Belegs fixed (in Changelog)

Yukk February 22 2008 3:47 PM EST

Jonathan posted in the BG complaints thread but doesn't appear to have created a separate changelog posting yet.

See here for the Relevant thread.

Lord Bob February 22 2008 3:52 PM EST


Yukk February 22 2008 3:55 PM EST

Yeah, good forensics work by everyone responsible.
It directly affects me, but I still think it's right and good that what was wrong/buggy is now correct.
See guys, Jon does listen when there is ye olde bugge.

Admindudemus [jabberwocky] February 22 2008 3:55 PM EST

woohoo! woot even!

Colonel Custard February 22 2008 4:07 PM EST

/hail Jonathan.

QBRanger February 22 2008 4:08 PM EST

So now that ranged damage is lowered will evasion be made bearable now?

Lord Bob February 22 2008 4:09 PM EST


iBananco [Blue Army] February 22 2008 4:10 PM EST


Mikel February 22 2008 4:39 PM EST

Little by little :)

Brakke Bres [Ow man] February 23 2008 6:51 AM EST

sweet no more stupid damage!
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