How is this possible ? (in General)

Yukk May 1 2008 6:40 PM EDT

Notice the last guy in line has -25k ST and 8 DX (and no encumbrance) Neither of my enchanters trains ST or DX obviously.

Lochnivar May 1 2008 6:43 PM EDT

Exbow + PL = Answer

Yukk May 1 2008 6:48 PM EDT

So the minion can soak a hit even if it doesn't have enough ST/DX to take it all ? I thought PL would only absorb stat draining xbows if there was enough of the target stat to take the whole drain.
Huh. Bonus. Thanks.

j'bob May 1 2008 6:52 PM EDT

the pl will only absorb damage if it has enough hp to cover the whole thing.
the st(or dx) drain it will absorb as long as the minion is not ALREADY in the negative. so in this case your pl soaks up the first hit's worth of neg st (sending it negative), the rest is taken by the minion being hit directly.

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] May 1 2008 7:08 PM EDT

s/whole thing/half damage

AdminNightStrike May 1 2008 9:20 PM EDT

I wonder how ex/axbow drain handles multiple PL minions....

j'bob May 1 2008 9:37 PM EDT

NS. The Exbow treats them the way they behave, as if there's only one at a time. Once a pl minion goes negative in st, all following hits drain from the target. if that pl minion dies, the next might take a drain of st but by then it's not likely to matter much.

lostling May 1 2008 9:39 PM EDT

basically xbows pwns PL

j'bob May 1 2008 9:53 PM EDT

I wouldn't go that far. If my exbow could stop a pl minion from absorbing the damage at all... THAT would be pwnage!

lostling May 1 2008 9:58 PM EDT

like lol? 1st hit gets blocked by PL sending it negative... 2nd hit nerfs your tank into the stone age.... tell me again... what other then evasion or DBs can stop the exbow?

Usul [CHOAM] May 1 2008 10:09 PM EDT

I searched the changelog, and found out that the latest change to all these draining crossbow is as old as 2006 Jul : here

But people are only starting to complain about the draining this month ?

lostling May 1 2008 10:11 PM EDT

*shrug* never had a problem with it before not that i have a problem with it now... just complaining about something that seems over powered

QBOddBird May 1 2008 10:22 PM EDT

Because that's what we DO in forums!

We complain about crap that's overpowered!

Doesn't matter if it affects us, for we are FORUM dwellers!

lostling May 1 2008 10:25 PM EDT

sorry peeps... im alittle wonky today.... i think im having a mental fit...

QBRanger May 1 2008 10:27 PM EDT

You should have seen the first version of PL with an ex/axbow.

As long as the PL minion was alive, the ex/axbow drain would go to that minion.

In effect, as long as you had a PL minion wearing a TSA, ax/exbows never drained.

The change described above was well received by the community at that time. And rightly so,

However, that does not address other issues that are out of wack with these draining bows (pointed out in other posts).
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