Evasion vs BL + DB (in General)

MonkeyMandate [Wasting Time] May 27 2009 9:21 AM EDT

I was wondering for a melee tank whether it was worth it to switch to training evasion instead of BL and equiping DB's. The reasoning behind this is as follows,

- assuming that the information in the evasion spreadsheet is still accurate, for the amount of BL that i have trained i could have around a 158 evasion. combine that with my +31 eb's and were looking at around 178.
- with my current char, and the char that my NCB will turn into, i will have to survive until melee to do my damage. as such ranged teams and hals will be my biggest problem, as i won't be using my exbow as my main ranged weapon
- as such i will also be exposed to being hit in melee, for some actual damage which is not looking cool
- i don't have the money that it would require to increase my DB's to the same level that i could by training evasion.

i was wondering if any who read and understood that had any ideas, on whether for a two minion team, that uses a melee tank whether evasion could be better than BL.

i know it has the following drawbacks of basically doing a whole lot less damage (with the ELS the same damage as a Morg with full BL basically), and i would probably have to train VA as well.

Cube May 27 2009 9:54 AM EDT

Considering the ranged bonuses it could be worth it. Talion does it.

QBRanger May 27 2009 10:47 AM EDT

How about evasion + EBs?

More AC vs mages.

Admindudemus [jabberwocky] May 27 2009 11:12 AM EDT

evasion plus can still do wonders for physical damage reduction. what you find at the top though is that there aren't many pure physical damage teams.

you see many more hybrid damage, robf and magic teams up top. of course that can all change quickly but that has been my experience with this team so far.

QBRanger May 27 2009 11:20 AM EDT

Certainly as Dudemus states.

The EBs also give AC and a boost to your evasion.

Depending on the + of the DBs, the EB boost may actually give you more effective evasion.

Also, EBs are cheaper than high + DBs. So less ENC if that matters. The money part may certainly matter a lot.

Cube May 27 2009 1:49 PM EDT

Unless you're loaded, stick with EBs.

MonkeyMandate [Wasting Time] May 27 2009 7:07 PM EDT

yes that was why i was thinking of going this way, as my db's aren't that great, whilst my eb's basically give me an increase of a third of trained stats.

QBRanger May 27 2009 7:20 PM EDT

The EBs will do multiple things:

1) Increase dexterity, which helps on tank vs tank battles

2) Increase skills. Training evasion will certainly help in tank vs tank battles and vs the exbow. It also may increase your evasion much more than +100 DBs depending on your trained level. Higher DBs are quite expensive.

3) Give AC. +30 DBs will give about 5% magical damage reduction and about 7% vs tanks.

I think if you train evasion to over 1M levels, EBs are much better than DBs unless the DBs are extremely high +.
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