An idea to make the MCM worthwhile (in General)

QBRanger March 16 2009 11:04 PM EDT

How about we give the MCM Armor Proficiency?

TheHatchetman March 16 2009 11:05 PM EDT


Soul Eater March 16 2009 11:09 PM EDT

Not gonna happen since it's not a supporter item.

QBRanger March 16 2009 11:10 PM EDT

And why does it need to be a supporter item to happen?

BadFish March 16 2009 11:16 PM EDT

As usual, I will take no sides, but please explain why AP would be good on an armor that gives no penalties.

QBRanger March 16 2009 11:20 PM EDT

Since the McM is essentially worthless now.

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] March 16 2009 11:38 PM EDT

It's usefulness at this point is that it's not total nerfbait like the BoE

QBOddBird March 16 2009 11:40 PM EDT

I still see the TSA as stronger than the BoE for tanks.

I don't see it as excessive for mages, but certainly the best choice out there for them.

I dunno that I'd call it nerfbait yet.

QBRanger March 16 2009 11:42 PM EDT

I do not see the changes to the BOE, when the 8% dex/skill thing is fixed as overly powerful.

I think it will not be changed for a long time.

And as OB stated, the TSA is a far better tank armor.

ScY March 17 2009 1:03 AM EDT

Maybe the MCM can train/grant ability endurance relative it its + ....

Just a thought.

QBOddBird March 17 2009 1:07 AM EDT

Perhaps the MCM could simply have its upgrade curve flattened, so that it is a low base AC armor with an easier upgrade. This makes it more effective against magical damage and less vulnerable to Shocking Grasp, so though it doesn't become *the* choice of armor for everyone, it does become a feasible choice when used properly.

Rawr March 17 2009 1:34 AM EDT

Give it Steel Skin! :D

Flamey March 17 2009 3:07 AM EDT

But then you've also got to consider the MC and the AC. If you make the MCM more useful, the MC will probably become useless, and you boost that, and then why bother with the AC? It'll be a loop.

TheHatchetman March 17 2009 3:15 AM EDT

how can MC become that which it already is? :P

three4thsforsaken March 17 2009 3:18 AM EDT

my MC cries itself to sleep every night...

Flamey March 17 2009 3:21 AM EDT

The MC always had its place for a low penalty Heavy tank, or just a heavy mage.

Goodfish March 17 2009 4:37 AM EDT

I'd much rather use a TSA on a heavy mage, although I do agree that the MC may see some use... if only anybody ever bothered making a low-penalty heavy tank. As it stands, that niche is so small that it's empty.
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