Selling and transfer of BA (in General)

TinTizzy February 18 2008 7:48 AM EST

Well sometimes you know you dont have time too Burn BA so think about selling it at your own rates? i mean its our BA i think we should be abal too sell and send it off as we please.

Ancient Anubis February 18 2008 7:52 AM EST

That would really stuff it up and give those of us willing to spend us$ an even greater advantage as we could increase the rate we grow even further then those who couldn't afford it.

TinTizzy February 18 2008 7:54 AM EST

No i mean sell it for CBD like transfer it too anyone and they give you CB money for your rates and if some guys want too spend real cash we cant stop them its the sellers choice.

Tylan February 18 2008 7:56 AM EST

yes, lets make another incentive for multis to pop up, and give a bigger advantage to those willing to spend USD.

bad idea

TinTizzy February 18 2008 8:01 AM EST

well we can make it that you have to have a good amount of PR befor you sell too keep Multis away...

Ancient Anubis February 18 2008 8:32 AM EST

u start allow great trading in ba and the bonuses for nub and ncb will get srewy and people will beable to overtake players over 3mil in as little the first 4 months of nub or ncb. The idea is to give a boost to people with nub and ncb bonuses but not to let them over take the top guys without a little work

TinTizzy February 18 2008 8:41 AM EST

whys everything about getting too the top?? its not gonna happen poeple get over it.

Cube February 18 2008 9:32 AM EST

The idea just doesn't make sense.. BA is meant to be used for your own actions.. it even costs a different amount for different people. Also, BA already has it's own value in fight rewards. You may not have time to burn the 160 but well that's your choice.

three4thsforsaken February 18 2008 10:55 AM EST

If ranger grows any faster, it actually affects us all, and makes 6 BA even more impossible

TinTizzy February 18 2008 12:14 PM EST

wow yall crazy too make the top.

AdminNightStrike February 18 2008 2:19 PM EST

"whys everything about getting too the top?? its not gonna happen poeple get over it. "

CB2 was created for the reason that in CB1, getting to the top was impossible. If it's still impossible in CB2, then this entire game is a failed experiment. We are trying to keep it a possibility, and with the recent shakeup of the top ten, it just might be.

8DEOTWP February 18 2008 2:29 PM EST

It's possible for the two or three people willing to spend hundreds of USD and hours on the game. The rest of us? Wait till CB3, fall behind again, and never catch up.

j'bob February 18 2008 2:37 PM EST

Tizzy, with all respect to everyone who plays the game "just for fun", whens the last time you heard a stadium full of fans chanting "we're number 2 we're number 2". The idea behind most games/competitions IS to make it to #1. While that possibility here in this game is of constant and furious debate, you can not fault people for wanting the option of a possibility of a chance to be... gasp... #1.
It's human nature (yes, with some exception of course) for anyone competing in ANYTHING to strive to be ON TOP.

SuperHD February 18 2008 3:17 PM EST

I agree to what J'bob says it is the essence of the human nature to aim for the top. What is great about it in CB2 it's that we can do this all within the same set of rules.

ok back to fight
superdog out

TinTizzy February 18 2008 3:45 PM EST

Ancient Anubis,

if that what the game was made for it has faild....full stop.
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