Dub All-star contest (in Contests)

fatty the loner November 29 2008 1:52 PM EST

Open to all member's of the dub family only
100k to the person who "cost east coast dub allstar" the most clan points in the next 24 hours if results are good I'll double it
happy farming

Kefeck [Demonic Serenity] November 29 2008 1:54 PM EST

LOL. wish i was apart of this =). Chips in another 100k. where do i send it?

AdminTal Destra November 29 2008 1:54 PM EST

damn and i spent all my ba

fatty the loner November 29 2008 1:56 PM EST

send to storagefatty
reward at 200k

DoS November 29 2008 2:01 PM EST

That squirrel, my beer o.o!

AdminTal Destra November 29 2008 2:13 PM EST

Tal Destra (Tal's Bank) evilfattyman (storagefatty) $100000 2:13 PM EST

reward at 300k now

Soul Eater November 29 2008 2:13 PM EST

I'm chippin in another 100k I hate that guy.

Soul Eater November 29 2008 2:16 PM EST

nvm I just realized all my money is tied up in auctions..... I'll have to do it later today but be sure that I will chip in 100k before the contest is over.

Unappreciated Misnomer November 29 2008 3:07 PM EST


Fatil1ty November 29 2008 3:29 PM EST

oh baby, looks good for me

[RX3]Cotillion November 29 2008 4:26 PM EST

[RX3]Entreri (A Murder of Gods) evilfattyman (storagefatty) $100000 4:25 PM EST

Another 100k.

Rawr November 29 2008 4:30 PM EST

That Thursday guy will win it. Only because he fights at like -100% Challenge Bonus.
So congrats to that...

Rawr November 29 2008 4:31 PM EST


three4thsforsaken November 29 2008 4:49 PM EST

this whole Dub All-Star thing is confusing and funny at times xD

Soul Eater November 29 2008 4:57 PM EST

100k Sent.

fatty the loner November 30 2008 1:32 PM EST

evilfattyman (storagefatty) SupperMan (demol1tion man) $500000 -- great job 1:30 PM EST
reward sent
great job to all another contest probly this week
I hope you guys enjoyed this (stupid spell check) so I'm just rambling on here

Fatil1ty November 30 2008 1:34 PM EST

thanks a bunch and it was my pleasure!
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