Hooray, I have a top 10 NW ELBow :) (in General)

Sickone May 26 2009 3:25 PM EDT

Well, it is #10 NW, at least for now, if nobody takes it over any time soon... it finally managed to beat the former #10 spot (a TOURNAMENT bow, by the way, heh).
Ah, I remember it since the baby days of barely "An Elven Long Bow [6x1] (+0)", grown slowly over many months, eating up nearly every CB$ earned so far :)

Yeah, probably not worth a thread, but... so proud of the lil' bugger, all grown up now *sniff*.

Admindudemus [jabberwocky] May 26 2009 3:26 PM EDT


Mesoshort May 26 2009 3:27 PM EDT

-applauds and pats you on the back- Nice job, well done! =P

Now wanna sell it to me? =P Just messing with ya hehe

QBRanger May 26 2009 3:40 PM EDT

How much + does your TOA give you?

Sickone May 26 2009 7:44 PM EDT

+124 right now

Sickone May 26 2009 7:46 PM EDT

A Tattoo of Augmentation lvl 4,335,339
NW: $78,619,037 ; /3 = 26,206,345 NW into the + part of the bow
which translates to +124 right now

Sickone May 26 2009 7:55 PM EDT

I thought I'd bring up my ELB to around 8550 or so, then I'd work on my ELS afterwards (not equipped, it's still an x1 weapon right now - I'd consider equipping it when I get it to at least x1000 or so)... you know, just so the ToA would be "doubly effective" since it raises both weapon's plus by the same NW, and I get to not lose 60% of my DX in melee afterwards :D

DoS May 26 2009 8:12 PM EDT

I suggest saving soMe cash And having a forger forge another of the big five weapons then just trAnsforming it back to an els

Cube May 26 2009 10:26 PM EDT

Do you lose to anyone because of evasion?

Sickone May 27 2009 2:16 AM EDT

I couldn't say I lose to anybody of similar size *just* due to evasion (in spite of the fact my dexterity is also appalingly low, just the one granted by the ToA).
If anything, my main weakness is the fact I can kill at most one target per round while receiving full damage from everybody (since I'm a single minion with relatively light AC, not very impressive HP and no other damage reduction means).
I did gain a lot of targets though when I removed all DX, some ST and HP and put it all into DM., but I might have exagerated with my DM (it's 6 mil raw levels), probably half of that would have been sufficient against most targets I'm fighting, with the rest into HP/ST (maybe even leaving some additional DX).

Sickone May 27 2009 2:22 AM EDT

The only person of lower PR that beats me (Trachal DelArmgo) has both a Jigorokano Familiar and an Enforcer's Crossbow, on top of having EC trained. All other sucessful attackers have noticeably more MPR/PR.
Granted, I most likely would get attacked by more people if I was part of a clan, so I'd probably get beaten by other characters lower in PR/MPR... but still...

AdminNemesia [Demonic Serenity] May 27 2009 9:29 AM EDT

I can beat you with my JKF. But its not entirely reliable yet. Give me another 50-100k mpr and you will be on my fight list SickOne.

AdminNemesia [Demonic Serenity] May 27 2009 9:37 AM EDT

Good Job on that ELB BTW, it is one of the hardest hitting one I have faced so far.
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