Wacky bonus times for forging! (in General)

AdminTal Destra May 9 2009 10:51 AM EDT

Why not make it so like money time you pay less forge fees...
and with exp time you get better RPMs...

when its money time you get cheaper forge fees but less RPMs and when its exp time you get better RPMs but higher forge fees...

any opinions?

AdminShade May 9 2009 10:55 AM EDT

been there done that, has been though of lots of times but it's hugely imbalanced :)

Sickone May 9 2009 10:56 AM EDT

Wouldn't really work, because of the way forging works.
Think of a huge upgrade, you could work weeks on one point, but the fees are charged on a single BA use when the upgrade point increases.

AdminShade May 9 2009 11:02 AM EDT

+RPM times along with +fees = overpowered imo.

you'd start something in +RPM time and finish it in -fees time ;)

AdminTal Destra May 9 2009 11:04 AM EDT

Just a tiny boost nothing huge or consequential, but we forgers need some kind of bonus, I mean we slave over your items all day in a hot forge and we would like something...

QBRanger May 9 2009 11:11 AM EDT

Just increase the RPMs per cycle in money time, lower it in xp time.

No change to forge fees.

However, this has been proposed numerous times, with no changes so far.

AdminNemesia [Demonic Serenity] May 9 2009 11:27 AM EDT

Personally I think that forgers should get their own invisible forging MPR which grows as they forge NW as if NW were exp. It is based upon regular MPR and just added to it to determine the forging efficiency.

Brakke Bres [Ow man] May 9 2009 11:29 AM EDT

meh just increase the overall rpm's or just lower or get rid of the fees!

Sickone May 9 2009 12:44 PM EDT

Or both, and also make all items forgeable ;)

[P]Mitt May 9 2009 1:00 PM EDT

Shade's right. Don't lower have a "lower fees" time. I'm currently working on a $12M upgrade (for 1 point) which is 1.8M in forge fees. I just finished an 8M upgrade (for 1 point) which was 1.2M in forge fees. Lowering the fees just for an hour would be imbalanced.

smallpau1 - Go Blues [Lower My Fees] May 9 2009 1:29 PM EDT

I still don't see the problem with at least 1. Raise RPM Efficiency, 2. Lower RPM Efficiency. Or even the 10+ other ideas that WOULD work. But yes, the OP's idea would not work, imbalanced.

QBOddBird May 9 2009 1:49 PM EDT

Been suggested a hundred times before, been ignored a hundred times before. I've given up hope on anyone giving forging an improvement. :(

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