I miss the strat talks I (in General)

three4thsforsaken March 17 2009 11:19 PM EDT

I like talking about strats. And I feel the community does too.

Post a strat. Talk about it.

Currently I'm thinking about junctioning a Hal with a ton of evasion. I don't know what else to do though. I don't want to emphasize AMF cause any 4 minion team can do that, so it's a poor use of my exp concentration. Perhaps I'll go mage on the main minion...hmmm.

lostling March 17 2009 11:23 PM EDT

im still interested to find out what a UC minion junctioning a JKF would do

three4thsforsaken March 17 2009 11:28 PM EDT

what would you expect? Frankly a linear boost to UC wouldn't add half as much damage as BL would, if it works correctly.

lostling March 17 2009 11:30 PM EDT

more UC more evasion :)

AdminTitan [The Sky Forge] March 17 2009 11:34 PM EDT

I was always interested to see what your tank would do. Especially with a large SoD to go along with your BoNE or MoD. I think you could do insane damage. I do like 16M in ranged, and I bet you would have a little more ST, so that would be like 20M damage in ranged, then you would do like 5M or more a round with a BoNE in melee against mages, maybe more. I just think it would be interesting to see how it turned out.

three4thsforsaken March 17 2009 11:34 PM EDT

Plug in the numbers, you're going to have to add quite a bit of UC to get your evasion up significantly. In other words, train evasion if you want to dodge.

Zenai [Ministry of Pain] March 17 2009 11:34 PM EDT

Adding DBs wouldn't hurt

three4thsforsaken March 18 2009 12:34 AM EDT

Being a huge tank would be cool. But it's only fun if you have the weapon to back you up. I don't do USD, I probably can't go tank anytime soon.

blackshadowshade March 18 2009 4:28 AM EDT

The problem with training more evasion on a UC minion/JKF is the half effectiveness when not matched by DX.

lostling March 18 2009 5:13 AM EDT

i've been thinking about a really cheap pure tank killer =x

variant 1
single minion
HP(max) BL(base) AMF(small) VA(enough) (with or without VA)

MH(base x with as many + as you want)

variant 2
single minion
HP(max) BL(base) AMF(small) VA(enough) (with or without VA)

Corn ROBF or Familiar SBs SOC
MH(base x with as many + as you want)

varient 3
single minion
HP(max) BL(base) AMF(small) VA(base)

MH(base x with as many + as you want)

it would be interesting

Flamey March 18 2009 5:38 AM EDT

1. How is it going to work with base weapons?

2. Again base + VA, what good would it do?

3. RoS would be protecting the base VA?

lostling March 18 2009 7:42 AM EDT

SOC is the core of the strat :) ROS would be boosting the VA slightly... so would the corn and sbs

AdminTitan [The Sky Forge] March 18 2009 9:52 PM EDT

Bump, because I enjoy talking about strats.

three4thsforsaken March 18 2009 10:23 PM EDT

SoC as a principle damage dealer isn't very good. Not even as a tank killer.

Optimistically you'll be only adsorbing 15% damage from the SoC and still taking the other 85% percent to the chest. You might not even survive the next round to unload all that damage, which is still significantly less than what you've taken. And at the same time you're giving the opponent at least one extra round of attacking against you.

And lets say you are able to survive to unload, chances are you'll be running straight into some sort of wall or kill slot. Not even the damage dealer. It doesn't matter how much damage you do if you aren't even making it to the damage dealer.

You're not the first one who has suggested this to me, Nem is a little obsessed with the SoC. I've had to point out it's inefficiency on more than on occasion. SoC is a alright secondary damage dealer. Not the only damage dealer.

Oh and if you're going to say that VA and MH drain is going to keep you alive. I've plugged in a few numbers. It wont.

lostling March 18 2009 10:29 PM EDT

actually it does =x and its VERY useful :) not that i say that my strat is godlike... but it would be fun =x +25 is pretty cheap btw... and at 40% from VA and 20% from leech lol 60% leech

lostling March 18 2009 10:31 PM EDT

40% pure HP is pretty much enough to get anyone to melee

and we are talking like 80% pure HP...

and depending on variant regen from TSA

three4thsforsaken March 18 2009 10:36 PM EDT

whoo 60% leech. But remember that's still only a percentage of what you're taking. What you deal is only a small percentage of what you take, and then the percentage you regain is only a small percentage of what you deal.

Small percent of a small percent is a tiny percent.

For a specialist strat, this isn't good enough. A specialist strat should aim to challenge people with significant MPR and NW advantage at the cost of being majorly farmed.

Anyone who does this will be majorly farmed with little ability to challenge up.

AdminTitan [The Sky Forge] March 18 2009 10:45 PM EDT

"40% pure HP is pretty much enough to get anyone to melee"

This is not even close to true with me unless they have ungodly amount of AC or a ToE. I do anywhere from 12-14M damage in 6 rounds of ranged, and I know there are other archers, Hals, and MMs who do the same. 13M x 2.5 = 32.5M total levels. That's more levels than almost anyone in the game has, maybe everyone.
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