Going from 1 minion to 2 minions... help me! :$ (in General)

AdminShade May 22 2009 7:27 AM EDT

I currently have 1 minion, and it will remain 1 minion until I hit 3 mil MPR or my NCB runs out.

I will then enlist my second minion, which brings me to my first point of reasoning:

Enlist for $55,452,117 giving it 18,484,039 EXP or ~1.54m levels
Enlist for $22,180,846 giving it 4,436,169 EXP or ~370k levels

Which option to choose from?

Second point of reasoning is as followed. I then have 2 minions:

Minion 'old' with:
Evasion raw level: 1,800,000 Effect: 121 (this is in play by play!)
Dispel Magic raw level: 4,000,000
Ablative Shield raw level: 8,000,000

and minion 'new' with free experience, most likely mostly spent into DM. I would then be able to switch around say 1 mil level DM into AS, but I am still unsure on what to do exactly.

Question 2: what to train on the new minion to augment my basic strategy?

Which leads me to reasoning 3: Which items to be using. At this moment I have the following equipped:

Named Amulet of Focus [0] (+12)
Named pair of Boots of Fortitude [12] (+28)
Named pair of Noldorin Spellcasters [0] (+15)
Named Cornuthaum [0] (+10)
Named Steel Familiar lvl 5,569,547
A 2008 CB T-shirt [1]

On my new minion I am not yet sure what to put. I had thought something like this:

Amulet of Junction
Named pair of Boots of Fortitude (the ones I have already)
Named pair of Noldorin Spellcasters
Helmet of Clearsight
Named Steel Familiar (the one I have)
A 2007 CB T-shirt (or 2008 version whichever fits best)

and then put the following additional on my biggest old minion:

A Breastplate of Expertise
A pair of Elven Gloves
An Elven Cloak
Either a pair of Elven boots or a pair of Displacement Boots (or Spellboosters but I somehow find them a bit lame possibly)

Question: What should I put on my minions? The things is, BoF's only work on 1st minion or do they only work on minions behind it? I had want to put my old minion in front, because of the Evasion...

Sickone May 22 2009 9:01 AM EDT

1. Want to keep it (as in, not start another NCB run later) and CB$ isn't *that* much of an issue ? Go with the expensive option for sure.

2. HP+GA or HP+Phantom link... or, if you're feeling particularly crazy, GA+Phantom link. Or, if you go with a leadership guy, Evasion+DX.

3. Leadership stuff (BoF, AoL) only work when equipped on the first live minion, and only have an effect on the OTHER live minions (the one wearing them is not affected).

AdminShade May 22 2009 9:59 AM EDT

Also, say I have +100 DB's and put them on my Evasion minion. The added levels would make it about a 137 Evasion in combat

AdminShade May 22 2009 10:01 AM EDT

1. Want to keep it?

Yes, I definitely want to keep it. I've spent much too much cash on buying BA already so I won't be starting a new NCB any time soon...

QBRanger May 22 2009 10:49 AM EDT

Seems you have a good idea of what to do.

I would go with DM on the new minion. When it is high enough, unlearn DM on the other and boost your AS to the moon.

As to placement of minions and items, it is testing that will do the trick for you.

On the minion using the tattoo:


On the main enchanter:

and any other gear you want.

The BoF only works if on the very first minion.

AdminShade May 22 2009 11:13 AM EDT

I have a pretty nice Evasion on my main enchanter though. Wouldn't it sound natural to put that on in front?

On the other hand, I could unlearn it completely, put BoF's on my new enchanter and put some PL on my main enchanter to have the first one live a bit longer.

I could make my Familiar then spawn in between both minions to guard it from both sides.

QBRanger May 22 2009 11:56 AM EDT

yes, put the evasion minion in front and wear BoF on it. Test that vs EBs.

Make the familiar spawn between the 2 minions, certainly.

AdminShade May 22 2009 5:11 PM EDT

Alright to sum things up and make a new start where to begin from:

'old' minion, put up front:
Training Evasion (to ~150 effect) + Ablative Shield + remnants of Dispel Magic

A named Amulet of Focus
A Breastplate of Expertise
An Elven Cloak (still need to acquire)
A named pair of Boots of Fortitude
A pair of Elven Gloves (also still need these)
A named Cornuthaum
A 2007 CB T-shirt

'new' minion (enlisted with most expensive option, put at the back, behind the Familiar:
Training Dispel Magic:

Amulet of Junction
Spellboosters (will need to acquire these)
A named pair of Noldorin Spellcasters
Helm of Clearsight
A named Steel Familiar
A 2008 CB T-shirt

So far so good, any remarks?

QBRanger May 22 2009 6:56 PM EDT

Looks good.

The only "bad" thing is the corn takes a large hit from the evasion.

Otherwise it looks solid.

AdminShade May 22 2009 7:01 PM EDT

True, the Cornuthaum does have a 10% penalty towards my Evasion. On the other hand, it does now also, and adding EG's and EC would greatly improve it.

If I'd use EG's +14 and EC +11 then I'd have +15% to my Evasion which I now do not have. Adding in the BoE this will become 23% bonus even. :)

QBRanger May 22 2009 7:03 PM EDT

I agree you have to use a corn.

AdminShade May 24 2009 4:54 PM EDT

Anyone else have a reasoning about this?
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