Just lovely! (in Off-topic)

AdminShade August 16 2008 4:49 PM EDT

My parents are gone, will come back very late this evening / late tomorrow morning.

And I'm playing Boomblox for the Wii with some friends and have frikandellen!!! :D

QBsutekh137 August 16 2008 4:53 PM EDT

What is frikandellan?

three4thsforsaken August 16 2008 4:58 PM EDT

sounds like a food D:

three4thsforsaken August 16 2008 4:58 PM EDT

or a disease actually D:

QBsutekh137 August 16 2008 5:01 PM EDT

Maybe it is like scrapple!

MissingNo August 16 2008 5:08 PM EDT

You sound like a teenager...

VivaPinata August 16 2008 5:12 PM EDT

And a lame teenager at that! xD

bartjan August 16 2008 5:18 PM EDT


QBsutekh137 August 16 2008 5:24 PM EDT

It IS like scrapple! *smile*

QBOddBird August 18 2008 10:34 AM EDT

You mean an awesome teenager, Joker!

I love Boomblox!
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