I guess Im hooked again!! thanks Jon (in General)

Shark May 30 2009 7:32 AM EDT

hey Im having some fun here and I bought me some stuff from the special items category woot!!..so thanks Jon for sending me that free CB T shirt that got me interested , again..once an addict always an addict..you just deal with it..just hope my little minion gets better..he getting beat up :)

QBRanger May 30 2009 8:45 AM EDT

It is why I keep coming back.

Admindudemus [jabberwocky] May 30 2009 8:47 AM EDT


QBOddBird May 30 2009 10:03 AM EDT

glad to have you back landshark :D


AdminShade May 31 2009 8:51 AM EDT

Glad to have you back Shark, enjoy your stay here :)

Shark May 31 2009 8:32 PM EDT

I tryin to get me some good stuff now..I got CB fever!!! :)
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