry! :)

Sir Leon [Soup Ream] January 16 2008 4:16 PM EST

Thanks Verifex for being on top of things! It's really appreciated!

Sir Leon (Mishras Factory) QBVerifex (Winner of Nothing) $3000000 -- Gift 4:16 PM EST

Jamba in da Juice January 16 2008 11:05 PM EST

yea, when i log out, the sidebar and chatbox are still intact,and i'm not talking about logging out and back in b4 the whole thing is done adjusting. is it just me?

Colonel Custard January 22 2008 3:11 PM EST

It's not just you. Chat and the sidebar do not close. Logging out also does no prompt the pop-up window asking you if it's ok to navigate away from the page like it used to.

Of course, we alternate use on the same computer. Is it just us?

[P]Mitt January 22 2008 3:32 PM EST

I just uninstall fexy's script (and associated preferences) and reinstall it every time I forge.

{cb1}Linguala January 22 2008 3:33 PM EST

I always play at home(except when i'm away for a long time) and with me it's the same. No pop-up prompt when signing out.
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