strat idea (in General)

Ancient Anubis January 1 2009 7:36 PM EST

1 minion
trains Ablative Shield and Phantom Link


2 minion
trains Giant Strength and Blood Lust

3 minion
trains Haste and Blood Lust

4 minion
trains Vampiric Aura and Blood Lust

Minions 2,3 and 4

BootyGod January 1 2009 7:52 PM EST

Even you couldn't afford the strategy.

PearsonTritonRaveshaw January 1 2009 8:03 PM EST

The most expensive strategy ever.

Ancient Anubis January 1 2009 8:12 PM EST


Ancient Anubis January 1 2009 8:18 PM EST

not a bad strat though if u could pull it off i reckon might need the ros minion to train both AS and AMF or AS and GA

three4thsforsaken January 1 2009 8:19 PM EST

why would less weapons with divided NW be better than one huge weapon? If someone had bid DBs, it'll be that much stronger against this strat. EC will kill this strat, DM would too...

Ancient Anubis January 1 2009 8:34 PM EST

No dm wouldn't due to ros and does ec drain dx and st generated by a spell or is it only trained. I think dm is all that can reduce spell generated st and dx but not sure on that point...

three4thsforsaken January 1 2009 8:39 PM EST

EC will drain it, and RoS won't stop Sut's 11 million DM effect. Trained str is much more boostable than GS str, so in the end you'll probably still end up with less str.

DoS January 1 2009 8:41 PM EST

EC takes DX and STR below 0 so it doesn't matter whether it is trained DX and STR or spell casted.

Dudster4 January 1 2009 10:36 PM EST

this or a little bit different version was the hot thing near the end of cb1.

MissingNo January 1 2009 10:42 PM EST

Yeah. I'm not seeing the point of 4 smaller tanks as opposed to one large super tank.

Ancient Anubis January 2 2009 3:40 AM EST

i wasn't sure how ec intereacted, this was based on if only dm could remove the spell provided stats.
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