How to put your Familiar in front of your minion? (in General)

AdminShade July 4 2009 7:14 PM EDT

How do you put your Familiar in front of your Minion, _without_ making your minion, an Enchanter, more vulnerable to GA / RoBF?

If you give me an answer like 'just put a weapon on the minion' then I laugh at you for being ignorant.

Putting a base weapon on the Enchanter will make the Familiar appear in front of it, however, GA will retaliate the damage the Enchanter does.
The damage the Enchanter does is not much if you use a base weapon and base ST but still.

The real damage from this comes from the RoBF: The RoBF's attack occurs once per round during melee rounds only. However, it only attacks the first minion, so for my setup my second minion should be spared from it.

QBRanger July 4 2009 7:16 PM EDT

Learn 1000 hp on the enchanter.

Give it a base dagger.

Then you do not care about GA as you will be done very little damage.

QBRanger July 4 2009 7:18 PM EDT

Or learn a base MM. It will do very minimal damage vs AMF minions or retaliation vs GA.

Either way, 1k hp on the enchanter should solve all your problems.

QBsutekh137 July 4 2009 7:22 PM EDT

Or Decay...that works too, and can never kill your familiar-holder.

(Doesn't helped Ranged, though...or can order shift from ranged to melee? Cripes, I'm the blind leading the sighted here...)

QBRanger July 4 2009 7:23 PM EDT

Actually decay is not advised.

Vs someone like NWO, GA will kill you.

Sickone July 4 2009 7:26 PM EDT

AMF and GA combined never kill decay minions AFAIK.

QBsutekh137 July 4 2009 7:30 PM EDT

GA damage is "like" decay? Don't think so, that goes off of damage done. AMF mimics the blow, though -- it's goes halfsies.

But I think Ranger is right, that's why I keep a dagger in my inventory, usually. *smile*

QBRanger July 4 2009 7:30 PM EDT

If you have a 20 hp minion casting decay, using a NSC, even vs a large AMF, GA can kill you.

GA works on the damage you do.

So using the NSC will give you some damage. This damage is subject to GA and anything over 20 hp retaliation will do your enchanter in.

Vs DM characters, decay does a lot of damage meaning instadeath for enchanters.

AdminShade July 5 2009 6:18 AM EDT

I hadn't thought about the option for a spell to put my Familiar in front of him, this opens up new possibilities.

While my last enchanter would be most susceptible to Magic Missiles, if he'd survive up to melee, Decay would be a huge bonus to my team, AMF or not. I wouldn't care about losing the minion.

Thanks for giving me the most perfect answer! :)
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