KnightWarrior flagged for Credit Risk (in Public Record)

AdminShade February 12 2009 1:03 AM EST

I have had several complaints about this player in the past few weeks and the complaints were all agreeing on 1 thing: the mentality of getting loans to pay for things and getting more loans to pay for other things.

Finally someone, who wishes to be kept anonymous has chat mailed me this:

"Upon seeing his last loan request for the weapon, and him saying he could not pay back his loans unless he got ANOTHER loan, I have decided that I would like to place a credit risk flag on him. That is absolutely ridiculous that this is continuing for so long."

I have put a credit risk flag on KnightWarrior and will not get it off of him until he has paid everybody who he still owes money now.

Guardian February 15 2009 10:01 AM EST

debt is done sir.

Wasp [C and S Forgery Lmtd.] February 15 2009 10:03 AM EST

Not wanting to knock the wind out of your sails but I think debt would include whats in your "KW / (-_-) insta" thread :S

AdminShade February 15 2009 3:04 PM EST

Alright, enough with all the loose talks.

KnightWarrior apparently has paid off all his debts except for the payments to Mojo for the forging. Since that was a continuing job, that's not a problem for me per se.

However after his new insta deal has been paid, and he has not made any other deal which would cause him to owe anyone money I will remove the credit risk.

And regarding the possible multi talks, if you have questions please speak to me _directly_. I'm not going to explain it all in this thread as it is not about it. Also I will delete any off topic talks in this thread to keep it clean. Again, in case of problems, contact me personally please.

AdminShade February 15 2009 3:09 PM EST

Oh, and to be clear. People having no business in this thread as per now (being anyone besides SK or mojo) should not reply in here unless they have proof of having business with him.

Guardian February 25 2009 9:56 AM EST

my debt is gone.

Some admin please clean my name, shade is on some kind of trip this week.

I dont like what was done to me, people with 30 milion debt is not flaged, me that never missed a payment were flaged as risk.

This is not right and not fair.

I need my name clean asap.

AdminNightStrike February 25 2009 11:37 AM EST

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