What reduces Decay damage? (in General)

Colonel Custard April 11 2009 9:42 AM EDT

Isn't Decay supposed to hit for 1/2 of target's HP always? I was under that impression, but a fightlog from today suggests differently.

My Decay hit a target for somewhere in the 30k range. Assuming it was hitting for half the target's HP, he should only have 30k-ish HP left after that hit. My UC minion followed this up with two quick blows for 50k each, which should easily have finished him off, and yet he was not dead at the end of the round. There was no TSA or PL involved.

My Decay was AMFed at .89, and I wonder if that has anything to do with it.

AdminShade April 11 2009 9:50 AM EDT

AMF reduces the damage Decay does I think.

Solare April 11 2009 9:51 AM EDT

If it was AMF'd then it will hit for the % not affected * the amount it was supposed to hit for. So, if a target has 100000 HP, it would hit for 50000, but if you were AMF'd for 75%, it will hit for 1/4 of 50000 or 12500.

QBRanger April 11 2009 9:58 AM EDT

AMF is the only thing that I know that reduces decays damage.

One nice trick people use is equipping NS on the decay mage to get some damage to high HP minions.

AC and the MgS do not reduce decay damage.

Colonel Custard April 11 2009 5:29 PM EDT

So if it's AMFed at .89, it does 11% of original damage, or 5.5% of opponent's remaining HP? So a base Decay with the largest pair of named NSCs in the game would only do damage equaling about 7.5% of enemy HP? That's not that cool. It's like I have to train it or something.

QBRanger April 11 2009 5:34 PM EDT


Something like that.

However 7.5% of 5M hp is over 350k. Not too shabby for a spell costing 6.3k xp.

Also remember AMF backlash can never kill a decay enchanter. But GA can.

A base decay with NS works great on a 20 hp enchanter.
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