It's my birthday and I'm feeling generous... (in Contests)

[SIBT]Gardiner Amarth June 3 2008 3:11 PM EDT

But not that generous. Anyhow, I turned 32 today (yay.) As you all can see from my pic, I'm a music guy, a guitarist in fact. The first CB'er that can come up with the name of the guitarist who influenced me the most gets 50k. That is all.

Tezmac June 3 2008 3:12 PM EDT

Happy B-day! Stevie Ray perhaps?

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] June 3 2008 3:14 PM EDT

Yngwie Malmsteen

N0seBLeeD June 3 2008 3:14 PM EDT

Eric Clapton.

Admindudemus [jabberwocky] June 3 2008 3:15 PM EDT

johnny marr?

QBOddBird June 3 2008 3:18 PM EDT

Happy Birthday. :)

pickleman June 3 2008 3:19 PM EDT

elvis presly

[SIBT]Gardiner Amarth June 3 2008 3:19 PM EDT

To answer a question I got via chatmail, one guess per person. Also, who in the world is Johnny Marr?

Windwalker June 3 2008 3:22 PM EDT

Joe Perry?

Admindudemus [jabberwocky] June 3 2008 3:29 PM EDT

"Also, who in the world is Johnny Marr?"

in the eighties he was the guitarist for the smiths, now he is with modest mouse. a bit obscure, but i was trying to not give the obvious answers.

AdminNightStrike June 3 2008 3:29 PM EDT


Windwalker June 3 2008 3:31 PM EDT

I know,double post,but I forgot. Happy Birthday!!

QBsutekh137 June 3 2008 3:34 PM EDT

Nuno Bettencourt.

QBRanger June 3 2008 3:37 PM EDT

David Gilmour

{cb2}ShadeSlayer June 3 2008 3:37 PM EDT

Dave Murray :) Happy Birthday

King June 3 2008 3:42 PM EDT

happy birthday!
and no clue...Tony Iommi?

00 June 3 2008 3:43 PM EDT

It's Slash, duh, everyone loves Slash.

Wasp [C and S Forgery Lmtd.] June 3 2008 3:45 PM EDT

Happy birthday! Was it Saul Hudson (Slash) from Gun's and Rose's?

PsyChO June 3 2008 3:47 PM EDT


AdminG Beee June 3 2008 3:59 PM EDT

Happy birthday. Ry Cooder would be my guess. I've a few friends who play guitar and they all swear that guy was a genius.

drudge June 3 2008 3:59 PM EDT

hard to say based off just a pic of a strat, but clapton and hendrix were already picked, not sure who else you'd assume we'd know that would be associated with a strat

or it has nothing to do with the strat at all and we're just guessing good guitarists?

what music do you play? that might help us figure out who inspired/influenced you the most

[SIBT]Gardiner Amarth June 3 2008 4:07 PM EDT

I play metal...not the death variety The guitarist I'm referring to has played Strats, live anyway, but can't really be concretely associated with one. Also, he's British.

AdminG Beee June 3 2008 4:07 PM EDT

Drudge - he's got a 3 minion strat - what's that got to do with anything? ;) Rocker 2

QBsutekh137 June 3 2008 4:08 PM EDT

He's got a Myspace page, you can hear what he plays. *smile*

PsyChO June 3 2008 4:10 PM EDT

Come to think of it, it DEFINITELY has to be an Iron Maiden Guitarist... I'm thinking: Adrian Smith, Janick Gers, or Steve Harris, but probably one of the first 2 since Steve is bass.

PsyChO June 3 2008 4:15 PM EDT

Adrian Smith Final answer :p

[SIBT]Gardiner Amarth June 3 2008 4:16 PM EDT

One guess per person, PsyChO :)

PsyChO June 3 2008 4:17 PM EDT

Aw man, I know its Adrian too :P

N0seBLeeD June 3 2008 4:17 PM EDT

Lame, giving them clues after I've answered.

[SIBT]Gardiner Amarth June 3 2008 4:19 PM EDT

Heh don't take it personally, I was just trying to help Drudge out is all :)

Talion June 3 2008 4:20 PM EDT

From the sample on the site, I would guess Dave Mustaine.

[SIBT]Gardiner Amarth June 3 2008 5:05 PM EDT

Thanks for the birthday wishes and great guesses, everyone. I've decided to split up the prize between War Maiden (for coming the closest without any help) and PsyChO (for his belated realization). Cheers, everybody.

{cb1}Linguala June 3 2008 6:23 PM EDT

happy b-day

Koshka June 3 2008 7:20 PM EDT

Darn; too late to win, but Happy Birthday anyway, congrats on having such good taste in music and C'mon You Irons!

Dark Dreky June 3 2008 9:57 PM EDT

Dimebag Darrell?

[SIBT]Gardiner Amarth June 3 2008 10:00 PM EDT

Nah, PsyChO got it right. It's Adrian Smith.

Ariac June 3 2008 11:05 PM EDT

Zakk Wylde should have been. He's amazing.

{cb2}ShadeSlayer June 4 2008 12:00 AM EDT

Transferring permanently the following items to Gardiner Amarth (Benjamin Breeg):

* $100,000
* An Executioner's Sword [82x7] (+5)
* 1,363 Explosive Shots [11x1] (+0)

Happy Birthday :)

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