America, I must apolygize! (in Off-topic)

Ernest-Scribbler November 25 2008 8:14 PM EST

My country has committed many acts of social terrorism against the US. Namely flooding the airwaves with American remakes of our shows. As a result i must apologize for the following....

Big Brother, American Idol, Dancing with the stars, Deal or no deal, Who wants to be a millionaire and The weakest link.

Once again, my apolygizes.

Wizard'sFirstRule November 25 2008 8:19 PM EST

I think you must apologize to the rest of the world for such social crimes as well.

kevlar November 25 2008 8:33 PM EST

ummmm *cough* The Office?

A friend of mine linked me to one of the funniest sitcoms I've seen called "Coupling". The first few seasons were so good, but show died when one of the characters left and they tried to replace him.

AdminQBVerifex [Serenity In Chaos] November 25 2008 8:37 PM EST

I don't like any of those shows as much as the next guy, but to claim they are social terrorism is a bit much don't you think? I mean jeez, the people making these stupid shows have to cater to people who will willingly sit on their butt and watch TV all day, what kind of stuff do you expect?

RedWolf November 25 2008 9:13 PM EST

I like the American version of The Office. Steve Carell is funny.

bartjan November 26 2008 12:00 AM EST

I don't know what you mean with "My country", but those shows originate from at least 2 different countries...

Eurynome Bartleby [Bartleby's] November 26 2008 12:13 AM EST

No no no. You do not have to apologize to the country which gave birth to ''Meet The Spartans''.

No, you really don't have to!

Ahhhh! Erase it from my heeeeeead!

Ernest-Scribbler November 26 2008 12:24 AM EST

The office is good...

American idol was pop idol first.

Was one of the dutch ja?

I could be wrong bart, but there is only so many apologies i can make in a day.

bartjan November 26 2008 12:51 AM EST

Big bother and Deal or no deal are Dutch in origin. I believe the others are British.

Little Anthony November 26 2008 12:55 AM EST

I apologized for Dr. Who

Wasp [C and S Forgery Lmtd.] November 26 2008 1:30 AM EST

Long live the likes of Only Fools and Horses, Dads Army, Faulty Towers etc... True British classics!!!!

hzarb November 26 2008 1:35 AM EST

Black Adder must be in the list of classics..

Wasp [C and S Forgery Lmtd.] November 26 2008 1:40 AM EST

Oh definately! I've missed a good fair few

DoS November 26 2008 2:10 AM EST

I think it was called Laugh On, I used to get to watch that whenever I went over to my grandparents house when I was little. I loved that show,, so I salute you where ever it came from ;D.

IndependenZ November 26 2008 2:14 AM EST

bartjan is right, only two of those are Dutch.

But social terrorism? lol, how many American shows get aired in the rest of the world? Especially TV series, the US dominates that market globally. ;)

Flamey November 26 2008 3:30 AM EST

All those shows have an Australian version. Though, millionaire, and weakest link are gone. Big Brother and Idol are on the same channel and dominate it for the whole year :(

Red Flame November 26 2008 3:43 AM EST

I love Doctor Who, David Tennant has been one of the best Doctors. he will be missed when he leaves after the next series.

Zaekyr November 29 2008 7:52 PM EST

The only American T.V. show I have been watching at all lately is House.

DoS November 29 2008 8:12 PM EST

Mmm House.

Cube November 30 2008 12:31 AM EST

You are forgiven because of Hugh Laurie.

Flamey November 30 2008 12:38 AM EST

Hah, even then Hugh Laurie is British. I love British movies, I'm sure there's a more specific category, but Guy Ritchie films are excellent. I love Snatch, Lock stock and Rocknrolla.

Cube November 30 2008 12:42 AM EST

Wait, we were talking about British shows right? Or did I miss something?

I have to say, Deal or no deal is pretty much at the top of the list of dumbest shows I've seen. The only thing I find interesting about it is fathoming how anyone else finds it interesting.
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