Multi: Vaynard / TNT (in Public Record)

AdminG Beee May 28 2008 10:21 AM EDT

Banned TNT and reset 4 of 5 Vaynards minions.

Why not the usual penalty?

Vaynard was stupid, not deceitful. I approached him (as I do with many multis) to ask him about the other character. There were no lies, no crap explanations just an apology.
On closer inspection I found that the multi was not being run as a feeder for his main, was not being run as a USD maker and frankly, was not even being run as a strat experiment. Vaynard simply wanted to see what it was like to "run a NUB" for a while. He did this after a sabbatical from CB.

Many of you will cry foul that I have treated him differently to the majority of multi's and it's true - I have treated this instance differently to the _majority_ of multi's. If I didn't show leniency to someone who cooperates and who isn't malicious then in my opinion that wouldn't be fair.

Relic May 28 2008 10:44 AM EDT

Handled appropriately imo. Well done G Beee.

{cb1}Linguala May 28 2008 11:27 AM EDT

Did good G Beee.
Vaynard, how did it feel like, running a NUB?

IndependenZ May 28 2008 11:27 AM EDT

Was it good? I was thinking about doing the same thing just a few minutes ago. :P

three4thsforsaken May 28 2008 11:29 AM EDT

would things have been been different if he had approached you, Bee, and asked, "can I just try to be an NUB for a while?"

AdminG Beee May 28 2008 11:38 AM EDT


NUB is a "New User Bonus" open only to people who have either never played CB before, or had their old account purged by the system due to inactivity.

Occasionally Jon or the Admins have allowed trusted users to start another account with the sole purpose of testing the game. Don't ask us though - we'll ask you. :p

QBRanger May 28 2008 11:54 AM EDT


Well done.

Nothing to apologize about.

j'bob May 28 2008 12:46 PM EDT

Beee, well handled and well explained! Excellent use of discretion. :)

Colonel Custard [The Knighthood] May 28 2008 1:06 PM EDT

Good job, Beee.

Also, props to Vaynard for being straight with him.

Phrede May 28 2008 1:06 PM EDT

Very Diplomatic m8 :)

Vaynard [Fees Dirt Cheap] May 28 2008 6:31 PM EDT

Thank you for being understanding. I know I shouldn't have done what I did, but what can I say, I was curious and not playing at the time so I went for it. I always knew there would be consequences. Sorry to all my fellow CB'ers if I have lost your trust as well.

Sickone May 28 2008 7:12 PM EDT

"NUB is for [...] people who [...] had their old account purged by the system due to inactivity."

So, let be get this straigth, if I would let my account expire due to inactivity (be it accidentally or intentionally), there would be absolutely no problem if I will create an account that will have a NUB ?

Windwalker May 28 2008 7:17 PM EDT

I knew there was a reason I liked G Beee ;) Fair,good call.

Lochnivar May 28 2008 7:19 PM EDT

Sickone, since your old account would cease to exist the new one would not result in multiple accounts....
...kind of simple in that regard.

AdminLamuness May 28 2008 7:51 PM EDT

The only problem is, inactive accounts are NOT purged after 20 days. There have been cases where people left for a year and their account was still available. So if you really wanted to try, you'll have a long wait time.

QBOddBird May 29 2008 1:24 AM EDT

The irony here is how much of a bonus that sounds like you're getting for 'not' buying supportership.

Usul [CHOAM] May 29 2008 1:42 AM EDT

whatever the outcome, I am glad that Vaynard is still playing in this game.

Wizard'sFirstRule June 2 2008 2:07 AM EDT

us supporters should have an option to remove supportership (so we are not penalised for paying Jon/arrange for someone to pay Jon)

QBOddBird June 2 2008 2:11 AM EDT

LOL! An option to remove supportership so we can multi?? That's the best idea I've ever heard!!!


three4thsforsaken June 2 2008 2:25 AM EDT

perhaps the conditions of the account purging should be stricter, if not more random.

Ex: If an account is active for several weeks at a time, it will not be purged, or has less of a chance of being purged.

A sense of randomness would make it difficult to plan out an new NUB like sickone. Of course, this randomness needs to be announced in order to discourage such planning.
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