damage layers? (in General)

lostling May 25 2009 9:22 PM EDT

can someone link me to the page? i cant seem to find it anywhere anymore... if i remember correctly AMF affects first then MGS and SOC affect the damage next... or something

Tyriel [123456789] May 25 2009 9:30 PM EDT

It doesn't matter what order it all applies, except for the small flat reduction granted by AC.

x * 0.95 * 0.1 = x * 0.1 * 0.95

I believe it used to be listed on the Armor page, though.

lostling May 25 2009 9:40 PM EDT

ic... but what are the different layers?

three4thsforsaken May 25 2009 11:53 PM EDT

AMF first, MgS second, then AC.
I know AMF is first because it used to be pre-ToE.

The link was probably deleted because it was unnecessary.
SoC probably has to effect it last because its adsorption is based on damage taken. Not potential damage taken.

Cube May 26 2009 12:29 AM EDT

It's all multiplicative, doesn't matter.

Colonel Custard May 26 2009 12:40 AM EDT

SoC damage is applied before AC. It absorbs damage out of the pre-reduction hit.

three4thsforsaken May 26 2009 12:41 AM EDT

well that's nice to know. Even Pre-ToE?

Cube May 26 2009 12:42 AM EDT

Forgot about that point^

Other than that the order doesn't matter.

AdminShade May 26 2009 1:33 AM EDT

Cube: Mage Shield magic damage is applied before normal AC also afaik. so order does matter

Wizard'sFirstRule May 26 2009 3:12 AM EDT

I thought the only one that matters is SoC retaliation.

AdminNemesia [Demonic Serenity] May 26 2009 4:10 AM EDT

SoC is pre-ToE reduction. It is the first reduction applied, Same as MgS

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] May 26 2009 5:19 AM EDT

As far as I remember it's;

1) AMF
2) SoC/MGS
3) Direct AC
4) Percentage AC
5) ToE (And I suppose the RoBF here as well now)

Cube May 26 2009 10:13 AM EDT

'Cube: Mage Shield magic damage is applied before normal AC also afaik. so order does matter'

Unless you are talking about the direct reduction by AC, it actually doesn't matter.

.8*.7 = .7*.8

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] May 26 2009 2:16 PM EDT

Ignoring the tiny amount from direct AC, it used to matter for Endrance thresholds, now it only matters for SoC abosption (as mentioned above). I only listed what I recall as the order for clarity and in case of any future changes. ;)
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