Alas I have to leave you... but I'm back now ;) (in Public Record)

AdminShade February 20 2009 5:56 AM EST

Alas I have you leave you people for 5 days. I'm going on holiday from Monday to Friday next week.

Take care and don't pass my NCB :p

Brakke Bres [Ow man] February 20 2009 6:02 AM EST

Center Parks!
Don't drink too much will ya? :P

IndependenZ February 20 2009 6:53 AM EST

A week off... nice ;)

Marlfox [Cult of the Valaraukar] February 20 2009 7:40 AM EST

Have fun. :)

Lochnivar February 20 2009 11:19 AM EST

can I have your admin badge while you're gone Shade?

AdminShade February 20 2009 11:28 AM EST

Hehehe, alas I'm not allowed to give you that :p

Guardian February 20 2009 11:30 AM EST

yey !
time for me to grow above Shade \o/

Wasp February 20 2009 12:31 PM EST

Have a good time dude.. Thats another 5 days of NCB your losing though : (

Soul Eater February 20 2009 1:04 PM EST

Hopefully I don't bring down CB while your gone. I'll try really hard not to.

idiotz February 20 2009 5:43 PM EST

/me stalks shade, waiting for his last few seconds in CB before break, to Pwn him.

AdminShade February 22 2009 5:33 PM EST


This will most likely be my last (or before last) post on cb before I'm going. It'll only be a week but still... *sniff* *sniff* :p

Anyway, have a good week and try to behave without me :p

Lochnivar February 22 2009 5:37 PM EST

hey, I already volunteered to make 'them' behave... (mumble mumble mumble)...

{cb1}Linguala February 22 2009 6:04 PM EST

have fun dude

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] February 22 2009 7:09 PM EST

I hope you're going somewhere nice! ;)

TheHatchetman February 22 2009 7:27 PM EST

it's gonna be too bright around CB >.<

AdminShade February 27 2009 3:32 PM EST

I'm baaaaaack :D
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