What's been your biggest... (in General)

smallpau1 - Go Blues [Lower My Fees] March 15 2008 4:13 PM EDT

forge fee?

The Blacksmith charges you a facilities fee of $443,729. Next + on this CoI is probably too expensive for me to even forge, lol. Econ clans should have free forge fees for this purpose, lol.

AdminShade March 15 2008 4:22 PM EDT

That's the reason that for such upgrades I usually forge to almost 100% and then loan it to a friend in Econ clan ;)

[P]Mitt March 15 2008 4:22 PM EDT

The Blacksmith charges you a facilities fee of $526,620

from +20 to +21 on Hatch's TG. I felt pretty good; this + cemented me in history on helping to forge one of the biggest TG in the game

DrAcO5676 [The Knighthood III] March 15 2008 4:35 PM EDT

The Blacksmith charges you a facilities fee of $746,034.

Corn from +10 to +11

BluBBen March 15 2008 5:41 PM EDT

I have never been forging, but I will tell you whats my biggest forge fee is as soon as I have forged my first item. (Some time ^_^)

Wasp March 15 2008 6:11 PM EDT

Over on CB1 I forged my axbow to x22, think that was about a 17m nw increase for 1 single point. Lost the screeny though so not sure what the fees were, was many a year ago now : (

{cb1}Linguala March 15 2008 7:02 PM EDT

{cb1}Linguala (Vlad Tepes) auctioneer (blacksmith) $746034 Feb 8

lol, same as drac...

Flamey March 15 2008 7:53 PM EDT

Caedmon would've had the biggest forge fee. Corn +11 to +12 anyone? :)
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