Want a date with Scarlett Johansson? (in Off-topic)

{cb1}Linguala March 5 2008 11:16 AM EST

7 days left on the counter...huge price on that date though...

QBJohnnywas March 5 2008 11:18 AM EST

She's not a great date; she expects you to pay for everything and spends most of the night talking about her ex.


SNK3R March 5 2008 11:23 AM EST

It's not even a date...it's a "meet and greet".

j'bob March 5 2008 11:24 AM EST

and she's really not all THAT great looking. a touch over rated in my book.
(hmm, where did i put that book?)

AdminG Beee March 5 2008 11:51 AM EST

Well after watching the little vid I learned that I've been wrong all along and it's "Jo-hansson" and not "Yo-hansson", which is how I always assumed it to be.

Good cause though - well done her !

AdminShade March 5 2008 12:09 PM EST

For the people who can't afford the first, perhaps this is a solution?

Relic March 5 2008 12:12 PM EST

Granted she is hot, but not worth almost 19K. People are kinda silly.

QBOddBird March 5 2008 12:15 PM EST

Agreed. You can find a girl just as pretty for well under $1000

Obscurans March 5 2008 12:31 PM EST

And that $1000 will not be spent in just one massive bill I hope...

Wizard'sFirstRule March 5 2008 3:03 PM EST

I shall enjoy participating in this discussion to objectify woman with the rest of forumites. I am serious.
If you have seen Lost In Translation, which I think is a horrible movie, you will have formed an opinion on her acting. I have seen LIT. I rest my case. (really, have I said anything remotely useful?)

Tylan March 7 2008 6:35 PM EST

Wow, now at 36.6k.........i'd just go buy a new car myself lol

TheHatchetman March 7 2008 6:40 PM EST

wit a $30k+ car, you could pick up a half dozen Johansson look-alikes... At the same time... ;)

Flatcap [East Milwaukee Devival] March 7 2008 7:30 PM EST

For 1m CBD You can have a date with me :) You pay for dinner tho and no hanky panky

{cb1}Linguala March 14 2008 8:59 PM EDT

well, she went for over 40k...go figure, you only get to talk with her for a brief moment...
oh well, nothing for poor people like us

Ernest-Scribbler March 15 2008 4:59 AM EDT

Cue jokes about Elliot Spitzer.....
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