How about a Mid-Character Bonus [MCB]? (in General)

chuck1234 February 28 2008 9:17 AM EST

A lot of us experimental NCBs from last October feel a bit sore at having missed the N*B super-bus, especially since we were the guinea pigs for calculating the new equations. So, how about instituting a Mid-Character Bonus for all of us in the mid range?

The calculation for the duration of this MCB can be done according to the starting MPR/VPR, and the N*B calculation can be applied to where the character stands on that graph. This will give the MCB bonus, which can be for a period of say 3 months, though this would need alteration as per the NCB/ MCB calculations.

As a corollary, we can have a period of 3 months for the NUB, then a rest of one month to get them acquainted with Ranger's DT ;) [i agree it exists] then another MCB like phase as and when they require. May be this is what Ranger calls "Rolling Bonus" but I couldn't find those forum posts however hard i searched.

One IMPORTANT suggestion that I have with regard to this MCB is that here Jon can test the model that I have often suggested regarding buying direct from the game. MCB users should be able to buy their BA from CB2 at an agreed exchange rate, and also buy new minions in the same direct manner from CB2.

QBRanger February 28 2008 9:27 AM EST
Explanation of the rolling bonus.

And what is "Ranger's DT"?

Lumpy Koala February 28 2008 9:28 AM EST

the general response will be "You can always start another NCB?"


IndependenZ February 28 2008 9:32 AM EST

Why not give all characters a bonus? Or, no bonuses at all?


I repeat:


Ulord[NK] February 28 2008 9:40 AM EST

We've already explained why the cash exchange scheme fails. Please don't bring it up again for sanity's sake.

chuck1234 February 28 2008 9:42 AM EST

yep, thank you very much for that link, Ranger, that's very much what i'm trying to get at here with the MCB, Ranger's DT is the Delirium Tremens thingy you talked about in some recent post ;)

chuck1234 February 28 2008 9:43 AM EST

NK, with the admins hunting down multis like blood-hounds on the trail of rabbits, [apologies to PETA], there's bound to be deflation. Furthermore, the MCB pool is quite small, hence such a model won't lead to any problem of inflation.

Ulord[NK] February 28 2008 9:58 AM EST

sigh... it's not just a matter of inflation (though that is very significant, ba purchase drains hundreds of millions out of the system).

Having a fixed exchange rate will only work if it's below that of the market rate, otherwise people just buy from the market. If it is below, Jon will essentially be deflating the USD/CBD exchange market. The side effect is that supportership and item naming got more arbitrarily expensive. As long as the fixed rate is not so low that people will still want to supply, the market rate will fall below the fixed rate as people try to sell out (they always do). Now fixed rate is once again useless.

QBOddBird February 28 2008 10:03 AM EST

It may not be listed as such, but the USD/CB fixed exchange is a FORS [Frequently Offered Retarded Suggestion.]

Herbstwind [The Knighthood] February 28 2008 8:12 PM EST

what about those characters that never even had any N*B at all and did not make it to the top but are still being played? i demand a MUB !

no seriously, if there would be such a thing like MCB and even more characters would pass me with only fighting a tiny percentage of my total fights, words could not describe what my head would do to the wall ;)

TinTizzy February 28 2008 8:25 PM EST


TheHatchetman February 28 2008 9:19 PM EST

Dude... Why are you so intent to make $CB purchasable from the game?

Jon could do it at any given time. He coulda done it at any given time. From what I hear, he did a few years ago (If I'm wrong in this, someone correct me >.<). This would put more money in Jon's pocket. And yet, he still won't do it...

My personal conclusion: He won't do it because he knows it to be a bad idea for the health of his game. Something tells me from the fact that he's run this game for over 3 years, and he ran CB1 for years before that (can anyone get me a timeframe here?), that he knows what he is doing... After all, most people can't keep a chess club together for more than a few weeks... I'm sure suggestions are welcome, but how would you like to be driving while the guy in your passanger seat keeps saying "you should speed up, you can go 5mph over the limit without getting a ticket" every thirty seconds? ;)

This is not meant as disrespect, so please don't take it as such. It's just as simple as buying benefit directly from the game, whether it be cash, item upgrades, minions, XP even, WILL cause inflation...

chuck1234 February 28 2008 9:31 PM EST

point noted, bro; but you've not commented on the MCB aspect of my post, a "rolling bonus" to push us laggards somewhat faster forward.

TheHatchetman February 28 2008 10:27 PM EST

I'm not entirely sure what you're working at with it. Does it give everyone but Koy a period of boosted rewards depending on how far ahead his MPR is, or does it give people having a char that's been around for a certain period of time get the bonus? Sounds a bit screwy, but I know a few people who would love to use their 1/1/05 chars effectively...

But for the most part, I'm not understanding what you are getting at. 'Tis why I didn't give an opinion on it before ;)

TheHatchetman February 28 2008 10:30 PM EST

A continuous rolling bonus is another matter, but I'm not liking it the way it is often proposed. Unless it were to give a small % to XP and no bonus to money...

TinTizzy March 1 2008 3:26 PM EST

man this had too be one of the worst ideas ever....sorry but...its true.

QBJohnnywas March 1 2008 4:00 PM EST

What MPR range would this MCB range cover? Because to make it really fair then it should be available to anybody that isn't currently in a N*B. And if not then where would it start and where would it end in terms of MPR? From the bottom to within 95% of the top MPR? In which case all Ranger would have to do would unlearn some stuff and BAM Ranger has a bonus.

I'm sure Ranger would love that.

AdminQBVerifex [Serenity In Chaos] March 1 2008 4:04 PM EST

I want a "I've been playing for a year and new players are surpassing me easily" bonus!

Admindudemus [jabberwocky] March 1 2008 4:17 PM EST

i would like an "i suck at strategy bonus"

Lochnivar March 1 2008 4:35 PM EST

Personally I like the rolling bonus idea, with the proviso that it be budgeted for a long enough time period and not include any cash bonuses at all.

I don't know if Ranger would gain much by unlearning for a bonus but it would make it easier for me.... incidentally these days if you want a quick estimate on 6/20 inspect my char and subtract 200 MPR..... hehe

As far as MCBs go, yeah I can see the benefits.....
Perhaps have lower total growth potential than and NCB, say focusing up to 80% of the max VPR. This would allow loyal old chars to be re-energized and yet still maintain the value of the NCB. Just have it as a 4month option to boost xp (should be similar-esque coding ?!?!?)

I've more or less forgotten what I was saying... meh

Unappreciated Misnomer March 1 2008 5:30 PM EST

so we can have a month long bonus ever 6 months, but we have to activate it, who doesnt it apply to?
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