Say you had some serious medical issues... (in Off-topic)

TheHatchetman February 27 2009 11:34 AM EST

Then one day you pass out cold... Which would you rather see when you woke up?


Lochnivar February 27 2009 11:52 AM EST

dibs on 13 and Cameron

Brakke Bres [Ow man] February 27 2009 12:23 PM EST

I'll take scrubs any day. Damn house kills patients

Andy February 27 2009 12:45 PM EST

House with the sexy girl xD

Lord Bob February 27 2009 12:48 PM EST

The House team.

Fatil1ty February 27 2009 12:51 PM EST

well if it was house I'd be MAD concerned about starbucks getting on/in me.

Wasp February 27 2009 1:01 PM EST

Gotta be the scrubs team... If I'm going anyway I'd rather go out with a laugh!

Ernest-Scribbler February 27 2009 1:31 PM EST

For an unnecessarily sensible answer, i would rather be with the scrubs team as the people in house tend to have something badly messed up going on, or lymes disease.

Rockabilla February 27 2009 2:09 PM EST

scrubs because laughter is the best medicine

Rockabilla February 27 2009 2:10 PM EST

p.s. besides the house people remind me of death with there blank uncaring faces

GnuUzir February 27 2009 2:15 PM EST

I would say scrubs just because if I saw House and team I would know I was in real trouble...

But if I was in "real trouble" I would take House, his character is way more intelligent the the entire scrubs staff put together =P

QBOddBird February 27 2009 2:16 PM EST

House, whether it's who is there to help me or what I am watching before I die.

House is a better dramadoctor, plus it's a far more enjoyable show.

kevlar February 27 2009 2:49 PM EST

Scrubs team. House wouldn't be able to figure out death by beer:


Tyriel [123456789] February 27 2009 3:42 PM EST

"Say you had some serious medical issues..."

House, for sure. He hasn't had *that* many patients die. There was that one old lady (Esther?), and the one Chase made a mistake on, and maybe a couple more that couldn't even be cured anyways...

I'd suffer through the pain of being berated by him, and put through several wrong courses of treatment before finally (hopefully) being cured.

Of course, I've never seen Scrubs, but I don't think I'd trust them as doctors, anyways. The guy that doesn't look like a doctor is always the best doctor, right? :)

idiotz February 27 2009 4:11 PM EST

Team Scrubs. Ftw. :o

Unappreciated Misnomer February 27 2009 4:22 PM EST

i wouldnt put my like in the hands of actors :P

AdminTal Destra [C and S Forgery Lmtd.] February 27 2009 4:29 PM EST

/me would rather see someone trustworthy like Ranger

MentalKat [G6] February 27 2009 5:55 PM EST

House is definitely my answer ..... I really don't see how anyone can enjoy scrubs and yes I have watched it ..... and as for comedy anyone who says scrubs isn't funny hasn't really watched it that much ..... q=-P

QBRanger February 27 2009 6:24 PM EST

Thanks for the vote of confidence Tal.

House is the better clinician, however, his bedside manner is horrible.
And with his other quirks, he would have lost his license to practice years ago.

As a doctor myself, I can not even bear to watch that show it is so unbelievable.

Scrubs, however, makes great fun of itself. But the same schick gets very old and it also is unwatchable.

blackshadowshade February 27 2009 6:30 PM EST

I guess that no one noticed that Chase is holding the ophthalmoscope back to front?

TheHatchetman February 27 2009 8:52 PM EST

doesn't need to be the right way until he's looking into it :P I'm happy that people understood the question at hand and didn't start trying to judge it based on the looks on the faces of the doctors :P

I was originally gonna make it a choice between Dr. House and Dr. Cox... but then I saw the similar-styled group photos and made it a joint effort... Personally, I'd go with Cox, as he actually gives a rat's ooty about his patients ^_^

Daz February 27 2009 10:05 PM EST

Henk Bres 12:23 PM EST
I'll take scrubs any day. Damn house kills patients

I've seen 1 and a half seasons of scrubs and all of house. More people have died in Scrubs so far than in House.

The problem with comparing them is that they are just such different shows. House is a Drama with comedic elements, while Scrubs is a comedy show with drama elements.

Also, given that the question is asking which of the pictures I'd rather see, then I'd go with house, as the Scrubs team look shocked and surprised that I even woke up. The clinical look of the House team feels a bit more reassuring. Although why is House sitting on me?

TheHatchetman February 28 2009 2:57 AM EST

It's an experiment :o

kevlar February 28 2009 5:15 AM EST

Scrubs does Boston

Scrubs does Space Invaders

House = Nil

(turk rulz)
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