What will Shade's MPR be at June 18th cont. (in Contests)

AdminShade June 16 2009 2:48 PM EDT

What will my MPR be when my NCB ends?

(And will I be in the 6/20 zone when my NCB ends?)
My NCB will run out on June 18th.

Current prize money: $750k!

AdminShade June 17 2009 11:51 AM EDT

MPR: 3,154,870

I guess Gandalf also loses, sorry about that ^_^

AdminShade June 17 2009 2:39 PM EDT

MPR: 3,154,870

Mitt is really close, but if I go over it, he might lose! O.0

AdminShade June 17 2009 3:39 PM EDT


Those who want to influence my Experience which I will train are welcome to attack and lose against me from now until in 8 hours time! :p

AdminShade June 17 2009 3:50 PM EDT

d'oh, made a mistake in copy paste.

MPR: 3,162,817

This means if I gain less than 10k Mitt wins and if I gain more than 10k he will lose.

I'm not sure any more if tomorrow my NCB will end or Friday at cache flush...

AdminShade June 18 2009 1:27 AM EDT

PR / MPR : 4,623,645 / 3,168,112

just in case, I now have only 7k exp which isn't making any difference.

AdminShade June 18 2009 3:58 AM EDT

PR / MPR : 4,625,518 / 3,169,435

{WW]Nayab [Cult of the Valaraukar] June 18 2009 4:00 AM EDT

Poor Mitt. Looks like Artemis has won.

AdminShade June 18 2009 4:02 AM EDT

Score 4,910,791
Power 4,625,802
MPR 3,169,647

winner winner June 18 2009 10:39 AM EDT

Badfish is going to win.

AdminShade June 18 2009 3:27 PM EDT

PR / MPR : 4,639,818 / 3,179,489

Sorry Mitt, you also lose.

QBOddBird June 18 2009 4:00 PM EDT

Hehe, yep, that looks like Badfish's 750k!

AdminShade June 19 2009 1:29 AM EDT

PR / MPR : 4,652,359 / 3,188,213
Experience: 326

I guess this is it. got to go work now, maybe can spend a few BA there but not much...

[P]Mitt June 19 2009 1:34 AM EDT

Oh well, it was close :)

Congrats, Shade!

winner winner June 19 2009 6:18 AM EDT

wouldn't I win? Since Shade's MPR went over Badfish's guess?

blackshadowshade June 19 2009 6:21 AM EDT

I'm not part of this competition, but I think that it's a little unfair that you've not wrapped up this competition already, Shade.

You stated that your NCB ends on June 18, and I don't know if anyone calculated, but if they did, then you're changing the parameters which they would have used to calculate.

Personally, I think you should use the MPR that you were at cache flush on June 18 to decide the winner.

DrAcO5676 [The Knighthood III] June 19 2009 6:22 AM EDT

Depends on if he goes price is right style... then its closest without going over....

DrAcO5676 [The Knighthood III] June 19 2009 6:23 AM EDT

Addendum... Shades NCB lasted one more day than he thought... and that was what the contest was based on... not the exact date, but the day his ncb ran out.

winner winner June 19 2009 6:26 AM EDT

This was in the rules, Place your guess on my MPR on the day my NCB runs out.

blackshadowshade June 19 2009 6:30 AM EDT

My reasoning is so:

We've seen evidence from Shade's cost to buy BA, that Shade may be experiencing a bug. (BTW, Shade, have you checked that your XP rewards are still elevated?)

If Shade's experiencing a bug, and his NCB runs, for example, a week longer, wouldn't that make things unfair for the people in the competition? What about two weeks?

I accept, however, that it's Shade's competition, so he has the final call.

{WW]Nayab [Cult of the Valaraukar] June 19 2009 6:44 AM EDT

SK actually won it.... by 213 MPR :). Well done SK!

AdminShade June 19 2009 10:20 AM EDT

Alright alright, I will end this contest now.

The question was my MPR when my NCB would run out. That was on June 18th according to my Inspect Character page but I did not know it continued until Cache Flush the next day.

Then the question of by which basis I would determine the winner. Considering my original thread did not include any note of this and nobody asked me before. Yesterday I have asked 4 people (edyit, Draco, novice and Verifex) who would win considering their rule of fairness.

All of them had let me know that the 'price is right' rule would be the most fair. This rule indicates closest MPR without going over.

To put the figures:

# 3,188,000: BadFish
my MPR: 3,188,213
# 3,199,999: Serialkiller

Serialkiller is over my MPR so can not win by these rules so BadFish wins.

If I would seriously pick the person who would be the most close, BadFish would also win. If you have any further questions about this picking the winner please contact all 4 people noted above. I based it on what they unanimously said to be the most fair.

So congrats BadFish for not only winning, but also winning by a 213 MPR difference of my real MPR!

blackshadowshade June 19 2009 10:23 AM EDT

Yay! More money into the Fish contest!

QBRanger June 19 2009 10:23 AM EDT

Since he was so close, does he win both showcases?

AdminShade June 19 2009 10:25 AM EDT

Ranger: what do you mean with 'both' showcases?

Demigod June 19 2009 11:04 AM EDT

The Price is Right reference

QBRanger June 19 2009 11:08 AM EDT

Double showcase rule
On the daytime show, beginning on or around April 15, 1974, if the winner bid less than $100 below the actual price of their own showcase, the contestant won both Showcases. To reflect inflation, the margin was raised to $250 or less beginning with Season 27 in 1998. The rule has been adopted on all CBS prime time versions since 1986.

If there is a tie where the differences are within the Double Showcase range, both contestants would win both Showcases. This has never happened, although on March 24, 1975 the contestants' differences were $30 and $29.

Beginning on the Season 36 prime time specials, to accommodate the higher value of Showcases presented in prime time (usually over $80,000), a $500 (originally $1,000 in the first six taped specials) range has been implemented. A $1,000,000 bonus is also awarded with a Double Showcase Win on these special episodes only.

AdminShade June 19 2009 1:59 PM EDT

Well I only had 1 prize and can't really spare any more money since I'm currently in debt a lot...

BadFish June 19 2009 2:00 PM EDT

Wow, I can't believe I won! Don't worry, all the money is going back to you guys anyway.

QBRanger June 19 2009 2:03 PM EDT


It was a joke, a reference to your reference.
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