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{EQ}Viperboy December 19 2008 4:07 AM EST

i need a good forge formula for Mage shield.

in wiki says its inefficient the one posted. Problem is who to believe the original posted or the one that said its inefficient and if its inefficient why wouldn't that person posted a better one through their own experimentation.

if anyone knows a good formula for forging Mage Shield or can figure it out, and update wiki that would be greatly appreciated.

Brakke Bres [Ow man] December 19 2008 4:54 AM EST

Before mojo's tinkering the forge times were 120, 22

Brakke Bres [Ow man] December 19 2008 4:58 AM EST

times are back to 120, 22 (however 125, 25 also work)not sure about the efficiency, I'm currently not working on a MGS, haven't tested it yet.

AdminShade December 19 2008 5:14 AM EST

120 , 22 works most efficient as far as I know.

{EQ}Viperboy December 19 2008 5:20 AM EST

thanks i will go by that

{EQ}Viperboy December 19 2008 5:26 AM EST

It doesn't work, I heat 120 and dwarf comes when i try to cast spell of hardness. I heated for 10 minutes 12 times to make 120 and then cast spell and dwarf takes it, what am I doing wrong? or has times changed?

your Mage Shield is cool to the touch
A Dwarf who has been watching approaches you. "That's no way to do it. Here." He takes your Mage Shield and plunges it into the water bath until it is cool, then hands it back.
You cast a spell.
your Mage Shield glows bright cherry-red
You heat your Mage Shield
your Mage Shield glows cherry-red
You heat your Mage Shield
your Mage Shield glows a dull cherry-red
You heat your Mage Shield
your Mage Shield glows a dull cherry-red
You heat your Mage Shield
your Mage Shield glows a dark red
You heat your Mage Shield
You detect a faint red glow from your Mage Shield
You heat your Mage Shield
You can feel the heat from your Mage Shield through your gloves
You heat your Mage Shield
You can feel heat radiating from the tongs as you hold your Mage Shield
You heat your Mage Shield
You see blue spots on the surface of your Mage Shield

{EQ}Viperboy December 19 2008 5:33 AM EST

Forging times have seem to have changed. Anyone else getting weird stuff?
I tried doing 110 and it failed, and I tried doing 100 and it failed. So I went up 10 minutes to 130 and I finally got something.
So 120 doesn't work at all, fo 130 instead might be a sweeter spot i don't know, but 130 gave me 1.4% and 2.7% after spell and quenching then I did 25 min for second one and cast tampering and overall I got 9.45%. When i will have more Ba i will try to find sweeter spot for first cast and second if anyone wants to help out, please let me know.

Brakke Bres [Ow man] December 19 2008 5:39 AM EST

You are right 120 ,22 no longer works
However 125*,25 works... Ill update the wiki again.

{EQ}Viperboy December 19 2008 5:41 AM EST

from (130, 25) i got 0.667875111 efficiency or NW of $18,054 increase for 31 ba/cycle.

Brakke Bres [Ow man] December 19 2008 5:47 AM EST

Using 125,25
Rough progress meter: 48.625% Henk Bres ($511,352)

Rough progress meter: 71.944% Henk Bres ($530,252)
31 BA cycle

NW Increase per cycle: 18,900
My cost per bought BA: 855
18,900 / 31 = 609.6774
609.6774 / 855 = 0.71307
Efficiency: 0.71307

Next try 125,22

Brakke Bres [Ow man] December 19 2008 5:48 AM EST

125,22 nope nothing... 125 is good 22 tempering is wrong

{EQ}Viperboy December 19 2008 6:11 AM EST

just did (125,25) my efficiency improved a lil bit.
So still 31 ba/cycle.
NW increase 18,666 (was 18054 at 130,25)
New efficiency is 0.690514945 (was 0.667875111 at 130,25)

Brakke Bres [Ow man] December 19 2008 8:26 AM EST

135,30 33 ba a cycle

New results:
Rough progress meter: 78.940% Henk Bres ($480,753)
End result
135 30 end result 111.576%(Henk Bres ($505,008)

NW Increase per cycle: 24,255
My cost per bought BA: 855
24255 / 33 = 735
735 / 855 = 0.8596
Efficiency: 0.8596

Its probably 130,30

{EQ}Viperboy December 19 2008 12:18 PM EST

tried using (135,25) same result as first try, got NW increase of 18054 but had to use 33 ba so efficiency is lower. = 0.627397832. gonna try 125, 30 now

{EQ}Viperboy December 19 2008 12:23 PM EST

for the above forge i should say that using 135 did give me an extra .2% but my tempering fell down .5%. Guessing the fist number is not large enough to invest extra two ba and could be randomness. From second one seems out of randomness got a lower increase. testing 125-30 now

{EQ}Viperboy December 19 2008 12:32 PM EST

I got lowest NW increase with this one, its 17748. and 872 cost per ba.
my efficiency is 0.636037844. its 32ba/cycle.

{EQ}Viperboy December 19 2008 12:42 PM EST

Even though my forging efficiency dropped actually 130 seems to be the BEST one for the first number I get 2.723 increse in percentage with still 31 ba/cycle. Only reason it shows lower is cause in my first forging i randomly got a higher than usual incraese on second temporing even though its same time and this time its lower and my efficiency came out to 0.679195028 but its due to less NW gain on temporing even though i've been using same one. Gonna play around with second number now.

So far, (130,25) is best

I not sure how you got over 80% efficiency guy above me, maybe its the difference in cost of ba cause mine is more expensive but then i should yield better NW gain.

{EQ}Viperboy December 19 2008 12:55 PM EST

Okay i found a sweeter spot now tweaking second one.

I should also note this time randomly even though I used 130 for first I got a higher % increase randomly but tracking both spell castings I got a really good % increase from using a new tempering. So for first one, 130, i got a randomly high 2.883 increase this won't mean anything to you but its for comparative purposes for my own forging of hardness.

Second number I used 27 and got incredible result. yielding an extra 2% even a little more over 25.
My NW increase was, 22644, which is about 4K higher than last time.
Used more ba though, 33ba/cycle at 872 per ba so my efficiency still improved a great deal.
Efficiency = 0.786905755
so thats a huge efficiency boost, also take into account i got a slightly better yield from first one but most of the super goodness came from tweaking second number.

SO new formula. (130,27)

{EQ}Viperboy December 19 2008 1:04 PM EST

okay first as a sidenote, using 130 also yielded same good result as last time so the difference is purely in tempering not hardness as i got same 2.883 increase for hardening.

I used 28 for tempering, which gave an even better result at expense of 1 ba.

NW increase: 24,786 (2K over previous one)
BA used: 34ba/cycle
Cost of ba: 872
Efficiency: 0.836009174

Yay already over 80% efficiency gonna attempt to get better but i'm out of ba again, will post at night.

New Formula (130, 28) 34 ba/cycle

{EQ}Viperboy December 19 2008 7:08 PM EST

(130, 29 is not good), efficiency is less, will tweak a lil more to make sure there isn't a really good one I'm missing.

{EQ}Viperboy December 19 2008 7:16 PM EST

(130, 28.5) its second best, close to best but (130, 28) is better.

Best most effective Formula for MgS is:
(130, 28)
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