Quiznos vs. Subway? (in Off-topic)

TheHatchetman June 28 2008 8:51 PM EDT

Is it even really a competition? Doubt it... But I know at least one person prefers Subway, so lets get some more opinions! :D

TheHatchetman June 28 2008 8:57 PM EDT




NOTE: Used a sub Subway uses for advertisement versus a sub some reviewer took a picture of... If I had used a pic of the subs quiznos uses for advertising... it just wouldn't be fair...

RedWolf June 28 2008 8:58 PM EDT

I've never had Quiznos.

So I guess I vote Subway.

Organ Doughner [Fees Dirt Cheap] June 28 2008 9:02 PM EDT


ResistanZ2 [The Knighthood] June 28 2008 9:08 PM EDT

Apparently I'm not the only one who likes the wussy subs at Subway. Take THAT, TH!

ResistanZ2 [The Knighthood] June 28 2008 9:11 PM EDT

I'm tellin ya man, it don't get no better than that. Sweet onion chicken teriyaki..

TheHatchetman June 28 2008 9:11 PM EDT

found a Subway sub that you can actually see the meat in!!! :o

Subway cheese steak sub


Quiznos cheese steak sub

TheHatchetman June 28 2008 9:12 PM EDT

heh... I'm killing my own argument just on picture size >.<

ResistanZ2 [The Knighthood] June 28 2008 9:12 PM EDT

Yeah, the Quiznos cheesesteak's image is broken. That's how sub-par it is.

RedWolf June 28 2008 9:13 PM EDT

I dunno about you, TH, but I can see a whole lot more meat in SS's pic than yours.

QBBast [Hidden Agenda] June 28 2008 9:20 PM EDT


TheHatchetman June 28 2008 9:31 PM EDT

wow... pwned by more lettuce-lovers than I had anticipated :P

Xenko June 28 2008 9:47 PM EDT

Subway (Eat Fresh)!

Admin{CB1}Slayer333 [SHIELD] June 28 2008 10:09 PM EDT

All hail comrade Subway.

BrandonLP June 28 2008 10:30 PM EDT

Quizno's just absolutely creams Subway in every way possible now that you can get any of the deli favorites for $5.

8DEOTWP June 28 2008 11:03 PM EDT

Quiznos is over-salted, over-spiced dog meat.

SundariZelia [The Knighthood] June 28 2008 11:13 PM EDT

Dude, what about the Awesome Sub? I've only been to Quiznos once and I couldn't find a sub that had more then one meat and none of them had cheese already, you had to pay extra for it.

Colonel Custard [The Knighthood] June 28 2008 11:25 PM EDT

Whatever has good pastrami, man, I'm there.

BootyGod June 28 2008 11:31 PM EDT


TheHatchetman June 28 2008 11:37 PM EDT

You went to a goofy, broken Quiznos... and reading a few online reviews, i see there seem to be a lot of them =/

I've only ever been to two Quiznos locations... The one I work at now, and the one my ex worked/works (not sure if she's still there, kinda lost touch :P)... And while I'm finding many commonalities amongst the reviews, neither Quiznos I've been to is anything like them... idk, maybe the one i work at is special, or maybe people don't write reviews about the decent ones...

Far as "the awesome sub" it's called a "honey-bacon club" at Quiznos. just like the subway melt, only with more meat, and a much more effective toasting process ^_^

btw, the "5 meat stack" has 5 different meats (in case you were wondering why they named it that), cheddar cheese, and only costs $5 /footlong

BrandonLP June 28 2008 11:38 PM EDT

SundariZelia, I don't know anything about that, but I've never seen a sandwich that didn't come with cheese at Quizno's.

TheHatchetman June 28 2008 11:46 PM EDT

honeybourbon chicken doesn't come with cheese... there's one more, but it's escaping me at the moment >.<

ResistanZ2 [The Knighthood] June 29 2008 2:43 AM EDT

To tell you the truth, I thought this poll would go awfully in favor of Quiznos, because you know, the commercials directly tries to be more appealing that Subway. I'm glad the opposite was true. XD

I went to a Quiznos last week, and they didn't have much to offer, at least, none of it appealed to me.

three4thsforsaken June 29 2008 3:04 AM EDT

I love the Quiznos bread. It wins I'd say...

Khardin June 29 2008 3:11 AM EDT


ActionAction June 29 2008 3:23 AM EDT

Pita Pit!

Wait, what?

Mikel [Bring it] June 29 2008 3:49 AM EDT

Quiznos is much better all around!

SimplyNic June 29 2008 4:07 AM EDT

Honestly I prefer subway. Tried quiznos once, didn't really like it.

IPoop June 29 2008 8:04 AM EDT

not tried Quizno's yet but it gets my vote .... unless like subway they do not offer butter on the sandwichs

what is the world coming to when (or atleast my local subways) do not offer butter on a sandwich ... its just morally wrong and goes against all the principles of a good sandwich (yep i love my sandwiches (with butter on!!) :D)

QBRanger June 29 2008 8:06 AM EDT


Nothing like a hot sub to make a day.

Flamey June 29 2008 8:21 AM EDT

Quiznos does not exist here in Australia.

Therefore, Subway wins.

Daz June 29 2008 8:54 AM EDT

"Quiznos does not exist here in Australia.

Therefore, Subway wins."

Those are the exact words I was going to use.
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