500k give away (in Contests)

lotien November 12 2008 12:21 AM EST

so im giving away 500k but i dont want to give it to some one who doesnt need it so explain why u need it thanks

Mojo Patroneus [My2ndClan] November 12 2008 12:22 AM EST

b/c I am poor

Rawr November 12 2008 12:22 AM EST

I'm a new player :)
I don't want to spend real money, the only money I've spent is for my supportership


lostling November 12 2008 12:24 AM EST

i vote central bank =x

lotien November 12 2008 12:26 AM EST

why central bank

Goodfish November 12 2008 12:27 AM EST



lotien November 12 2008 12:30 AM EST

what was the point of that lol?

lostling November 12 2008 12:31 AM EST

fine i vote fishie

Goodfish November 12 2008 12:33 AM EST

I meant more along the lines of make your own contest and make 50 people feel good instead of just one. ;)

But I'll take votes, too. :D

Solare November 12 2008 12:47 AM EST

Because I owe over 60 mil...

lotien November 12 2008 12:51 AM EST

solare sent

Wizard'sFirstRule November 12 2008 1:36 AM EST

I still have 63m debt... sigh

PearsonTritonRaveshaw November 12 2008 2:07 AM EST

/me pulls out a massive loan and looks at the community expectingly

Newlin [SeeD] November 12 2008 4:14 PM EST

I am buying a AoF for 5 mill and still have 750k left to pay off my supportership. Would be a great help so I would only have to pay one person.

Wasp [Demon Forging] November 12 2008 4:16 PM EST

I'll need it because it costs millions to get an NCB to the top and buying BA everyday at 2k for one makes it hard on the wallet!!


AdminDestra [Battle Royale] November 12 2008 4:32 PM EST

im broke and owe 3 people moneys

{cb1}Linguala November 12 2008 4:35 PM EST

did nobody read that he already sent it to solare?

Unappreciated Misnomer November 12 2008 5:09 PM EST

i dont want it but if i had a say, which is why im posting. give it to the player who lost the most thru default loans.

but i could seriously use the money to save for one of those soc's

alaskanpsyko November 15 2008 5:16 AM EST

is it still going? too put it bluntly to excel in Carnage Blender you need both skill and equipment, I've got bout over 1/2 skill needed but equipments a little expensive, and don't know if this is still going so ha ha.

helloo November 15 2008 7:31 AM EST

read what Ling said.
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