A few idea's. (in General)

Kefeck [Demonic Serenity] January 15 2009 3:29 AM EST

1) Allow us to use the RoE with other tats =).

The Roe does not level, its almost by deffinition not a tat or rune. Why penalize us? Plus it'd make things more viable to get that sometimes ever so important exp. concentration.

2) Shorten the time of the ncb.

Hardly any one even finishes a full ncb anymore. Currently its almost impossible to make a serious run the top, if you dont have the 50 million,? or so to purchase ba all the way through.

3) Shake up clans in some way. Give people a reason to be in a clan.

I had a ton of fun, during the whole clan wars thing (even if i was on the recieving end =O). It'd be nice to see more of that. =D.

4) New supporter weapon.

This is long overdue. Lately i've been thinking about a melee weapon that hits all oponents. It'd be like what the SoD is to fireball it would be to Coc.

5) New interface?

No offense, but the cb interface has not changed since 05. Its to plain and needs to be updated. I really like the option to have different themes back in the day. It'd be nice to get that back.

6) Forging.

Needs a boost.

7) Maybe increase the busfactor?

So the changes that are ever so needed, can be taken care of.

Just a few idea's. Let me know what you guys think. Good evening! =D

BootyGod January 15 2009 3:38 AM EST

No to the first two.

Yes to everything else.

three4thsforsaken January 15 2009 3:41 AM EST

A. Big. No. to number 1.

Brakke Bres [Ow man] January 15 2009 3:46 AM EST

I agree to most of the points here except for number one.

Equipping multiple tattoos is always a bad idea. I fear it would become very overpowered very soon.

Increase the busfactor and supporteritem overdue is a good idea. Someone should take the time to sort out the small things and implement some of the bigger things for this website. Currently jon and NS can't free up enough time.

Sickone January 15 2009 3:50 AM EST

I don't get it why people are so opposed to his #1.
I mean, it makes sense - the RoE no longer grants any (noticeable) additional experience (only a token amount of extra XP if named), its only purpose is XP concentration on a single minion.
As a SUPPORTER ITEM tattoo, it's certainly seen an abysmal plunge in "retail value" because of that.

Personally, I wouldn't say we should be able to equip a RoE and another tattoo, it would cause some slight issues.
INSTEAD, change it from a tattoo (RoE) to an amulet (AoE), and all problems are automagically solved >:)

MonkeyMandate [Wasting Time] January 15 2009 4:23 AM EST

no to #1. being able to have a single minion with extra killslos is bad enough, but allowing one of those no exp minions to hold a tatto is just to overpowered.

TheHatchetman January 15 2009 10:38 AM EST

1. Just no.

2. N*B length is fine as is, if even just a little short.

"Currently its almost impossible to make a serious run the top, if you dont have the 50 million,? or so to purchase ba all the way through."

You say this like length has anything to do with the matter :P If anything, the N*B extension actually made it *easier* to purchase all of your BA during a NCB due to the bonus being smaller than it was for longer periods of time (ends up at the same cost in the end, but with the current system, you have 2 extra months to get together all the cash

3. Not sure clans were meant to be the spice of CB or just a way of rewarding active characters, but I'm all for increasing clan interaction. Just not exactly sure how :P

4. Isn't our current supporter item a melee weapon? :P

5. Remember all the flack Jon caught last time he tried changing the UI (In '07/'08 btw)? I'm pretty sure he's going to avoid doing so again unless either he gets absolutely sick of the current one, or it is absolutely necessary to introduce CB into a new medium

6. Yes, but howso? just a direct buff to efficiency? Cycles changed?

7. More programmers/coders = faster fixes to small bugs and whatnot, but likely reduces the amount of *changes* made in CB due to disagreements amongst the bus. More importantly though, this is Jon's game, we just enjoy it ^_^

Solare January 15 2009 11:10 AM EST

1) It's actually not a bad idea if people actually think about it. If you equipped another tattoo along with the RoE, the other tattoo would experience no growth, because it would all go to the minion who has equipped the RoE. I don't see how this is such a bad idea; the RoE doesn't even function to increase xp now that it only redistributes xp, unless a name is given to it (wow, a whole 4% more xp--big deal). It would allow growth to a single minion, while still being able to wear a tattoo or familiar (some people depend on a familiar or tattoo for damage output). This isn't a bad idea at all.

2) I don't see this as a bad idea either, as long as the xp boost is increased to compensate. This would make the NCB a test of dedication to CB, as well as have it cost less money to complete. Not everyone has ~50 million sitting around, so lessening the amount of money it would cost to run one all the way through really isn't such a bad idea. People would still dump all their money into raising one, but they'd actually be able to see results from it.
Some would argue that you can already see results from it, but those who would say this have the money to run one currently. CB, in my opinion, shouldn't be as much about 'who has the most money' and more so, 'who dedicates more time to the game.' Maybe its just me, I dunno...

3) I think clans should be more about dedication, and less about farming to bring down another clans score. Clans are a bit overpowered if certain characters join together, or if too many people who are active join together. I think a cap should be in place to the amount of people and not to the size of the character, as well as increasing the amount of points gained by farming someone inside a clan (making it less possible to be in the negatives after using all, and buying all ones BA). There is a certain point where everyone farms you, and you'll see 850 battles lost under opponents that attacked you--there's no way to make up for that many farms currently, even if you buy all your BA (trust me, when I was at that point, it was impossible). Some would say, change your strat. to lessen the amount attacking you, but for some that's impossible. You should always be able to see a positive integer under your clan score if you use all your BA, in my opinion. I think the current system does need some change.

4) A new supporter item would be fantastic. New things always bring more diversity.

5) A new interface wouldn't be bad, but I'm sure there are more important things that need to be worked on at the moment.

6) I agree, though I've never forged before. I've heard many bad things about it, so it would be nice to see some change to the system.

7) It may be nice to see more things get changed when they need to be. I agree.

Solare January 15 2009 11:14 AM EST

*3) There should also be a limit to size of VPR, but only for the top 5% of characters. This would prevent the 'all the best players banding together' scenario from happening as well.

Solare January 15 2009 11:21 AM EST

*1) Actually, the xp from the tattoo wouldn't go to the minion wearing the RoE, but in all honesty I think it should nullify the tattoos growth if it was worn along side the RoE on a team (if it were possible). That would be fair methinks.
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