ohhhh noooo!!! (in General)

Shark June 29 2009 12:10 AM EDT

man am I stupid...I guess I know what consume means now crap!! can anyone help me and my Big mistake? and somehow I doubt it...The tattoo artist ate me new SF tattoo cus I decided to work on it and level it instead of inking the FF now its gone and Im very sad...This has happened before I know it...I just can't beleive it..I undid it and now its all gone

Burton June 29 2009 12:21 AM EDT

What are you asking for?

Shark June 29 2009 12:32 AM EDT

I think I already got what I asked for, a kick in the butt. I want my tattoo BACK!!! lol ...last button I push that has mysterious qualities embedded in it

AdminNightStrike June 29 2009 1:00 AM EDT


MissingNo June 29 2009 1:02 AM EDT


Shark June 29 2009 1:04 AM EDT

I used the tattoo artist and thought if I didnt like it I would undo it..right? undo doesnt mean in that particular instance undo like it never happened....its mean undo and you lose what you just undid...keyword here is CONSUME..EATEN..DIGESTED by CB

AdminNightStrike June 29 2009 1:08 AM EDT

Run that by me one more time...

Burton June 29 2009 1:09 AM EDT

I am laughing pretty hard at this thread.
I vouch NS here, can you run this by us one more time?

Shark June 29 2009 1:45 AM EDT

heh how long does one have to pay for being stupid before he gets some credit or account PAID!!lol...yes its funny how ignorance always finds a way to shine thru all the dark matter!!! lol....he ate my tattoo

Shark June 29 2009 1:48 AM EDT

maybe Some kind soul will have pity on me and send me a fresh base SF...somehow I doubt that too...I'm starting to get upset now, my moods are swinging. Thank goodness nothing else is SWINGING or I would have busted them on the corner of desk...:) ouch!!

Shark June 29 2009 2:32 AM EDT

this says it all in a botcheck "stab/fish" :(

Tyriel [123456789] June 29 2009 2:34 AM EDT

I think he's just saying that he didn't read this:

"The Tattoo Artist always keeps the fee, whether you undo or not."

Goodfish June 29 2009 2:44 AM EDT

I have a feeling drugs are involved.

Shark June 29 2009 3:48 AM EDT

no im drug free unlike all your freinds

Sickone June 29 2009 4:37 AM EDT

"I guess I know what consume means now"

Pretty expensive thesaurus lesson, eh ?
Still... I am having a hard time believing you didn't know what "consume" means before.

Shark June 29 2009 4:53 AM EDT

I didn't know the Fee was the Tattoo. a Fee to me is not GEAR its money. In this case it was the gear not money..If it had said "the tattoo artist keeps the tattoo whether you undo it or not" it would have been more evidence that it would be eaten...ignorance doesn't relieve me of my responsibility of paying attention to the details..I just didn't know thats all..

Shark June 29 2009 4:54 AM EDT

cost me 2 mil CBD to learn that ..like Im not throwing my money away anyway? pleeeeze

winner winner June 29 2009 7:19 AM EDT

I'm not sure I understand but I'm laughing pretty hard right now.

Shark June 29 2009 7:33 AM EDT

glad to be of service see Im good for sometin :)

Shark June 29 2009 7:38 AM EDT

thanks for everyting and hope you all had fun...I'll try not to be so entertaining in the future as now my feelings are kind of hurt and I have to go away bec I'm stupid

AdminNightStrike June 29 2009 7:47 AM EDT

I wasn't soliciting more information because I was trying to paint you as a dunce. I quite plainly do not understand your posts. Specifically, I don't understand what you actually lost that is causing a problem. Surely a base tattoo is far from $2m CBD.

Burton June 29 2009 10:45 AM EDT

This thread is funny.

BluBBen June 29 2009 10:50 AM EDT

NS: http://www.carnageblender.com/gc/view-one.tcl?classified_ad_id=126224

AdminShade June 29 2009 10:56 AM EDT

While I can feel compassion for the fish:

The fee is a tattoo of the new type, which will be kept by the Tattoo Artist after the transformation.

It does say very clearly that it consumes the new tattoo.

QBRanger June 29 2009 1:30 PM EDT


Can you please, in complete sentences, state exactly what happened.

IE: Which tattoo did you put in the top slot and which in the bottom on the tattoo artist page?

The clearer you are, the better all of us can try to comprehend what your typing.

FailBoat[SG] [Forever Alone] June 29 2009 1:38 PM EDT

AdminNightStrike 7:47 AM EDT
I wasn't soliciting more information because I was trying to paint you as a dunce. I quite plainly do not understand your posts. Specifically, I don't understand what you actually lost that is causing a problem. Surely a base tattoo is far from $2m CBD.

NS, the prices on Tattoos has been increasing rapidly over the last few months, and with the recent cash drop for the lottery, those prices are only rising. This is an issue we've pointed out for a while that has been ignored.

Losing a tattoo, or mis-inking like Shark did, literally means you lost a few mil CBD now.

Shark June 29 2009 7:40 PM EDT

Im over it now..It wasnt a base tattoo it was one that was SF level 106,000 about 1.7m and too small.. so I was going to re ink my FF with it, then changed my mind and undid it and lost the 106k SF...Im just like a Noob even though I been around for 5 years here and there..So bottom line I was trying some new features out and shouldnt have been playing with it if I didnt know what it was I was attempting to do..I realixed after I had done the deed it was a waste not to use a BASE Tattoo so therefor the undo that lost my new Tattoo..anyone got an SF I can buy ? I changed my strat for one and It got eaten LOL :) Im okey..I learned and thats priceless..well no it isnt,that just cost about 2m CBD...

QBRanger June 29 2009 8:01 PM EDT

A FF on a 4 minion character is not generally advised.

blackshadowshade June 29 2009 8:31 PM EDT

I second NightStrike and castigate Shark for using no linebreaks or full stops.

Shark June 29 2009 9:05 PM EDT

its all over now :) so castigate away

AdminNightStrike June 30 2009 1:59 AM EDT

I think I understand. The tattoo you consumed was expensive.

I can make the warning a little bigger, I guess.

Also, to that auction link a few posts up...... wow. I should sell my tattoos.
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