Help save the ta-tas! (in General)

QBOddBird March 3 2008 11:03 PM EST

Clan: SAVE the Ta*Tas! is now open for membership! ;'D

One simple rule: If you're screwing up the clan, you're outta there, no questions asked. I don't care if you have to miss a day, I don't care if you have to miss a week (just let me know), and I understand if you get farmed to bits. But if you're just missing all but 50 BA a day and getting farmed for 2k, you're gone.

Lax rules and a good cause, join today!

All NUBs and NCBs welcome.

QBRanger March 3 2008 11:18 PM EST

I like the Ta-Tas. But am stuck in this crappy clan.

Can I make a donation to the Save the Ta-Ta fund?

QBOddBird March 3 2008 11:41 PM EST

Sure =) if you can't join the clan, go send a donation to 'Save the Ta-Tas' the actual group. It's a good cause. :)

Tylan March 3 2008 11:58 PM EST

Hooray for Ta-tas!

ActionAction March 4 2008 12:12 AM EST

Awww, OB :(. And I thought you were going to join HC's new clan with me ;__;.

QBOddBird March 4 2008 12:15 AM EST

But this is for a good cause, A!A!. =)

QBOddBird March 4 2008 11:31 AM EST

We now have a very nice 13% bonus for anyone who wants to join up. ^_^

QBOddBird March 4 2008 1:13 PM EST

Alright, we now have 4 members! We only need one more for the traditional 5 member one more person in! I'm going to check it out tonight before I go to sleep and if I've got a 5th person or more, the door is closing behind them!

Come help us SAVE the ta*tas!!

QBOddBird March 4 2008 5:25 PM EST

This clan is now CLOSED to the general public.

Beginning NCBs, however, may contact me if they wish to join. There is room for you if needed. :)

drudge March 4 2008 5:32 PM EST

snap to ta tas

QBOddBird March 5 2008 10:58 PM EST

Slot open again - should've checked out one of the guys that joined, he'd only ever fought 160 battles since he started CB...
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