Didja miss me? (in Off-topic)

TheHatchetman March 19 2008 10:29 AM EDT

Having troubles getting the internet at my house to work. Shouldn't be too much longer before I have it worked out. Stopped by the cabyard to use the computer here for a job application and couldn't resist coming to say hi ^_^

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] March 19 2008 10:31 AM EDT


QBOddBird March 19 2008 10:44 AM EDT

I didn't miss you. I totally didn't even know you were gone.

QBRanger March 19 2008 11:10 AM EDT

welcome back!

We will get together soon now your in my neck o the woods.

j'bob March 19 2008 11:12 AM EDT

i knew ranger lived in the woods also!
each day you were gone hatch, has been sadder than the next.
course... that could have something to do with my burning through all
the girl scout cookies i bought already but hey.

Little Anthony March 19 2008 11:16 AM EDT

make sure you back by tomorrow and the day after; and the day after that. :P

and so on;

SimplyNic March 19 2008 12:36 PM EDT

Yo. Hurry up and get back xD

three4thsforsaken March 19 2008 1:00 PM EDT

welcome back! I was wondering where the Hatch was :P

DrAcO5676 [The Knighthood III] March 19 2008 1:17 PM EDT

Hehe WB Hatchetman... I have nothing sappy to say like all these poor smucks, All I'm gonna say is hurry up and come back and play with us ^_^

drudge March 19 2008 1:54 PM EDT

now that u mention it ...i havent seen u on in a gang of time

Wizard'sFirstRule March 19 2008 5:01 PM EDT

urm... welcome back?

ActionAction March 19 2008 5:11 PM EDT

Ohh, so that was the feeling of general wrongness I was feeling about chat :O! I'm surprised you even left - I thought you had grown roots like Frodbot and stuff ;/.

TheHatchetman March 21 2008 9:42 AM EDT

pfft... everyone knows I'm here more than Frodbot... Duh! But my internet is now up and running ^_^

Anyways, the Blender is back to normal... Until next changemonth anyway :P

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] March 21 2008 10:50 AM EDT

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