Strat Question (in General)

Soxjr April 27 2008 2:37 PM EDT

I have a quick question for everyone to ponder. I am wondering if my DM is really helping that much. I am currently thinking of untraining my DM which is 14 mil xp and I can get over 1 mil hp from that. The ga that I lower is that really saving more than 1 mil hp? the AS that I lower, with me getting occasional double and triple and even quad hits, does the extra 450k health I'm taking away really matter? I'm just wondering if with the bow I have if taking the DM off and not getting it back until I have a 2nd minion would help or hurt? Just wanted to hear other peoples opinions and why they think the way they do. Thanks

Atomicboy [The Knighthood] April 27 2008 2:41 PM EDT

Maybe a move to Amf would help out and compliment the ToE. Also could work nicely with your mageseeker.

Cube April 27 2008 2:42 PM EDT

Actually once you get the second minion, I'd definitely say keep it off. Because once you get the second minion you can add armor that will give you about 200 AC or so which will halve the GA damage that you take.

As for now, I'm not entirely sure.

Soxjr April 27 2008 2:48 PM EDT

ok. To better explain... When I get a 2nd minion the DM will come off the archer anyway and the 2nd minion will either be AMF <probably> or DM... but I'm wondering about now, while I'm still solo.. if the DM is really as helpful as maybe just unlearning it and changing it to something else? Well hopefully that helps a bit with where my guy is going.

QBJohnnywas April 27 2008 2:51 PM EDT

How many of your opponents have GA that can hurt you? How many of them have an ED that boosts them a large amount? That's the thing to look at. If you're doing enough damage to cut through a large AS for instance then you don't need to cut it down.

Add to that the fact that you're going through to melee anyway...that extra XP will probably be more useful in HP or ST. Most of my teams have been single minion tanks; if you're doing enough damage (if you can hit the opponents that is lol) then you're better focusing your teams XP on basic stats. HP/ST/Dex. They're probably more useful to you right now.

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] April 27 2008 3:01 PM EDT

HP would work with your ToE very well. I don't see a need for much AMF since all but the most evasion mages should be dead quickly.

Cube April 27 2008 3:01 PM EDT

Oh, I meant once you get the second minion, don't even have that second minion train it. Have the second minion train AMF.

As for now, it seems like you have about three opponents heavily dependent on DEs. However, if I'm right the ToE would divide any GA you take by 4, so I think you should be fine without the DM.

AdminNemesia [Demonic Serenity] April 27 2008 3:15 PM EDT

I would say with a ToE, the DM really doesn't do much. It would be better to just train a stat. I would keep a small DM to take out prot though.

three4thsforsaken April 27 2008 3:43 PM EDT

train EC. Lowering their dex ratio and increasing your own does more for your dex ratio than one or the other, especially for evasion walls.

Personally i would go AMF just to combat Decay, but if you're dealing with only ranged rounds it shouldn't matter.

8DEOTWP April 27 2008 3:57 PM EDT

Your DM is reducing AS, GA, Prot, VA, Haste, GS? I would look for people on your fightlist who have, for example, a GA that can actually do effective damage against your [probably] huge hits. And look for how many opponents have reduced AS.
I would guess no Haste, GS, or VA is changing battles.
I don't think you'd benefit much from AMF, and I would say HP and DX would benefit you more than DM.

QBRanger April 27 2008 4:34 PM EDT

I would use a smallish AMF, perhaps 100k to stop those pesky base decay mages.

QBJohnnywas April 27 2008 5:17 PM EDT

Actually yeah, I forgot about decay. It's easy to forget about it when opponents don't have it. But sometimes stopping decay can be the deciding factor in a battle.
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