kill RoBF with a dagger? (in General)

three4thsforsaken January 29 2008 3:16 AM EST

i just looked at dagger, has a nice PTH upgrade curve. Or am I mistaken? Would it be easy to say get it up to +200 with just a few million?

With all the 20 hp RoBF, I would just love to run up and smack them with one of those babies.

BluBBen January 29 2008 3:18 AM EST

The largest problem with this plan is that a Dagger will have to be forged up....

three4thsforsaken January 29 2008 3:26 AM EST

so the low NW growth has nothing to do with the forging cycle?

Flamey January 29 2008 3:46 AM EST

You just have to use time to upgrade it, you can't use the BS, the biggest dagger is +150 (or more) and its less than 20 mil.

TheHatchetman January 29 2008 6:02 AM EST

I've proposed this before, but due to the dagger's low damage output, a RoBF minion would only need a few thousand HP or so to shun this off as well...

Colonel Custard January 29 2008 6:29 AM EST

A Dagger [4x567] (+150) owned by Lumberg (Lorenzo)

That's the largest Dagger in the game. Unfortunately, Daggers don't have a section on the "Most Valuable Items" page (because they're worthless?), so I don't know the NW. The character has about 50 mil NW, though, with a JKF, an ELS, and some other stuff on.

I'd bet that a Dagger could do some decent damage in the hands of an outrageously-high-ST minion. Especially if that one got named.

Brakke Bres [Ow man] January 29 2008 8:33 AM EST

"outrageously-high-ST minion"

That is a lot of exp you need to sink into 1 minion to get a dagger to be effective, I don't think the best way for a character to kill of an RoBF user is with a dagger, besides most big melee tanks use big melee weapons and IMO the best way to kill of RoBF characters is with a big melee weapon combined with EC.

Ulord[NK] January 29 2008 8:54 AM EST

... yeah good luck keeping up with my evasion ...

two words CoC + NS.

QBRanger January 29 2008 8:55 AM EST

I think with the highest dagger, people were doing less then 100k damage a hit with over 2m strength.

Nice theory, but with the base damage being only 4, it is not a viable one.

Talion January 29 2008 9:24 AM EST

New supporter item: The Flamberge

Barely strong enough for tanks, made for RoBF haters.

Talion January 29 2008 9:29 AM EST

To elaborate on may last post...

The new weapon could have:

(1) The damage output of the biggest 2-handed store weapon.
(2) Low '+' upgrade/forging cost.
(3) High 'x' upgrade/forging cost.

So it would be a low damage dealer, but one that can hit high Evasion minions during melee rounds.
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