Games to make some USD from? (in Off-topic)

Flamey July 6 2009 9:09 PM EDT

My brother has a decent WoW addiction and has no job. He has a friend that pays for a month every now and then otherwise it's him. I'd rather him not waste his savings away, and I know that you can play a game to make $20 USD/month. He doesn't want to use WoW gold cos you know, it takes it away from the game.

So any suggestions? Besides CB, because "brother" would look hell suspicious.

TheCakeIsTheTruth July 6 2009 9:14 PM EDT

Tell him to quit, no one should be addicted to WoW.

Flamey July 7 2009 2:11 AM EDT

I'm well aware, in the mean time we can minimise the damage. I guess the subject of the thread is a little selfish.

Daz July 7 2009 2:56 AM EDT

Having your brother play isn't really that suspicious.
As long as you don't transfer money/items to one another.

My brother and I played CB1 together for a year and a bit, and were told we didn't even need to make the PR post we made...

Mesoshort July 7 2009 3:00 AM EDT

Yes WoW is a terrible game to be addicted to. And depending on his age, I would tell him to get off his lazy butt and get a job or you are going to take his graphics card away. Or something to that effect. :)

Sickone July 7 2009 4:37 AM EDT

Yeah, the best game he should play to get those cash is the game called "get a (small/part-time) job" :)
It's an adventure-quest followed by endless grinding, but hey, it pays nicely for your addictions :p

Chargerz-Back July 7 2009 4:50 AM EDT

Hehe, all the WoW bashers. =)

It is super addicting, but I have to agree with the others. Even only working 10 hours a week doing odd jobs would be better than getting addicted to another game to pay for the warcrack. Tell him to mow the neighbors lawn.

lostling July 7 2009 4:57 AM EDT

lol simple... shift to a private server

AdminNightStrike July 7 2009 8:28 AM EDT

You definitely can't get $20 a month off of CB for any length of time....

Flamey July 7 2009 8:43 AM EDT

Little hard to get a job around right now with businesses not hiring and not wanting to hire newbies. I'm only 1.5 years older than him myself. Thanks for the concern of his WoW addiction and lack of ability to get a job, but no one's given a suggestion?

Flamey July 7 2009 8:44 AM EDT

NS: That also came to mind, at least at the current rate which is fairly high comparatively.

QBRanger July 7 2009 9:34 AM EDT

If a new player starts a NUB, with the rate of exchange about 5 per million, it is very easy to make at least 20 bucks a month.

When the NUB runs out, you may make less, however all the money one makes during the NUB run more than compensates.

Daz July 7 2009 9:57 AM EDT

NS: Yeah, but I thought it was more about easing the burden than covering the addiction completely.

Flamey July 7 2009 10:04 AM EDT

I call it a WoW addiction for kicks, I mean he still does other stuff it's just 98% of his gaming is WoW, and yes there's a fair bit, but he'll go out with friends semi-regularly and play some sport and do chores. I don't mean freaky-dying-addiction.

Admindudemus [jabberwocky] July 7 2009 10:13 AM EDT

i would say that most aren't giving suggestions due to the fact that even the crappiest job will look better on his resume than..."spent my summer playing computer games and selling the loot!"

heck, even volunteering will look better than that and possibly make some good contacts for jobs if he puts in a good showing.

chuck1234 July 7 2009 10:44 AM EDT

think long-term; focus on getting some skill....just get out of the house and look around, see what kind of jobs are on offer, or what skills are in demand....and don't let him play anything until he can finance his gameplay from his own pocket ;)

Flamey July 7 2009 10:58 AM EDT

Okay to clear up the job business. He needs his birth certificate to get a tax file number to be able to get paid for a job. My mum's lost it and it costs ~$100 to replace, we're not that well off so she's taking her time. My brother didn't ask this of me, he does want to get a job so he can have money.

Now that this is sorted, he will get a job if my mum gets around to getting his birth certificate, any suggestions? I should've just said "What games can I play to make some little money on the side to pay for my website"

Revs July 7 2009 11:03 AM EDT

I've read two separate articles at different times on "professional gaming". One about a man from Seattle who was bringing in more from his gaming than his regular job. I don't remember the amount, but I'm assuming it's 35k+ USD, all from paypal sales on rare weapons. The other article was about a real estate man in Uganda who couldn't sell his office building. So he put in cubicles, and hired all the kids in the village at 3USD a day to farm for rares and such off of games like WOW, and/or level up characters to sell.

In each case it was an impressive amount of money. Why not see if your brother wants to try to go that route. At the very least he will soon see it's very difficult to do, and the games may lose some of their glamour and addiction for him. He may be more inclined to go for the appeal of the "sure thing" of a regular paycheck after a month or two.

QBsutekh137 July 7 2009 11:11 AM EDT

Sell out the WoW account, get $100. Get birth certificate. Get job.

THEN get back into WoW.

Priorities. Take control of the future. There is simply no need to be WoW flotsam.

Sickone July 7 2009 5:29 PM EDT

Tell him to go play EVE instead of WOW :p
At least there you can "LEGALLY" (according to the EULA) use in-game cash to buy gametime from other players on the IN-GAME MARKET.

Canibus July 7 2009 5:49 PM EDT

He could play some poker freerolls plus signup to get bonuses on 3rd party sites in relation to poker (cant recall the site name atm, there was an offer earlier where you could get $50 for free, if you were 21 years old). Maybe a somewhat time consuming pursuit perhaps.

Alternatively he could do part time what Revs described. It might be like "taking gold away from the game", but thats what you gotta do if not doing it ends up with you being unable to play.

The most secure way I can see, would be via CB though. Hands down really. Well there, managed to avoid the "get a job" and successfully managed to add nothing constructive to the thread..great. Sorry I could be no help :|

Bolfen July 7 2009 11:58 PM EDT

Why are either of you waiting on your mother to get the Birth Cert for him? And where the heck are you that you have to pay $100 for a BC?

QBsutekh137 July 8 2009 12:12 AM EDT

I've seen as high as $50 on that, actually (wife had to get one for marriage license, luckily right down the hall of the same building in Milwaukee). But yeah, $100 seems like highway robbery.

BHT July 8 2009 12:17 AM EDT

First of all Birth Cert. are around $25.

Secondly, tell him to sign up on a few cash-awarding survey sites:

There are dozens more of them, just google, "get paid to take surveys"

The average pay is about $3 for a 15min survey.

winner winner July 8 2009 5:34 AM EDT

1 million CBD to 5 USD right now.

You can easily make a million a week without buying BA, there's your $20 a month.

QBJohnnywas July 8 2009 5:38 AM EDT


Lists all the offices to order birth certificates from in Aus. Averages out about 35 dollars...
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