Anyone else not seeing messages for drop? (in General)

QBRanger June 12 2009 8:37 AM EDT

I won the lottery once, but at that time did not remember seeing any message saying whatever it does.

In chat, someone else stated the same thing.

So anyone else who won the CB lottery not get a message? Or did we truly not see the message that was there?

Admindudemus [jabberwocky] June 12 2009 8:48 AM EDT

it is pretty easy to miss as it is the exact color and placement of the comatose opponent message.

i tend to think it should just be integrated with a botcheck page so that we have to pause long enough to notice it!

QBsutekh137 June 12 2009 8:56 AM EDT

When I got mine, it was a banner above everything else that looked like nothing else I have ever seen before. Obviously, though, I was playing on full screen. On my iPhone, I would not have seen it, since I have the screen bigger to get to the "Fight" link, and that makes the top of the page non-visible.

If the background of the result screen were turned green or something, that would be noticeable, and I like the botcheck idea, too (just make sure you don't HAVE to get the botcheck right to get the loot! *smile*)

Thak June 12 2009 9:33 AM EDT

Is it really that big of a deal ranger if it is seen or not.
Just simply check your inventory after you go through your BA.

I think more of a concern would be to tweak the 20% cash loss.

QBsutekh137 June 12 2009 10:11 AM EDT

Some people have a lot of stuff in inventory, Thak. The whole drop scheme is essentially just tedium, unless you really, really need the thing getting dropped (not all that likely for a long-time player with a lot of gear).

And as far as wanting to switch back to straight cash, I think Ranger has been doing his best to push that, too, (and I agree) so you're sort of preaching to the choir...

Thak June 12 2009 10:18 AM EDT

Its not that i want it back to a straight cash system. I like the idea of the drop system just think it needs some tweaking from its implementation.

Yeah i see where you are coming from with the alot of eq in their inventory.

AdminShade June 12 2009 10:41 AM EDT

I haven't seen such a message either, though I have not been lucky enough to get a drop either :p

Admindudemus [jabberwocky] June 12 2009 10:55 AM EDT

if we make the drops have a botcheck perhaps they could all say iwin! ; )

smallpau1 - Go Blues [Lower My Fees] June 12 2009 11:47 AM EDT

Why not make it like an actual game where there are normal drops as well as rares. THe normal drops you could just sell to the store for profit, that would be the way the store stays full for new players, instead of spawning straight to store. This would mean bigger inventory limits. But it would help with higher rewards everyones complaining about, giving them a little bit more of a cash flow, they just need to go sell all the normal items, they cant sell in auctions, to the store.

GnuUzir June 12 2009 11:49 AM EDT

I'd rather not have to sell 30 Heaumes to the store, just seems like a waste of time...

smallpau1 - Go Blues [Lower My Fees] June 12 2009 12:08 PM EDT

even if that means, 30 * $5k = $150,000?

GnuUzir June 12 2009 12:23 PM EDT


QBsutekh137 June 12 2009 1:02 PM EDT

I'm with Gnu. Why have more drops and force people to periodically sell stuff when you could just increase cash rewards back to where they were?

I wouldn't rate selling stuff to the store as an exciting gameplay element, so there is no point to it.

QBsutekh137 June 12 2009 4:08 PM EDT

Looks like CMs happen now along with the post-battle message -- I just got an Enforcers crossbow, and then had a system chatmail about it. Did we know this and I just missed it, or has NightStrike been busy? *smile*

GnuUzir June 12 2009 4:27 PM EDT

Woo Yay NS!

Admindudemus [jabberwocky] June 12 2009 4:31 PM EDT


Mikel June 12 2009 5:25 PM EDT

Cool! well at least for once I get one, I have no unequipped items on my character anyways :(

Burton June 12 2009 5:27 PM EDT

I couldn't tell you if I see the message or not because I have yet to find anything from the lottery. And now I see why you gave it that name Ranger.
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