Wall of shame (in Contests)

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] March 28 2008 12:50 PM EDT

I'm thinking of putting together another wiki page to remember the lowlights of cb's lowlifes... 10k for a name 20k for a name and a brief description of the event.

I've got 200k to put up towards this so far...

Daz March 28 2008 1:10 PM EDT

Monty. I don't know if I'd say lowlife, but you know.

drudge March 28 2008 1:11 PM EDT

Evasion - its cb2's FoD

QBBast [Hidden Agenda] March 28 2008 1:12 PM EDT


Brakke Bres [Ow man] March 28 2008 1:23 PM EDT


Tezmac March 28 2008 1:25 PM EDT

Crack Monkey. Who was the one who was a shocking multi over on CB1? Octonar?

QBRanger March 28 2008 1:29 PM EDT


5 times a multi, 4 times selling out. And still able to play.

lostling March 28 2008 1:30 PM EDT

somehow i thought 2nd time multi = perma deletion?

QBRanger March 28 2008 1:34 PM EDT

Not if you "come clean" just hours before your caught.

At least that was how it was explained to me.

AdminShade March 28 2008 1:56 PM EDT

Zacharias Andrew Pain, aka Zarabtul.

well for just being himself I guess...

Ulord[NK] March 28 2008 2:10 PM EDT

It would be easier to simply search through all the admin's public record posts of banning and so on. I used to read those for fun :)

IndependenZ March 28 2008 2:17 PM EDT

bLaCkAxIuM, last name LayWaste-[bA

An old CB1 player who came to CB2 and scammed people for USD. I remember chatting with him back in CB1, he seemed nice. But then again, con artists always seem nice :S

Don't Panic March 28 2008 2:18 PM EDT


drudge March 28 2008 2:19 PM EDT

tizzo for USD scamming

QBsutekh137 March 28 2008 2:49 PM EDT

BadAsh, made sub-admin and then was found to be botting with the help of... Hm, someone else... He came clean, once Jonathan asked him point blank, and was given one last chat session to say good-bye. That was a tough moment, I believe, for him, Jonathan, and everyone in chat at the time.

Octonar was just scamming the purchase BA page and able to get more BA than everyone else. He was growing fast. I believe he just got heavily fined and reset to a more appropriate level for the battles he shouldn't have been able to partake in.

QBsutekh137 March 28 2008 3:02 PM EDT

And I'll personally never forget Newmcyo (he's actually still here, but hasn't logged in since October 2006...

More of a cautionary tale, really -- I lost my ELS to him and he simply never paid for it. Even kept lying right up to the end, going so far as to say an actual check was in the actual mail (and yet I never received anything). It was all CB1 money anyway, so I didn't expect to get any of that back, but it was still annoying.

Picasso March 28 2008 3:47 PM EDT

Wasn't Bad Ash a QB too? That was bad, a boting QB...

drudge March 28 2008 3:48 PM EDT

"That was a tough moment, I believe, for him, Jonathan, and everyone in chat at the time. "

not everyone takes it super serious

th00p March 28 2008 4:02 PM EDT

I'm a lowlife.

drudge March 28 2008 4:10 PM EDT

MrsDi - battleaxe; double edged blade

drudge March 28 2008 4:52 PM EDT

AoD - mooshi!!

Angel of Death [Hell Blenders] March 28 2008 5:01 PM EDT

o yea someone remembers me, thanks rudgy

Phrede March 28 2008 5:02 PM EDT


QBsutekh137 March 28 2008 5:41 PM EDT

I don't take it super-serious any more. That's why it's a memory.

A Lesser AR of 15 [Red Permanent Assurance] March 28 2008 6:18 PM EDT

! Love Barney, aka Fat Tony
Ilovehellokitty, darn sell outs
OpVines, first winner of who CB should hate and was also a multi in Aug. 06
Vicious, aka BeBop, why not?

Wizard'sFirstRule March 28 2008 6:20 PM EDT

Freed for threatening to reset CB2 with his insane AC.
PainKiller for accusing Freed.

Thraklight Resonance March 28 2008 7:19 PM EDT

I am a wall of shame. :-)

QBRanger March 28 2008 11:39 PM EDT

"Ilovehellokitty, darn sell outs " ----> One of YOU's multis.
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