OB vs BB (in Off-topic)

QBRanger April 14 2008 4:33 PM EDT

<OddBird> whoa. Wait a minute. BluBB, did you say Titanic = second best movie ever
<OddBird> we can't be friends anymore
<BluBBen> yes.

I think as a community we need to revoke BB's Man Card.

QBOddBird April 14 2008 4:34 PM EDT


BluBBen April 14 2008 4:36 PM EDT

Wait what?

Wasp [C and S Forgery Lmtd.] April 14 2008 4:36 PM EDT

Sorry BluBB but Titanic was a load of dribble. Although I enjoyed the boat part of the film, it's the mindless dribble thats a load of crap. It was a good film though, always a good watch.

SuperHD April 14 2008 4:36 PM EDT

i would have an opinion on this if only i would have seen the titanic movie

revoke BB's Man Card. --->no way ! :)

(where do we get one of these Man cards ?)is it USD buyable ? lol

Lochnivar April 14 2008 4:38 PM EDT

revoking of BB's Man Card seconded.....

and superhotdog, when you earn it you get it, it cannot be bought or sold.

BluBBen April 14 2008 4:38 PM EDT

There goes your dignity SHD.

Cube April 14 2008 4:39 PM EDT

Still can't believe that.. I don't know why it was so popular it was ehh. I know people that saw it ridiculous numbers of times in the theater, no idea why.

Revoke, and sell for charity!

Admindudemus [jabberwocky] April 14 2008 4:40 PM EDT

hehe, now this is an argument worthy of the forum space!

QBRanger April 14 2008 4:42 PM EDT

New poll instead of the Star Wars one:

Titanic was:

a) The bestest movie ever.
b) A useless piece of drivel.
c) Titanic? Was that not the name of a old Roman General?
d) I'm a girl and love Leonardo, he is the cutest ever!

Can an admin make a new poll?

BluBBen April 14 2008 4:44 PM EDT

I demand a instant ban of everyone picking on me! Admin !?!

Luciela April 14 2008 4:48 PM EDT

Titanic FTW! :D

Tezmac April 14 2008 4:55 PM EDT

Eccle123 April 14 2008 4:56 PM EDT

not a good film.... all the deaths were comical tho...

Wasp [C and S Forgery Lmtd.] April 14 2008 5:17 PM EDT

Thats a great man card : )

AdminQBVerifex [Serenity In Chaos] April 14 2008 5:17 PM EDT

I dunno, what if his 1st best film is T2? Won't that cancel that out?

Cube April 14 2008 5:21 PM EDT

^His first is Forest Gump

QBRanger April 14 2008 5:23 PM EDT

And that mean he never will be re-issued another one!

RVT April 14 2008 5:37 PM EDT

I like that in the movie, the time when the ship hit the iceberg to when it sank was about the same time it took in real life.

I liked it.

InebriatedArsonist April 14 2008 6:28 PM EDT

I tried watching it when it was on television a while ago, and gave up shortly after the beginning of the movie. Cameron ruined a perfectly good movie premise with a stupid and unnecessary romance angle. What a waste.

Wizard'sFirstRule April 14 2008 7:54 PM EDT

*flashes my man-card*
I that titanic is great. next to BJ's diary, cineralla story, *my list of chick-flick exhausts* </sarcasm> at least titanic got the 3 letter word at the front.

Brakke Bres [Ow man] April 14 2008 7:57 PM EDT

Men's top 51 movies: Click
I see no Titanic on that list.

lostling April 14 2008 8:09 PM EDT

/me likes moulin rouge :)

Brakke Bres [Ow man] April 14 2008 8:09 PM EDT

You like that movie for a whole other reason. Or at least I hope.

lostling April 14 2008 8:13 PM EDT

what reason lol i like the songs... story line aint bad

Cube April 14 2008 8:19 PM EDT

"... Oscar-winning script for this Rubik's cube of a caper movie"

=) quoted from one of the description of Usual Suspects in Henk's link

ScY April 14 2008 9:28 PM EDT

Leo is the man, but Titanic sucked unless you happen to not be a man :D

If you disagree with me that Leo is the man, see Blood Diamond, the Departed, the Aviator, etc.

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