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Xiaz on Hiatus July 11 2008 1:18 PM EDT

So if you had one final chance to listen to ONE song, what would it be and why?

Might be hard to choose just ONE, but think about it and then post. Everyone is welcome. :)

Daz July 11 2008 1:25 PM EDT

Honestly, one song? YOU'RE SICK!

My instincts say to pick one of my favourite songs, like something by Linkin Park, or Within temptation, or even View to a kill, by Duran Duran, but I think I'd go with .... um... I'll pick later (because it hurts my brain to pick ONE song)

Colonel Custard July 11 2008 1:25 PM EDT

S.O.S. by ABBA. It's perfect.

SimplyNic July 11 2008 1:27 PM EDT

Straight by Interlock just because that song is loaded with awesome and I can relate to it

VivaPinata July 11 2008 1:28 PM EDT

Hmmm... what if I was to say I don't like songs? Huh? Riddle me that!

QBRanger July 11 2008 1:47 PM EDT


By Pink Floyd.

BadFish July 11 2008 2:36 PM EDT

40 oz to freedom-Sublime
Breaking the Girl-Red Hot Chili Peppers

Can't pick one song. sorry.

[SIBT]Gardiner Amarth July 11 2008 2:39 PM EDT

Rime Of The Ancient Mariner by Iron Maiden. That song has everything...parts that rock, a slower and quieter section, awesome guitar work, catchy vocal melodies.

I love lance [Lafayetts War] July 11 2008 3:14 PM EDT

ahhhhh...just one...???? man...well it would have to be...Ma Ma Ma by Crazy Loop!!

{cb1}Linguala July 11 2008 3:22 PM EDT

snap with rhythm is a dancer.
why? because it's oldschool good.

Mem July 11 2008 3:24 PM EDT

Motorway to Roswell by Pixies. My favorite song. Ever. Why would I listen to anything other than my favorite?

N0seBLeeD July 11 2008 3:29 PM EDT

Master of Puppets- Metallica

three4thsforsaken July 11 2008 3:35 PM EDT

Dear Sons and Daughters of Hungry Ghosts

by Wolf Parade


FuriousHobo July 11 2008 4:02 PM EDT

Superstar by Lupe Fiasco.

That's my most recent favorite.
One I like dancing to is Forever by Chris Brown.

BadFish July 11 2008 4:56 PM EDT

I'm changing mine to Twin Peaks by Lovemuffin (my band, check us out on purevolume.com- horrible sound quality ftw)

j'bob July 11 2008 5:04 PM EDT

Stairway, of course! The last song that ever rings in anyones ears should always be STAIRWAY!!!!
Yes, that one.. you know what I'm talking about.
"overplayed, bla bla bla, hype, bla bla bla, ...."

BooDiggens July 11 2008 5:13 PM EDT

Hey Emilie

By the Mother Hips

Because it takes me back to some of the best times in my life.

Thraklight Resonance July 11 2008 5:23 PM EDT

Today, it would be a toss-up between Lou Reed's "Metal Machine Music" on a digital 8-track loop (so it never ends) or the Zag Men and their recent cover of the entire "Koyaanisqatsi" soundtrack.

Wizard'sFirstRule July 11 2008 5:30 PM EDT

Barbie Girl by Aqua - in Swedish. (I hear it sounds like a declaration of war because swedish like german has intonation that goes down when you are being "happy" and goes up when you are being "angry")

TheHatchetman July 11 2008 10:55 PM EDT

"40 oz to freedom-Sublime"

I'm actually listening to that song right now while reading this ^_^

Windwalker July 11 2008 11:24 PM EDT

Final-as in demise? I Got to go with Seagull, Bad Co.

Admindudemus [jabberwocky] July 11 2008 11:33 PM EDT

i have thought hard about this since i saw the post. it was very difficult to make a decision but i finally did it:

comin' down by the meat puppets off of the album "too high to die"

Admindudemus [jabberwocky] July 11 2008 11:50 PM EDT

i failed to answer the why part, but i think it is all summed up by the lyrics:

Comin' down from the mountain
I have seen the high and mighty
I will go again someday
But for now I'm comin' down

Comin' down from the mountain
I have seen the lofty glory
I will go again someday
But for now I'm comin' down

I have seen their information
On the lighter side of dumbness
I have heard the new statistics
And the stomping on the ground

Picking slowly up the rockslide
One thing always seems apparent
If the climb becomes too much
I can always turn around

Wakin' up from my slumber
To misunderstand another
Though they call it terra firma
It dissolves beneath my feet

Looking through a pile of garbage
For some worthless piece of paper
That's been hidden there for me
To give meaning to my day

Goin' down to the desert
To the dirty filthy desert
I'll be crawling through the sand
For at least a couple days

Goin' down to the desert
There are things there worth avoiding
And it always makes me cross
When those things get in my way

Cube July 12 2008 12:32 AM EDT

"Forever by Chris Brown"

I was listening to that while reading this thread. Been listening to that song a lot heh.

Oh and a comment on the topic, I can't even come close to deciding, my music tastes change like monthly, so there's no way I really have a favorite song, just a favorite of the month. So sorry to waste your time, don't have an answer.

8DEOTWP July 12 2008 4:36 AM EDT


by Pink Floyd.


Becoming Insane

by Infected Mushroom.

Zaekyr July 12 2008 4:56 AM EDT

Not my favorite song but if I was listening to my very last song (i.e. I was dying or on my deathbed,so to speak).

Well then it would be Dream On by Aerosmith.

Appropriate for such a moment I think.

Zoglog[T] [big bucks] July 12 2008 6:17 AM EDT

One by Metallica

I'm planning that to be the final departing song at my distant funeral and also if it was only because I couldn't listen to music ever again, the line "Hold my breath as I wish for death" would mean something due to my need for music.

PotatoHead July 12 2008 6:27 AM EDT

idle hands - stonesour

bohab July 12 2008 7:11 AM EDT

Sheep go to heaven by cake

[LittleRed]Calynne July 12 2008 9:48 AM EDT

And Justice For All - Metallica.

Enough said. :)

PotatoHead July 12 2008 9:53 AM EDT

yall should look up the lyrics to my song stonesour idlehands, they freaking rock. My song 101%.

[LittleRed]Calynne July 12 2008 10:00 AM EDT

Blah blah, YOUR NEEDS... I only listen to 60s, 70s, and 80s bands. You know... when music was GOOD.

I don't need no stonehands or whatever.

PotatoHead July 12 2008 10:08 AM EDT

no no no, just read the lyrics to stone sour - idlehands, I'm 26 but the lyrics are amazingly written, or avenged sevenfold chapter 4

Shapoopie July 12 2008 12:38 PM EDT

No Woman No Cry - Marley

And Sir Ovaltine, love the Cake.
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