anybody play WoW (in Off-topic)

bensonp May 24 2009 4:39 PM EDT

don't post if u don't play

Rawr May 24 2009 4:39 PM EDT

Yes sir!

TheCakeIsTheTruth May 24 2009 4:40 PM EDT


AdminTal Destra May 24 2009 6:00 PM EDT

yes, but i doubt we will ever play together

FailBoat[SG] [Forever Alone] May 24 2009 6:33 PM EDT

What he said.

Burton May 24 2009 6:35 PM EDT

No I don't play.

Oh wait...Was I supposed to post this?

Fate May 24 2009 6:39 PM EDT

i do im on illidan, spinebreaker and shadowmoon. horde of course

Soul Eater May 24 2009 7:40 PM EDT

I used to, but chose to have a life outside of wow and I quit.

BootyGod May 24 2009 8:03 PM EDT

I play, from time to time.

Undead Mage on Exodar (US Server)

I know too many people who play WoW and have a life to believe it's as soul draining as people believe it is. Or, better to say, if it's draining your life, then maybe it's an issue with you, and not the game.

Fate May 24 2009 8:07 PM EDT

i only play one day a week

FailBoat[SG] [Forever Alone] May 24 2009 8:25 PM EDT

Warlord GogetaSS4 7:40 PM EDT
I used to, but chose to have a life outside of wow and I quit.

Played for the last five years, I have a wife and am working on help create a small web development company. Not really that hard to play and have a life.

QBRanger May 24 2009 9:04 PM EDT

I hear it is a Time Vampire.

So I do not play.

Soul Eater May 24 2009 9:12 PM EDT

Well I was addicted and it was all I wanted to do. It was keeping me from doing things I should be doing.

Demigod May 24 2009 9:21 PM EDT

I actually avoided playing WoW just for that reason. I think I would spend way too much time on it.

Tyriel [123456789] May 24 2009 9:37 PM EDT

"I know too many people who play WoW and have a life to believe it's as soul draining as people believe it is. Or, better to say, if it's draining your life, then maybe it's an issue with you, and not the game."

WoW has several qualities that make it addictive. That, combined with certain personal qualities, is what makes it 'soul draining'.

For some examples (I've never played it myself, so feel free to prove me wrong here), it takes quite a while to level up. Raids are going on often and for extended periods of time. Clans (I assume they're called clans in WoW) can sometimes be very demanding, or at the very least much more encouraging of high activity.

All of these things encourage people to play often for extended periods of time. Combine that with the fact that teens are more likely to lose track of time, procrastinate on other tasks, stay up late, etc., and you have 'soul drain'.

You can't say that being addicted to something is entirely the person's fault. If it was, there wouldn't be such a thing as an addictive substance or activity.

That all being said, I haven't played WoW myself. My life is already being drained enough by other things, and there are some things which I really should be doing but am not.

FailBoat[SG] [Forever Alone] May 24 2009 10:27 PM EDT

They're called guilds and, if you put your nose to the grindstone, it takes 36 hours to go from 1-80.

Rawr May 24 2009 10:28 PM EDT

I do not believe that one can make it from 1-80 in 36hours.

Admindudemus [jabberwocky] May 24 2009 10:32 PM EDT

i have had a mmorpg subscription in some game for the last eleven years.

all of the various ones i have played have various levels of play from the completely casual hour or two a week to the hardcore 8 or more hours a day. it is really up to you how much you play and how far you want to go with them...just like cb actually.

moderation in many aspects of life is something we all have to learn. likewise though, knowing when the temptation will be too great and choosing abstinence is a noble trait as well, so happy gaming!


FailBoat[SG] [Forever Alone] May 24 2009 10:39 PM EDT

Rawr 10:28 PM EDT
I do not believe that one can make it from 1-80 in 36hours.

It is possible. And I'm not even talking about a RAF'd account.

I got my latest alt from 1-80 in 42hrs but I take my time with things.

Rawr May 24 2009 10:49 PM EDT

How is it possible?

Rawr May 24 2009 10:50 PM EDT

the 3x xp bonus isn't enough for that..

FailBoat[SG] [Forever Alone] May 24 2009 10:53 PM EDT

There is a ...trick, to levelling toons up faster. And you can get a RAF'd character to 60 in under three hours.

Canibus May 24 2009 11:16 PM EDT

Its an ok game to play casually, when I played more hardcore back then I got annoyed about so many people who thought they were powergamers when outa many of blizz games (the RTS's naturally) WoW is probably one of those which is the least skill based :)

Ragatag May 24 2009 11:33 PM EDT

i use to play, but i avoid all MMOs now

Canibus May 24 2009 11:49 PM EDT

Decent and simple browser based games in combination with poker is the way to go, its a good while since I played something else than text based and/or java at best based browser games :) CB is still a very good game. Oh, and everyone join the CB poker tourney mentioned in another thread ;)

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] May 25 2009 6:53 PM EDT

Or you can just start a DK at 55 and cut out most of the tedious leveling. ;)

I'm not playing WoW atm, only due to computer issues (My desktop fried in the move, and my Laptop isn't good enough. Maly hit me once and cuased my graphics driver to fail...).

It can be as time consuming, or a casual as you want.

My Dad plays WoW, he's retired. He has one of every Class at 80 (or close enough that he's wokring on), but doesn't Raid or go to Instancies. He part of our Guild, but prefers exploring, grinding, the economics of the Auction House and making stuff with professions (or just chilling for a while fishing) while enjoying Guild Chat.

It's replaced the social interaction he lost when he retired.

Our Guild Raids, but socially. I set one night a week away for Raiding, and Claire plans accordingly.

Some guys I know Raid every night of the week, and it's thier entire social structure.

Each to thier own, and one of the reasons WoW has done so well. It's so diverse you can skim in for a couple of hours a couple of nights a week, or set yourself up with rations and a commode and play till you pass out.

The leveling isn't hard at all, even new to the game.

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] May 25 2009 6:55 PM EDT

"There is a ...trick, to levelling toons up faster."

Poor old Athene. lol. ;)

Jen-Nay May 28 2009 4:17 PM EDT

I play Wow. (Darkspear and Deathwing)
80-Paladin (alliance) Jasperline
80-Hunter (alliance) Rose (funny thing over the O)
80-Priest (alliance) Nocontact
66-DK (alliance) Tallynde (don't ask)
63-Mage (horde) Chicklets

I would like to think I manage my time quite well, especially with everything I am going through, my characters are QUITE the mess, but they can do just about anything needed. At the moment, the computer I am on, Uludar would just look at me and I'd crash. It's alright though, I more play for the social interaction and the friends I've made through it. You just either learn to control your time, or don't play at all.

PearsonTritonRaveshaw May 28 2009 4:32 PM EDT

So what's the trick to leveling up to 80 in 42 hours?

[SIBT]Gardiner Amarth May 28 2009 4:32 PM EDT

I do not play WoW. I have friends that I don't talk to much anymore because of their WoW playing.

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] May 28 2009 4:42 PM EDT

If you tag a mob (be the first to hit it/agro it), and other people not in your party kill it, you get the full XP.

So people used to use this to boost alts. Get a couple of high level mates, you run around and tag everything, they one shot them all, you profit.

Athene (checking with a GM beforehand) took this one stage further, and made it work in an Instance. Basically, leave party, tag mobs, Party kills mobs within a minute, you rejoin party before Instance boots you out.

Blizz didn't like the fact (even though a GM gave it legitimacy prior to use) hat it took Athene something stupid like 18 hours to get from 70 to 80 at the release of Wrath, so popped up and gave him a temporary ban for abusing mechnics one bar away from level 80...


FailBoat[SG] [Forever Alone] May 28 2009 4:47 PM EDT

That method still partially works. But you can also just follow a levelling guide, not touch tradeskills till 80 and only run instances when you have all the quests and someone is running you through that once to get a quest done.

Daz May 28 2009 10:22 PM EDT

Anyone on Jubei'Thos? Horde for preference :D

{CB1}Sparticus [Screwed Justice] May 28 2009 11:00 PM EDT

Nope, I play Perfect World International- Heavenstear Server lvl 73 Archer. I like the fact its free. but I can invest in gold for items if I want.

Untouchable May 29 2009 1:25 AM EDT

i dont believe in WoW

Genius [MoneyTalks] May 29 2009 7:16 AM EDT

I'm on Jubei'thos...but I'm on alliance :P. Small world eh?

AdminShade May 29 2009 7:22 AM EDT

I'm not posting.

Marlfox [Cult of the Valaraukar] May 29 2009 7:23 AM EDT

Obligatory: "You just posted."

SimplyNic May 29 2009 7:57 AM EDT

Yea I play. One character tho.
Level 80 Night Elf Death knight - Ashtrael on the Shu'Halo server.

Conan May 29 2009 8:46 AM EDT

I'm playing on Elune (Eu server) Ally

I don't that much time to play since I changed of job so my main char is only 76 (Kleya - feral druid)
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