Old players leaving due to NuB? (in General)

Frost June 9 2008 12:43 AM EDT

Im thinking about leaving. I was wondering if anyone else was thinkin the same thing i was about the nub bonus and how its bugged due to the fact that new users get tons of free ba plus a bonus to exp and rewards. A new user can surpass a old user before their NuB bonus is up. That just seems bugged to me but what do you guys think?

QBOddBird June 9 2008 12:45 AM EDT

It's that whole "if you wanna be competitive, you have to throw all your old progress away and start over" thing that gets to me.

I'm not gonna quit anytime soon, but that doesn't mean I hate it any less.

Frost June 9 2008 12:45 AM EDT

plus NCB is bugged i have 33,477 mpr and it cost over 2k for 1 ba

QBOddBird June 9 2008 12:46 AM EDT

That's actually not a bug, that's purposeful. Ditto with the free BA for new players, that's on purpose.

Sickone June 9 2008 12:47 AM EDT

Unless some form of permanent rolling bonus is soon intreduced, I am seriously tempted to abandon this account and all its acheivements only to come back half a year later and run a "LA-style" NUB.

Yeah, the NUB is far too generous, and the NCB is horrible in comparison.
The whole N*B concept is just... out of whack.
Rolling bonus ftw.

Frost June 9 2008 12:47 AM EDT

yea i know but it seems bugged

Frost June 9 2008 12:48 AM EDT

Yea Sickone thinkin of the same thing also

QBOddBird June 9 2008 12:55 AM EDT

Except you're a supporter, Frost, so you'd be labeled a multi and banned.

Sick, on the other hand, will eventually see his account purged and can then create a new one at zero penalty...the apparent 'bonus' of being a non-supporter.

The ability to create a NUB account without penalty is far superior to the perks offered by Supportership currently, imo.

DH June 9 2008 1:19 AM EDT

which is sad and i think wrong OB. they can benefit from loads of exploitation due to that feature

three4thsforsaken June 9 2008 1:29 AM EDT

would be shame is something changed in the next few months, or if someone pulled a few strings to prevent account purging.

Are we so sure his account will be purged?

QBOddBird June 9 2008 1:36 AM EDT

That's just what happens automatically with non-supporter accounts, 3/4. Sure, something could happen between now and then, but unless it did then yes his account would eventually be purged due to inactivity.

Draugluin June 9 2008 1:37 AM EDT

I would have to point out here that I was gone for slightly under a year and my account wasn't purged.

QBOddBird June 9 2008 1:38 AM EDT

*shrug* I didn't say I knew how long it took to purge accounts. Some really old ones are still here.

Were you a non-supporter during your absence? If not, then of course it wasn't purged, only non-supporter accounts get purged...

Draugluin June 9 2008 1:42 AM EDT

Yup, non-supporter then. And yes, some really old, inactive accounts are still around. So I would not think that its such a sure-fire way of getting to the top. I mean, at least if you do it in order to get to the top, its not that definite an investment. But, how much are the current rates for buying BA all throughout an NCB run currently?

three4thsforsaken June 9 2008 1:45 AM EDT

My first account was purged because of inactivity (by the same name) It only took a few months, but that was way back in late 2005. *sigh* it was too hard for me to really get into a text based game in elementary school.

three4thsforsaken June 9 2008 1:47 AM EDT

middle school* sorry, I'm not that young

Anyway, I still think if there should be a change, it should simply be more random in puring. That way just waiting it out won't necessarily work. (Don't you think Sickone would be in a better place if he started an NCB now and worked on it rather than start an NUB in 6 months?)

lostling June 9 2008 1:50 AM EDT

1st thing... NUB grows... so it doesnt matter... for me?
2ndy i would get CB withdrawal while waiting for my account to be purged...
3rdly... it IS random...

Daz June 9 2008 1:53 AM EDT

I love that you basically have to run a NUB to get enough money to effectively run an NCB. Running an NCB is such a huge investment that there aren't many willing to try and get to the top with it. That's kind of broken in my opinion.

I've quit the game before because it gets so difficult to play competitively. When I came back, I realised that I needed to play how I found the game to be FUN, not to be at the top, which is why i have 3 ~1 mill MPR characters sitting there as farms at the moment :P

Besides, if I did quit (Again), I'd have to wait until the USD rate stabilised a little bit!

Usul [CHOAM] June 9 2008 2:37 AM EDT

My own personal thought:

1) Cap bonus to around 200%
2) Lengthen the duration of bonus instead of rising the bonus after 200%. Eg. if it's 400% now, it would be 8 months + 200% bonus. Instead of 4 months , 400% bonus.
3) Everything else work like now.

1) NUB who goes on a week vacation, doesn't lose as much as 7*4.4 days (my own NUB as reference: 440%) compared to old players. He/she loses 7*2 max.
2) NCB won't have to pay astronomical $$ for xtra BA, as bonus is capped, so the BA cost is capped somewhat
3) Longer duration is more of a patience game than no brainer 4 months race. It's unfair compared to no lifer, but you win in real life, so don't worry.

Draugluin June 9 2008 2:46 AM EDT

I'd think that lengthening the bonus is certainly a good idea. But 200%? That'd make for really, really long N*Bs. I'd think it'd hit about a year for each by the first months of the next year. And for an NCB especially, that's kind of insane. Once you decide you messed up, and want to start a new one, you'd have to wait for the remainder of the year. CB2 has been around for, what? 3.5 years now?

8DEOTWP June 9 2008 3:09 AM EDT

not an old player, but.. dang this game has turned a little swampy since CB1, eh? I never realized how right the [CB1]ers were, lol.. epiphany on CB forums, woot. hope Jon doesn't hunt me down

Frost June 9 2008 3:45 AM EDT

cb1 was awesome

Wizard'sFirstRule June 9 2008 5:37 AM EDT

I think lostling might be "happy" with NCB. It is giving him customers!! (me)... </sarcasm>

really. NCB is REALLY expensive. would lostling please confirm my debt level. 80m or something like that. </sarcasm>

I would get annoyed if someone delibrately go inactive and come with with a LA-NUB, AND GET RICHER THAN ME AS WELL AS 2m MPR higher.

There has to be some advantage to have been playing for so long.

I start to think rolling bonus is ok, except when everyone gets it (or a % of it) permanently. It has to be either paid for or a reward for playing actively or even a quest like thing (like tourny prize).

Sickone June 9 2008 6:28 AM EDT

Supporter item : Tunic of rolling bonus [1]

Phrede June 9 2008 7:11 AM EDT

I am always thinking of leaving - I dont enjoy it here as much as the old days of CB2 and obviously CB1 (but that is entirely my problem). I did try and keep interest by spending money on forever starting NCB's but I cant even justify doing that now.

I am currently just burning BA for my Clan - if I wasnt in a clan who knows :(

miteke [Superheros] June 9 2008 7:20 AM EDT

I'm leaving because of the encumbrance. It's no fun when you can't spend more than a small part of your money on anything but BAs. High price items and lots of options is what made a character unique and fun and with that gone the fun is gone too. The game has become too socialist for my taste.

QBRanger June 9 2008 7:30 AM EDT

I am quite seriously thinking about leaving.

It is very discouraging to see someone in 4 months outdo what I did in 3 1/2 years.

In addition, the writing is certainly on the wall with evasion. Unless it be changed, tanks will have no luck surviving this "new" CB.

The reason the top players now are tanks is NW, and the huge weapons. But as more people get MPR and use evasion like Draco, tanks will not be viable at the top anymore.

But, it seems the masses who want everything to be completely equal have won out. That's ok by me. This is not the game I have enjoyed for over 4 years. Especially when tanks do not have it equal and old players do not have it equal.

New players and evasion users have too much of an advantage right now for my taste.

Phrede June 9 2008 7:40 AM EDT

Well put Ranger

Windwalker June 9 2008 7:43 AM EDT

I'm with miteke on this one. The ENC. messes with the economy.You can't upgrade anything to stay up with mage teams and the conversion rate for buying CBD keeps dropping because people have surplus they can't do anything with. Stagnation for tank teams..Quite boring. I have not been here long but am becoming disenchanted (no pun) with the way things are shaking out.

QBJohnnywas June 9 2008 8:43 AM EDT

"It is very discouraging to see someone in 4 months outdo what I did in 3 1/2 years. "

Not to single you out on this Ranger, it's just your comment echoes what I've seen from many people over the years about the NUB/NCB. I can understand how you feel, but in the couple of years since you took on Koy there has only been the ONE player doing that. The majority of the top ten MPR are at least two years old.

And, to use your particular case as an example, LA doesn't have a tattoo that comes from years of tattoo growth, including boosts from tattoo loans early on. He's never going to be able to get a tattoo that's bigger than yours. So, he's never going to fully match what you've done in 3 1/2 years.

Personally I think it's a bit of an illusion that new players have it better than old. This game, despite the bonus, is a long term game. And sticking with it in the long term can be very satisfying. Also, basing your level of satisfaction on how other people perform is a fools errand.

For most people there will always be somebody who performs better. It's a fact. Other people may have started with a better bonus, may have had more time to spend on burning their ba, may have access to more knowledge now than you did when you started, may simply have a better and bigger set of weapons/armour/tattoos. All of these things apply to other players around me. Doesn't mean I'm at a disadvantage though. Against some opponents I have a better idea of what I need to do to win. So I do.

I'm also enjoying fighting at the moment. It's fun, probably for the first time in a while. Which probably makes it easy for me to say, if it isn't fun for you, then what are you doing here?

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] June 9 2008 8:46 AM EDT

"But, it seems the masses who want everything to be completely equal have won out."

Not by a long shot... There's still too much not balanced for me (one of the more vocal people I assume you're talking about) to have 'won' yet...

QBOddBird June 9 2008 9:11 AM EDT

Freed :(

QBOddBird June 9 2008 9:14 AM EDT

I think 6/20 has a little to do with it as well, btw. Less opportunity for competition.

Plus a lot of people play this game like it's their career - clock in, burn BA, clock out. Do it again in 8 hours.

[RX3]Cotillion June 9 2008 9:36 AM EDT

I think there should always be a way for a new player to catch up to the top dog. Even if you do lengthen the NUB to 8 months, won't we still hear ''so and so did in y months what i accomplished in x years''? Sure it'll probably decrease the incentive of multi's to just a few of the hardcore regulars everyone (including myself) seems to think are there. I really don't feel as NUBs have it so much better, but then again my highest character I've ever raised myself is at 1m mpr right now.

QBJohnnyWas, 8:43 AM EDT [collapse]
I'm also enjoying fighting at the moment. It's fun, probably for the first time in a while. Which probably makes it easy for me to say, if it isn't fun for you, then what are you doing here?

I don't mean to be saying, ''you don't like it, its not going to change, so go home'', but this is really only a game. It's to have fun while meeting some really cool people.

Brakke Bres [Ow man] June 9 2008 10:42 AM EDT

CB1 was totally wrong when it came to fighting, when I started there I ran a single archer after 1 year of playing I only reached 500k pr.

CB2 is totally wrong when it comes to fighting, I now see nubs, ncbs passing me left and right. That can't be good.

I don't like the concept of a rolling bonus, the rolling bonus is hard to apply to cb. I rather like the 8 month N*B time, % cut in half and time doubled. The rewards are less, the BA cost are less and you need more time to reach 3mil mpr again.

QBRanger June 9 2008 10:44 AM EDT


Given the fact that Jon has been very vocal about not extending the N*B, a rolling bonus is the next best solution.

I would prefer a N*B that is 1/3rd the length that CB has been out.

Anything other then the present-4 months of glory type of thingy.

lostling June 9 2008 10:53 AM EDT

i would like to see N*B varied according to time instead of bonus... it will become totally ridicious after awhile... (imagine 1000% bonus)

Lord Bob June 9 2008 1:25 PM EDT

"It's that whole "if you wanna be competitive, you have to throw all your old progress away and start over" thing that gets to me. "

Yep, that's my biggest problem with the N*B.

I agree with everything Ranger said as well.

Despite the few good changes to come out in the last few change months (i.e.: x/20 BA regen) the bad changes just keep piling up, and the things that NEED fixing just aren't getting fixed. This game is starting to become more of a burden than a pleasure, and I've been considering selling out for a while.

QBOddBird June 9 2008 1:45 PM EDT

lostling, agreed....the bonus will eventually become massive.

But if you vary it according to time, it'll eventually just last forever as well....

Rolling Bonus, or some other form of N*B where time or bonus doesn't increase indefinitely, is a far better solution....

lostling June 9 2008 2:14 PM EDT

*shrug* whatever works :)
*still like my idea better*
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