I'll concentrate YOUR exp anyday ;) (in Contests)

three4thsforsaken October 11 2008 3:51 PM EDT

Me and Nemerizt's strat has hit a dead end. It is unlikely that we will be able to add any more targets in the direction we are going, so we are considering a complete retrain.

But how? We could use some ideas. We have approx 18 million levels to work on one minion. Give us a great idea and I'll give you 200k!

After talking to Novice, he recommended putting a gigantic amount of AS on, and training a decent AMF and appropriate junction with an EF. With 20 million HP, there isn't much most teams can do.

This has made me realize that our biggest strength is our absurd amount of concentrated exp, hence we are looking for creative ways to abuse that. Give us ideas that will be really fun with tons of exp on one minion, and that's still great at fighting of course. Wouldn't it be cool to have 15 mil hp with tons of GA? Put on an RoBF we have a party! Ideas like that :), we can really have fun with this!

If you really blow me away with an idea I'll toss in a surprise!

Little Anthony October 11 2008 3:53 PM EDT

Lame ! You asked someone and he told you to copy them.

three4thsforsaken October 11 2008 3:55 PM EDT

Well, it does take advantage of my exp concentration quite well. Plus I wouldn't mind farming you :)

Little Anthony October 11 2008 4:00 PM EDT

go ahead you can try

Tylan October 11 2008 4:16 PM EDT

Go get a large steel familiar, train 2/3 MM, 1/3 AS and add a kill slot or 3. I love playing the so called "weakest" spell to my advantage :)

three4thsforsaken October 11 2008 4:17 PM EDT

Hiring is not an option ><

Admindudemus [jabberwocky] October 11 2008 4:33 PM EDT

i have always wondered how your hal would work with 1/3 ec, amf & ga actually along with the junctioned gear ya now have.

winner winner October 11 2008 4:40 PM EDT

Maybe you should try RoS with GA and tons of HP and add in Decay with NSC and HoC

QBJohnnywas October 11 2008 4:49 PM EDT

Very large trained HP and a big PL and an Electric Familiar to dish the damage. Although to junction NSC and AoF on an Electric Familiar is pretty damn powerful...

Little Anthony October 11 2008 4:51 PM EDT

yes but johnny, there won't be any Mgs.

QBJohnnywas October 11 2008 4:53 PM EDT

If your damage is big enough - it would need a pretty big tattoo admittedly - then you don't need much damage reduction...

three4thsforsaken October 11 2008 5:41 PM EDT

Would a gigantic HP/PL be better than a gigantic AS with junction?

Goodfish October 11 2008 5:47 PM EDT

1/2 Evasion, 1/2 AMF. ;)

Sickone October 11 2008 6:08 PM EDT

Well, let's put it this way... the AS spreads the HP equally among all minions, so a Mageseeker would have a realtively easy time picking off your familiar... the trained HP plus PL ensures that those HP die first before anybody else.
Also, if you can get your hands on a TSA and put it on that huge natural HP minion, that's a LOT of additional HP even in relatively short battles, let alone longer ones.

I'd say go full HP on huge minion, put it in the back, try to get TSA and either MgS or SoC or whatever other relatively heavy but penalty-free gear you can get (elven boots/gloves/cloak wouldn't hurt at all).
Front minion, leave at 20 HP. Train junction if you use a magic damage familiar, base decay, and rest AMF. Equip AoI as a must, everything else is optional (Corn or HoC, SB or BoF, preferably NSC). Tattoo either EF or RoBF, I'd probably recommend EF+HoC+BoF+NSC (huge damage especially against high AC, shoot early but slightly less powerfull from HoC, more than counterbalanced from boost from BoF, NSC to reduce backlash since HP is vital). You could add a SoC on this one whith a MgS on the back one and be relatively well protected from just about any combination of decay, magic missile and mageseeker.

Too bad you can't use GA with that due to the PL, but hey, you can't have everything.

Alternatively, just to be horribly cruel, you could go with a RoS and nearly ALL levels into AS on the large minion, and GA/AMF in equal parts on the small minion.
Equip AOF, SB and Corn on both minions for hilarity (helloooo-oh, 15-17 mil HP on each of two minions).
Train some CoC and/or SG on both minions (might want some NSC for that), you know, "just in case" (to wipe out the remaining non-damage-dealing minions that aren't killed by the GA/AMF combo).

QBJohnnywas October 11 2008 6:08 PM EDT

I'm not sure what would be better between HP/PL and AS/junction to be honest on a single minion with familiar. I've got junction with an EF and an AoF and it rocks basically. As proven by the amount of them in the top ranks. But there are a couple of large DMs around which would cut down your AS quite a lot. That's why I was thinking HP/PL because that would basically give your EF a lot of invisible HP of it's own.

Tough one.

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] October 11 2008 6:22 PM EDT

With the size of AMF we're talking here DM isn't all that harsh. The reason AS is much more powerful than PL/TSA/HP is AMF. AMF destroys familiars quickly without massive AS based HP backing it up.

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] October 11 2008 6:22 PM EDT

arg..." with the size of the AMF" should be AS instead of AMF

QBJohnnywas October 11 2008 6:24 PM EDT

Yeah, that's pretty much what I was thinking. Junction with those lovely anti amf gloves is probably the most powerful thing going on at the moment. And maybe the AoF....;)

three4thsforsaken October 11 2008 6:42 PM EDT

Sickone, there is only one minion ><

So far, nothing seems better than a supersized AS with AMF and junction.

With 15 million trained AS, coupled with a large AoF and a corn the minion and the familiar is going to have more than a little hp. Msk is not an issue, as anyone who bothers to invest one is not going to do 12 million + damage during ranged.

Many people have thought of the idea of relying on retribution damage to win, however, all the top teams have at least a minion or two that doesn't do damage. How can I kill them?

Cube October 11 2008 7:12 PM EDT

RoBF with GA and HP, RoBF finishes off the other team besides the damage dealers, only problem is walls.

Wizard'sFirstRule October 11 2008 10:34 PM EDT

evasion mini-tank + RBF. 1/3 hp, 1/3 evasion, 1/10 STR, 7/30 DX. RBF + EB + HoC etc, use a mageseeker.

Sickone October 12 2008 5:55 AM EDT

Oh... right... sorry... was confusing you with "Toast" :D

Ancient Anubis October 12 2008 6:12 AM EDT

8mil AMF, 4mil Ga, 6mil hp


RoS, Corn, Spellboosters

When this new skill comes in if it nullifies the Mgs's negating of spells go

8mil AMF, 4mil Ga, 5mil hp, 1 mil new skill plus any more left over

and equip

RoS, Corn, Spellboosters, MgS, Egs

Cube October 12 2008 6:36 AM EDT

^That can only kill damage dealers

QBJohnnywas October 12 2008 6:37 AM EDT

How do you kill enchanters with that one?

And a 4 million GA, while good, is not that good. There are DMs around the top level that nullify mine pretty much completely...

winner winner October 12 2008 7:36 AM EDT

The RoS would protect the GA from DM and boost it.

Ancient Anubis October 12 2008 8:48 AM EDT

they have a tat size 7,265,641 which would boost GA by 3,632,820 taking it to over 7.5mil beating pretty much every dm while protecting from 2,906,256 dm which is quite sufficient.

Add on a +10 maybe even +12 corn adds a further 20-24% to both the 7.5mil GA and 8 mil AMF also adding 2% from the spell boosters taking the GA to 9mil approx and the AMF to nearly 10mil.

QBJohnnywas October 12 2008 9:01 AM EDT

Ah yes, missed the RoS. Sunday morning...

But that still leaves those enchanters.....

Ancient Anubis October 12 2008 9:09 AM EDT

can't beat everyone but u would draw with anyone else or stale m8 with other enchanter teams

three4thsforsaken October 12 2008 12:39 PM EDT

three4thsforsaken (Shelf) Ancient Anubis (Soul Collector) $200000 12:37 PM EDT

AA made the most viable option suggested. I really like the concept of the MgS enchanter!

Little Anthony October 12 2008 1:05 PM EDT

Spell booster doesn't boost GA , AA :P

Little Anthony October 12 2008 1:07 PM EDT

here goes the RBF strategy banging on 3/4th in 44 rounds. I guess chances are any 1.2mil RBF can do that doesn't matter if you have huge HP or not. your AC set up is sort of crappy anyway.

Who would beat you? a lot of 800k mpr guys with 1.2mil RBF

3D October 12 2008 1:07 PM EDT

It doesn't?

Little Anthony October 12 2008 1:10 PM EDT

my mistake. It does

But then your strategy involve wasting a lot of GA due to only few people has DM that high anyway. ROS on base GA maybe

Kefeck [Demonic Serenity] October 13 2008 2:22 AM EDT

Okay. how about this, single minion aubviously train nothing but ablative shield and junction. Then equip a rather large electric familiar. If you last until melee which you should because of the huge ablative shield. You'll be unstopable.

three4thsforsaken October 13 2008 3:26 AM EDT

^ that was already discussed quite a bit

Kefeck [Demonic Serenity] October 13 2008 3:30 AM EDT

I saw that actually, the part you didnt notice was no AMF.

three4thsforsaken October 13 2008 3:32 AM EDT

then every decay would kill me.

Kefeck [Demonic Serenity] October 13 2008 3:37 AM EDT

No. Your SG will kill them before they kill you.

three4thsforsaken October 13 2008 3:57 AM EDT

In one round, a base decay can take out 5 million HP at least without a decent AMF. It takes at least 4 rounds to take out a 4 minion team. It's a REALLy bad deal to do that.

Cube October 13 2008 4:05 AM EDT

Add a weapon/strength or DD to AA's then it's decent.. Otherwise what's the point, you'd only be able to take out single minions.

three4thsforsaken October 13 2008 4:43 AM EDT

what are you refering to?

Cube October 13 2008 4:47 AM EDT

"8mil AMF, 4mil Ga, 6mil hp


RoS, Corn, Spellboosters

When this new skill comes in if it nullifies the Mgs's negating of spells go

8mil AMF, 4mil Ga, 5mil hp, 1 mil new skill plus any more left over

and equip

RoS, Corn, Spellboosters, MgS, Egs"

three4thsforsaken October 13 2008 4:51 AM EDT

The reason that AA won was not because his strat was the best. But he was the only one that really answered the questions with numbers, and reasoning. Plus it was creative, and created the idea of possibly using this new skill with MgS.

So far though, the Novice approach seems good. Another approach I am considering is a RoBF strat similar to Mikel. With 9 mil HP, 7 mil AMF, and 3 mil GA on a RoBF with a Corn and AoF. What do you think?
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